‘You have to wonder why Lukaku isn’t dropped more often’

Date published: Thursday 19th April 2018 11:21

Manchester United fans reflect on their win over Bournemouth, while our Liverpool readers debate their summer strategy in Your Says of the Day.

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United get the job done

Smalling loves scoring more than defending..every time I say he has to go he’s always like “but but I score” good to see him score again..I wonder if he has more than 5 goals this season


Enjoyed that first half. Energetic front three makes for a more enjoyable game. If they played together more often I think they’d click and find each other with these through balls more often.

Herrera and Pogba have grown as the game has gone on. Great ball by Ander for the goal.

Bournemouth still dangerous when they attack which spurs will punish if given the chance.

Shaw doing well too. Needs to be allowed to move forward more regularly.

If this game goes on to be a good win you have to wonder why Lukaku isn’t dropped more often.


Credit where credit’s due, both goals showed what happens when you’ve got movement up front. 2 very good through balls and runs made at the right times. Passing the ball sideways a few timescan be instrumental in pulling the opposition out of position but you ultimately need that penetration and risk-taking to actually make something of that possession.


Thought we had complete control of the match but still lacked that little something in the final third.

Shaw grew into the match and got forward more and more. Pogba and Herrera were excellent in midfield. Rashford, Martial and Lingard all did well without really excelling:

More measured in attack without Sanchez – which is a worry.

Interesting to see what team we start with against Spurs.


I think Martial has done enough to merit his start on the left wing against Spurs. He reminded me of the Giggsy of old at times, had their right back tied up in nots. Fellaini wasn’t useless but is just not at the same level as the rest of out midfielders. I reckon it’ll be a midfield 3 of Matic, Herrera and Pogba and a front 3 of Martial, Lukaku and Sanchez



Liverpool’s midfield options

So most people are happy it seems with us trying to get potential Championship Young player of the Year Ryan Sessengnon.

Buy how about the guy who is probably going to be championship player of the year, Ruben Neves. He plays in a position that we need filling too, potential partner for Keita next year?


I prefer Draxler and Pellegrini to Lemar and Jorginhio. They fit better in Klopp’s system and will cost about 80 mil both of them.
If Utd sells Martial for 50 mil then we must buy him.
We must not spend a lot of money but sensibly and cleverly…


Pinezes I am pretty sure that united would not sell martial to Liverpool for £100m let alone £50m, they are our fiercest rivals and deals between the clubs is an absolute no no. Will never happen

Mwake, very good shout. He has scored so,e incredible goals this season. Is he owned by wolves or just loaned to them?


Jorge Mendes has a weird partnership with Wolves so getting any players from them would be a pain.

Apart from those who we expect to leave do the guys think we will have any surprise departures or will someone come in for our star players?


It will be interesting to see Wolves back in the premiership. They now have the backing & team to stay up. Newcastle this summer could change hands now Rafa has kept them up. With funds they could be a top 6 force under his guidance & if Shelvey keeps maturing on the pitch. Next season we have Keita in, possibly a keeper, & one or two more. If we hang on to all our front 3, next season could be a very exciting one for us indeed. Ynwa


Besides Keita, who can play the defensive midfielder the only other player that could be described as defensive is Meyer and calling him defensive is a long shot. Mostly we have been linked with players that like to get forward, players such as Isco, or any other attacking midfielder that plays for Real Madrid.



Arsenal’s demise

Shifty has, for a long time said about Wenger, that he is the main cause of the demise of Arsenal.
I gave Wenger a chance years back, and got nailed by Shifty. Rightly so.
If one looks back, you can see the decline.
We have all remarked on the defensive frailties, the weak moral and self belief. My favorite, technical naivety.
I think it’s obvious, that Wenger has created a buffer of syncopates around him. They reinforce his flawed vision of self grandeur. This coitre of yes men, validate the Wenger plan. The “King, unfortunately, has no clothes”.
You don’t need defense, you must score more goals. You lost, It wasn’t your fault. Possession for ninety minutes in the last third is good.
Against Newcastle, our strikers (for want of a better word), received no ball. It went across the box sideways, time and time again. Two very quick short distance players waiting for a pass to go for. Great tactical approach. This happens all the time, not just in this “match”.
To sum it up. Shifty has a right to make us eat humble pie. That he makes us eat it weekly is, hard to swallow. I am not a Wegerite, far from it.
However, one point is paramount to the malaise at our once great club.
Until Wenger goes, NOTHING will change. Shifters has had this right, for a lot longer than all of us. Sometimes the truth doesn’t taste so nice.


Most of us have known for a very long time that the manager was a charlatan. In my case over 12 years now. I don’t think that anyone with half a brain needs to be told that Wenger lost it many years ago, do you?



Conte’s successor?

Eddie Howe: Signs new goalkeeper

Maybe some players want to play for Conte so will not sign if he goes…? That’s the reason why Hazard and Courotis are not signing as they want to see what direction the board are going to take the Club in

totally agree that the club has to act fast after the end of the season so the new manager has a chance to speak to players before the WC starts and give himself the best chance for next season. I cannot believe that the board would be blind to this situation. KTBFFH


No point in discussing who is responsible for this fine mess CFC find themselves in. Buck stops with the manager at the end of the day even if he never got his desired players. Maybe his desired players weren’t keen on coming to Chelsea in the first place. So you move onto plan B, Plan C and Plan D. Which is what happened. I saw someone say that players will choose Spurs over us. Not in a million years. U seen the Spurs wage structure!! Erickson who would walk into our team, is on a mere 75k a week. No wonder he wants out. Conte has blundered on the pitch though. He’s lost the confidence of his players and he no longer believes in them. Hopefully a new manager can change that next season.


Levy would never sell a spurs player to Chelsea end of
Remember the modric saga, so regardless of wages never gonna happen
And anyway they have done pretty well thus far holding onto players.


I wouldn’t rule Howe out providing we had a wise DOF in place too.

But who knows how this will all sketch out other than Conte leaving.

We need to get all our ducks in a line quickly though because as you have pointed out already some players are allegedly saying they won’t think about joining Chelsea until they know who the Head Coach will be next Season and the Summer transfer window opens around 17th May this Summer too..

nine nine nine

Personally not interested in Howe. He is a one trick pony and cannot adapt his tactics and gets found out far too often for my liking

Spurs have slipped up recently and we would be even closer if Hart had not decided to play his game of the season against us, but we should still keep trying. Who knows how spurs may bottle it especially if they lose this weekend and how that may effect their confidence

While the wage structure may be poor at Spurs you cannot escape the fact that under Poch they have improved and are an attractive team to watch (wash my mouth out with soap and acid…!!) but I agree that in terms of expecting to win something we are head and shoulders above them so would expect to pip them in the transfer market. And even though Spurs have progressed we see the CB (cannot spell his name) wanting to leave and rumours regarding Dembele and Rose as well so all is not totally rosy in their camp either. KTBFFH



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