‘The win over Man Utd was massive, but they’re nothing special’

Date published: Wednesday 8th November 2017 3:17

Liverpool fans discuss whether Mohamed Salah is a striker, while a Man Utd fan erupts after the over-reaction to the Chelsea defeat, all in Your Says of the Day.


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Salah not a striker

I don’t really see Salah as a striker as some people are lauding him for, I don’t think that is his main strength and don’t think we should get too excited in that regard.

YES, I’m enjoying his goal return but when I see Salah I see a guy who reads the game extremely well and has the physicality to get himself into those positions.

Its only when you look at his finishing that you can see he isn’t a striker in the Harry Kane/Sturridge/Aguero mold. But he has excellent positioning sometimes as good as the best strikers, and that in my opinion is why he has scored a lot. But, if you look at his misses you can see why you can’t really call him a striker.

Regardless I love it, he can play like a classic old-fashioned marauding winger and also play as a striker and when you have those two abilities rolled into one it’s much harder for any defender to conceptualise how they will try to stop you.

As Songman said Coutinho is our most talented player ability wise. Coutinho can dribble for days and we will miss ability that when he goes. Keita will help to soften the blow on that though, although Coutinho is definitely a better dribbler than Keita, Keitas pace, strength, tackling and determination is much better than Coutinho’s and he still has above average dribbling to compliment that with.

You might even argue that system-wise Keita is a better option than Coutinho if you had to pick one over the other, but yes Coutinho and Keita in the same team would have been a dream too.



Mwake, don’t care if Salah is a striker or not, as long as he keeps scoring regularly, that is what matters. He’s actually been described as a “wide attacker”, rather than a traditional winger. Can’t think of many high-scoring wide players of this type, apart from Ronaldo and Messi of course – seriously.

As for Coutinho, as you say, the ideal would be to have both him and Keita in the same team. In fact I wonder what Coutinho is thinking sometimes (especially after West Ham game), seeing that we now have two attacking players who are each possibly even better than him in overall impact. If it leads him to raise his standards even higher, Liverpool will benefit enormously



Salah like Robben 

Songman Messi and Ronaldo are great comparisons mate, for me though style wise he reminds me more of Robben.

The way Robben was/is a constant pest/nuisance for defenders. But youre right his goal scoring is up there at the moment with Ronaldo and Messi, its amazing!

Also as others have said once Keita and Lallana are integrated into the team the front three will have less to do in terms of dropping deep to recover the ball. Henderson and Gini and Can frustrate me too much in terms of their inability to drive with the ball, this means they tend to make extra side stalling passes which give the opposition time to regroup.

Lallana and Keita do that a lot less, they’ll help to drive with the ball and spot opportunities quicker. When NK and AL are behind the front three we are going to be even more dangerous and I cant wait!



Can is forward thinking

mwake. I do agree with you about Henderson & Gini, but I do think Can tries to take the ball forward & is less likely to do the easy pass unlike the other two.

Lots on here I think over estimate Lallana, he does work hard for the team but often disappears. last season he was substituted maybe the most(?)



Klopp loves Lallana

Liverlad, I agree about the overestimation of Lallana but I also realise he has been underestimated too. When we were playing well at the beginning of last season Lallana was an ever-present if I remember right. And also ironically since he has been injured England have been rubbish, he was definitely the best English international performing player before the injury. Klopp loves Lallana.


Mane – Firminio – Salah (Alternative The OX either wing)


Advanced centre mid = Lallana (Alternative Keita / The Ox)

Box to box = Keita (Alternatives Henderson/Gini)

Screener = Milner (Alternatives Grujic – Hendo should never play this role again lol)



Salah’s progress like that of Suarez

Why do so many here not rate him as a lethal goalscorer?

He might not be as prolific as some.of our former strikers in the past but this guy can raise his game.

He is getting more freedom at Anfield than any other pitch he has played. His progress right now reminds me a bit of Suarez, Salah is getting all these chances and could have scored more in his first games.

Remember how slated King Luis was for being wasteful, it’s the one thing that Salah has been criticised for. I can see him improving. I think we just found a new star for the club and he might just want to stay long term.



