‘Old cow Wenger is the biggest fraud in football’

Date published: Friday 2nd March 2018 11:16

Arsenal fans have renewed cause for the Wenger out campaign, And are Man United lacking an influential football man within their hierachy? Our forum…


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Arsenal fans were hoping Wenger would be sacked at HT last night

It was humiliating. It was embarrassing. It was disgraceful.

That was one of the most gutless display from the team in recent times. While the players have seemingly given up on the manager, most fans certainly have. A half empty stadium and a chorus of boos from the fans who bothered to turn up.

I’m literally at a loss of words as I’m constantly have to find new ways to describe the same old problems. Shitty defending, team badly coached, tactically clueless, some players not good enough and others shirking their responsibility.

Not forgetting the old cow is the biggest fraud in football, cheating a living out of the club. I was hoping the board would sack him at half time but knowing the cowards they would probably extend his contract and tell him not to listen to the fans.



Is Mesut Ozil really worth £300,000-a-week?

Yet another game which just goes to show what a poor decision it was to put him on 300k which is an obscene amount of money.

Listen, the facts are this; that he’s a wonderfully talented player but he’s not a difference maker. It dosen’t matter if the players around you are not performing well. If you’re being paid 300k a week, it is because of your ability to perform when the rest of the team aren’t. And he simply doesn’t have that ability.

He’d be perfect for a Barcelona, Man City or Real Madrid, but not for us. We simply don’t dominate enough so that he can be effective.

Add to that, I know from the inside that he’s a winner, but his attitude and body language stinks. Definitely not a leader, and definitely not a difference maker when it most matters.

This is just another case of Walcott, because you have another player who should be at the club but not for that obscene salary. Theo should never have gotten 140k and Ozil should never have gotten 300k.

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Lampard to become Chelsea manager one day?

Reading today that Frank is very close to completing his coaching badges and so Chelsea would like him to join the first team coaching staff and potentially become the manager one day

I had read previously that he had applied for the Oxford job but the article today states that was not the case as he has been happy coaching teams at Chelsea (not the first team) and he has done enough to impress Roman who wants to promote his once correctly qualified (that’s the Roman who is no longer interested in Chelsea)

I guess an issue I see is that whomever the manager may be, Conte or ANO, must be prepared to take Frank under their wing but I guess that could easily be made a stipulation by Roman anyway…?

I also read a few months ago that JT was doing exactly the same thing and that he would not continue to play next season if Villa got promoted as it would mean playing against Chelsea..? No idea how true that is but I certainly would love to see both Frank and JT back at the Bridge helping out in some capacity or other. IMO, that could only improve things around the Club and certainly help to instil that strong winning mentality that seems not to be consistently present at the moment.



Man United are lacking an influential football man in a senior club position

I couldn’t stand van Gaal by the end, he was an absolute fraud and he was responsible for the most boring football I have ever watched in a Manchester United team.

However, he is absolutely right when he talks about Bayern Munich having football men in senior positions of the club….Rummenigge, Beckenbaur and Bob Holeness.

We miss that hugely at United, above Mourinho there isn’t a single football man in a position of power and that is frightening. Woodward is a fantastic commercial, marketing and business man and should stick to that side of things. The smug, pudgy faced little t*t.

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Liverpool don’t want to face Man United in CL this season

The last team I want to meet in the CL is Man United. They will park a double decker bus, which is exactly the kind of team we have trouble against. We probably have better chance against teams that attack.



Avoiding Barca, Man City, Juve and Roma is also high on the wish list for LFC fans

Among the last 16 in CL, I think that the strongest are Barca and Man City. I hope they will meet in the next round.

The Italian teams (Juve and Roma) are very strong in defence and excel in waiting for a chance to punish their opponent. These teams are NOT what we want. I hope we can avoid them in the next round.

Shakhtar (they beat Roma 2-1 in the 1st leg) and Sevilla (if they beat Man United) will be a better choice for us in the next round. although both of them are not easy to handle.

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