‘A lot made of Mesut Ozil rolling his eyes’; ‘Wenger pressure huge’

Date published: Monday 5th March 2018 10:48

Is Antonio Conte’s style of play pushing out Eden Hazard? A Chelsea fan pinpoints five players they should sell and Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal are now creating apathy, all in out forum…


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Apathy rules at Arsenal

Not that i expected we’d get anything out of this game,but I think it was half an hour into the game after brighton had scored the two goals and I was curious to check the statistics of the game,brighton had 10 shots at goal while we had 1.And they point were dominating,or threatening.It just goes to show that all this posession tippy tappy nonsense of passing around going nowhere is so so uselss.I’ve said it for the longest time,we have been an overrated team for years now Where we hardly ever dominate other teams and create chance after chance.Espescially this season,it’s been going on for the whole season and I had made I had stressed the importance of our performances rather than results.we were giving 1 in 5 good performances.Today,we are giving none.

There can be no further evidence that ON the field the manager is to blame,because he can’t even tactically get it right.Forget passion and desire we haven’t had it since a long time but even tactically wenger dosen’t know how the modern game is played.He wouldn’t succeed in any other team.A manager who’s lost his love for the sport,clearly.

The last time I genuinely enjoyed watching this team play was when we had the likes of fabregas and Van persie.I use to look forward,today I don’t even care anymore.

the specialone


Cech takes responsibility

On a side note, did anyone read what Petr Cech tweeted? In case you didn’t this is what he directly tweeted: ‘If you want to win a game away of home in the best league in the world your GK can’t concede 2 goals like I did today … it’s simply not possible … The team fought back but the damage was done.’

About bloody time a player took responsibility… only what 28 games later?

the bsm walk


Cech is ‘over the hill’

Cech has cost us countless points this season. The guy is over the hill now. Wenger let Scezsney go to Juve for 10M! We will have to spend at least 40M to land a decent keeper. It would also cost us over 100M in the current market to fix the defense on top of money recouped from player sale.

Bellerin, Chambers, Mustafi, and Xhaka absolutely have to be sold. I would also throw in Ramsey (a player I like) if he does not want to extend his contract. It will take years to become a force again. For now we are done.



Credit to Cech for holding his hands up

ahmed he has also saved us countless points. Swings and round abouts. He was very poor yesterday. i dont blame him for second goal, anyone thats played in goal will tell you how hard it is to get down that quickly and the ball close to your body like that.

First goal was all him though. Also had some dodgy kicks which is unlike him, but all credit to him he held his hands up after the game and said he was poor. You will not see that from another player in the squad.

Could Cech be one of those pushing for Wenger to get sacked….
Also alot was made of Ozil rolling his eyes after we conceded, i think its safe to say we all did that. He is watching the same comedy show that we are.



Win the Europa League and move on?

Pool fan in peace, I think also you guys have to take into the account of the Europa League.

Every (English) team that has participated in it the last few years has suffered league wise. Man U and Liverpool both flopped and finished outside the top 4 when they were in that competition. You guys are showing that that pattern continues.

Like Man Utd last year your season rests on winning the Europa League. Liverpool lost in the final and had to play the next season with NO European competition as we finished outside 5th…If you guys win it this year like Man Utd last year then maybe that would be the best time for Wenger to move on, or do you feel he would be ‘charged up’ and want to take you guys into the CL again?



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Wenger will never leave…

Mwake: Wenger will never leave. He has said after the Brighton game he is still the best man for the Arsenal job. He will have to be pushed out. Period. And Arsenal will not win the EL. I fully expect us to lose over two legs to Milan. The board needs to show some cojones!


Wenger ‘under pressure for his job’

The noises coming out of Arsenal are that Wenger is under pressure for his job. But we hear stories all the time, being leaked by the club. So it is more than likely just all words, but i personally think this could be a turning point, if he loses to Milan and we are out of the EL then that could just push even his most loyal board supporters over the edge.

No doubt Wenger promised to fill their pockets with CL money again for his new contract, if he cant do this by the start of next season it could see them get rid.
One can hope anyway.

Interesting stat i saw yesterday – Westbrom are the only team in the league with a worse run of form than us. They are currently bottom of the table!!!



Conte pushing out Hazard?

Cascarino believes it is Conte who is pushing Hazard out of the door, suggesting the winger looks as though he is growing disenfranchised with the current tactics.

“The biggest damage that Antonio Conte is doing to Chelsea by asking his team to play conservatively is that the flair players will want out,” Cascarino told The Times.

“If Eden Hazard has the ambition to be the best player in the world — which he does — then there is no way he will stay if you’re asking him to play like a League One forward; that’s the consequence of playing in that defensive style.

“Yes, the ugly side of the game is needed, and Manchester City’s midfielders are asked to work hard, but their overall emphasis is on attacking football, whereas Hazard will come off the pitch thinking: ‘What chance have I got to show what I can do?’

