IFA face action over fireworks

Date published: Monday 15th June 2015 2:28

The incident happened when the photographer, Darren Kidd, was hit by a firework thrown from a section of the Windsor Park crowd during last weekend’s 0-0 draw with Romania.

Speaking to Sky Sports News HQ after the match Mr Kidd said: “I have a ringing in my ears and a sore head. It hit me on the back of the neck where it burnt me and then burnt through my jacket burning me under the arm before exploding on the ground. My camera took the full force of it. I was lucky.” 

In a statement, UEFA said: “Proceedings have been opened against the Irish Football Association over the setting off and/or throwing of fireworks and objects.”

IFA president Jim Shaw believes the IFA will be punished but is hoping for a sympathetic hearing from the governing body.

“I wouldn’t expect the punishment to be significant, especially for a first incident of this kind,” he told the Belfast Telegraph. “We have a good record and it may even be a case of being given a warning rather than a fine.

“The only other incident we have had was when a linesman was hit by a coin thrown from the stand against Poland and that was six years ago.

“Overall, things went well. The stadium looked great and the atmosphere was very good.”

Disciplinary proceedings have also been opened against the Romanian Football Federation for “Illicit banners” and “crowd disturbances” during the goalless draw in Group F. 

Both cases will be help by UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on July 16.

Meanwhile, UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Croatian Football Federation after a swastika was visible on the pitch during their European Qualifier against Italy at the weekend. 

Officials apologised after confirming the symbol had been burned onto the playing surface up to 48 hours earlier.

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