‘If Man Utd play 3 at the back, Mourinho needs 2 new centre-halves’

Date published: Saturday 11th March 2017 12:04

Arsenal fans start sweating over the FA Cup clash with Lincoln, Jose Mourinho should only buy the best at Manchester United and Emre Can’s Liverpool future are all discussed by our readers.

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Arsenal lose to Lincoln, surely not!

I know it’s unthinkable but I am starting to worry about today’s match. Could Wenger actually pick a team against Lincoln that might LOSE, it’s hard to contemplate but if anyone is capable of cocking this up he is. We all know about the frailties in our squad, the lack of quality, depth and belief.

Add that to players who don’t possess any sort of spine and a lower league team who will really be up for it. It seems we have a goalkeeper problem and Martinez may have to play, who else plays who knows but losing this game would be 10x more humiliating than Bayern and would surely be the death knell for Clouseau.

The Oracle

Mourinho should be bringing in the best

JM by now should be looking at strengthening the squad for next season. But whilst he may not know about players he needs to sign I don’t think he knows what team format to play at the back – four at the back, or else 3 at the back with two attacking wing backs.

If he goes 3 at the back then he needs to buy another 2 CBs – Bailly and two others. Because neither Jones or Smalling are anywhere near good enough.


JM should be looking at purchasing the best players around. We are Man Utd and we should be signing the best.


Can’s value to Liverpool?

Suprised the club has let it run on coming into the last year of Can’s contract.

Can can negotiate his own transfer outside the PL next January and leave for nothing next summer.

This should have been sorted out one way or another last summer.

Should Can go this summer his value in the transfer market will be considerably lower than it would have been last summer with just a year left on his contract.

nine nine nine

Apperently the club want 25 million for him, in the last year of his contract so the club actually values him higher than Lallana who was bought for 26 million with 2-3 years left on his contract but are unwilling to match his contract.

According to reports Lallana was on 65-70k a week. I find it disturbing that the club is unwilling to match Can’s wages to his worth in the market and very unsettling now that Klopp has come out and stated that he wants this saga to be settled by the club.




Chelsea’s best buy, the debate rages on

There are a few Million pounds that we spent wisely. Hazard who was 20 at the time for £32m is a bargian. Costa who was a proven goal scorer for £32m is another bargain. £7m for Azpi is one of the best business. the £7m we spent on Courtois. the £9m that we spent on Moses is now looking a bargain. the £7m that we spent on Cahill. and the £20m we paid to bring back Matic. and more importantly the £34m that we spent on Luiz, who many people including myself criticised at the time now seems a great piece of business.

Not to mention the £23m that we spent of Alonso has also spent wisely. which club gets a creative midfielder in Fabregas for £27m? and the £12m we spent on Zouma is a bargain. only Batshuayi is the one i doubt. and i can’t fault the lad has he hasn’t had enough chances to prove himself due to the form of Costa. even the £21m that we spent on Pedro which everyone was calling a waste now looks well spent. and abovd all, appointing Antonio Conte was the best decision the club has taken since we appointed Jose Mourinho back in 2004/05 season.


To make it 100% accurate “the £32m that we spent on Kante must be one of our our best £32m spends ever”. ????

Just a thought to ponder on: One Paul Pogba equals circa three N’golo Kante’s

nine nine nine

999…think we’re forgetting 11 million pounds for a certain Frank Lampard!! Best return on that investment ever. The 26 million on Drogs was also a great investment, as was the 9 million for Ivan and the 7 million for Big Pete. 5 million and Gallas for the world’s best left back wasn’t too shabby either.


Is Vardy worth be on Liverpool’s radar?

True ginger I was just saying 10 million because Vardy is getting on lol… Not many strikers go for big money once they hit 30….


To be fair they do lose pace as they get older, and vardys pace is a huge part of his appeal


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