“Hazard’s idol is Zinedine Zidane. If Conte remains Chelsea manager, why would Hazard stay if Real Madrid come calling?”



Conte has not lost the dressing room

Ok enough now ! Conte has taken enough criticism and justifiably so. the questions that pops up here is where do we go from here? what are our priorities now?

is it a wise decision to give him the boot now? who takes over if we sack him now? is it true that he has lost the dressing room? i think that is 50-50. Conte is very secretive person he never comments on what is happening in the dressing room, so its difficult to know much about the dressing room. but i still don’t think he lost the dressing room. anyway big decision lies ahead for Roman.

our set up in the last 5 days has been poor. how our last two title winning bosses found themselves in this position is beyond me. there is a big problem in our attitude towards our title winning bosses. and if we are to continue from here. we need to hand back the manager the control. even if they say sell Hazard we should comply. that is the only way we can avoid this recurring catastrophe. and that is my personal opinion so let it not upset you. i’m not Conte neither i’m Roman. i’m just a poster who is communicating his humble opinion.


‘Chelsea spent circa £250m this summer…’

Wise fan at 10:33pm Wf, yes Chelsea spent circa £250m this Summer but how many of the players bought were Conte’s choices? And even where he may have had input how many of the players bought were his original recommendations. And selling two players from Chelsea’s PL title winning team for circa £100m and then taking that circa £100m and buying two other players to replace them neither of which has worked out is not strengthening the team.

I agree with you getting rid of Diego Costa the player when his head was in the right place has weakened us as has not replacing him with a like for like player Conte’s choice was Lukaku who wanted at the time to return to Chelsea but we prevaricated too long at Board level and Lukaku was lost to United.

It’s easy to forget in these difficult times just how much a problem Costa was at Chelsea when his head wasn’t in the right place both on and off the pitch that all came to a head with Costa’s tantrums in the January transfer window when he tried to force through a move to China when Chelsea were in the middle of a title challenge.

Do we miss Costa the player when his head was in the right place ? Definitely but Costa’s head was very often not in the right place and it’s easy to forget that now. Even you yourself in 2016 were calling for Costa to be got out of the club because he was a disgrace and shaming the club.

We’re currently as a team miles behind City and Pep who when he took over inherited a great squad and he should really have won the title in his first season given the squad he inherited and the Net amount he spent on transfers in his first season which was significantly more than Chelsea’s net spend and the two seasons he’s been there he’s spent over £300m Net making that team/ squad even better which is almost a quarter of a billion more than Conte has spent Net in the same period. But perhaps most importantly Pep’s hand has been over all of City’s transfers.

Whoever was the Chelsea Manager given all of the above he would be struggling to keep up with City. And these problems in terms of who decides what on transfer policy and execution are not just limited to Conte’s reign.

None of the above absolves Conte from his mistakes but it does explain his frustrations with Roman and the Board which imo he should have kept firmly in house. Cheers 999

nine nine nine


‘Totally embarrassing’

I said on Friday I expected the worst but so long as we played a good game then I would be “happy”. TOTALLY EMBARRASSING

No problems with anyone parking the bus so long as when they get the chance to break they actually try with intent. We could not even do that and on the odd occasion we did get a chance then Pedro just gave the ball away each time

(Takes a deep breath…!!) It was always going to be more difficult without Kante and the midfield pairing had little to do as they were just bypassed by City. Defensively I thought we rode our luck a bit but at the same time we did limit City but it was clear they were not going full throttle. Offensively we were awful and I have to feel sorry for Hazard as so much is expected and yet he got no service at all. Why did we not start with a target man…?

Personally, I turned the TV off as soon as the final whistle blew as I could not bear to watch and listen to Conte try to defend those tactics. For me, that should be the final nail in his coffin and if possible – I would sack him today regardless of cost. Our reputation is much more important than a performance (if that is the correct word to use) like that. KTBFFH


I’m sorry but I cannot keep accepting the comments from Conte regarding the money spent, the lack of money spent, not being supported by the board etc.

He knew when he joined what the situation would be like and no one will ever convince me that the team we put out yesterday was poor. Of course we missed Kante. Tactically he got it wrong (again) by not playing a target man to give us some kind of outlet from the expected pressure. Even so, the team on the pitch should have been capable of causing more problems than it did

My feeling is that this was a trial for the Barca game and that he will adopt the same tactics. Big difference is that we need a goal out there so Conte will have to make changes or at least adapt his tactics

Last comment is that I think the Club (or preferably Conte) should reimburse all those fans that travelled yesterday. They gave great support and got absolutely nothing in return. KTBFFH



Sell Chelsea quintet…

Where do we go from here?

Write the season off.

Let conte go at the end of the season and have someone ready in place to go straight in for pre season.

Have a total refresh of this squad and buy what we need and get rid of what we dont

Pedro bakayoko cahill moses drinkwater should all be sold.

We need another winger. Another striker and a centre mid and another rwb

We should also just play free attacking football for the rest of the season theres not really alot to play for



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