Hands-on Abramovich…

“Roman Abramovich is taking a hands-on role in how Chelsea will replace Michael Emenalo and wants to be sure the club remain stable through their latest period of change.

The owner is in the unique position of having a close ally resign, rather than being sacked, and the Russian has held meetings with all his key staff on the matter.

Abramovich’s business interests around the world mean that he cannot oversee the day-to-day running of Chelsea, but he will be more heavily involved after Emenalo stood down as technical director.

That was demonstrated by his visit to the club’s Cobham training ground after the victory over Bournemouth, when Abramovich held discussions with Emenalo over his decision but failed to change his mind.

Abramovich has also spoken to directors Marina Granovskaia and Eugene Tenenbaum, and chairman Bruce Buck.

Emenalo had indicated in the summer that he wanted to leave, but Abramovich had hoped to change his mind and the club found out only a few days ago that the 52-year-old had decided that this international break would be the right time to go.

Michael Emenalo waited until the international break before announcing his departure.

Chelsea had no immediate succession plan in place and Granovskaia and Buck have been put in charge of making sure Emenalo’s responsibilities are covered, with Granovskaia taking on a greater role. The prospect of Granovskaia keeping a number of Emenalo’s jobs has not been ruled out.

But Abramovich will ultimately decide whether he wants a straight replacement for Emenalo, who reported directly to him, or whether he changes or splits the role and has any new employees report to Granovskaia instead.

One man who is extremely close to Abramovich is Leonid Slutsky, the manager of Championship strugglers Hull City. He is said to be fully focused on turning Hull’s fortunes around, but were he to be sacked then there is every chance the 46-year-old could be offered some kind of role at Stamford Bridge.

Abramovich put Slutsky up in one of the Stamford Bridge hotels when the former Russia national team manager arrived in London to learn English and study football in this country. Slutsky was also allowed access to Cobham to watch Chelsea’s youth teams and was introduced to influential figures at English clubs.

Leonid Slutsky – Roman Abramovich ready to guide Chelsea through choppy waters following Michael Emenalo departure
Leonid Slutsky, the manager at Hull City, is close with Chelsea owner Abramovich.
Emenalo’s departure could also pave the way for Abramovich to try again to bring former striker Didier Drogba back to the club in some capacity.

Drogba joined Phoenix Rising as a player-owner earlier this year with the plan to move into a sporting director role once he hangs up his boots.

It is unclear whether he would be available to re-join Chelsea in the near future, but Drogba has made no secret of his desire to return eventually and he remains extremely close to Abramovich.

Other than deciding over how to best replace Emenalo, Abramovich wants to be confident that Chelsea maintain a stable environment for head coach Antonio Conte and his players.

Conte will report into Granovskaia, Tenenbaum and Buck.” Daily Telegraph 8/11

nine nine nine


999 – good extract from the Telegraph and assuming that some/most/all of what is stated is true then it does shed a bit more light on what is happening behind the scenes at the Bridge

If I take it at face value then really pleased to see that Roman understands the potential gravity of the situation and has taken quick and clear steps to ensure the continuity. Also good news to see no mention of Conte or his future mentioned, which hopefully bodes well

RDP – not worth getting wound up on this mate. People have their views and their individual ways of expressing them. Some will never agree with others – that’s just the way it is and some just refuse to see someone else’s opinion if it differs with theirs. At the end of the day we are all Chelsea and only have the Clubs best interests at heart but as seen over the years there will always be the odd topic that seems to light everyone’s fire on here…? KTBFFH



Emanelo did a great job 

Michael Emenalo: Slammed Spurs

Emanelo did a great job of bringing some top class talent to Chelsea,and specifically tapping into a golden Belgium generation at an early stage.

I’ve never agreed with the simplistic view of many Chelsea fans that Emanalo should be vilified as the apparent antithesis of the manager’s control of transfers. It’s Abramovich that sets the policy, ultimately.

I hope his resignation somehow sparks a new structure at Chelsea that promotes the control afforded to Conte to the point where he wants to stay long term and take us to the next level.

Nine, you do a brilliant job. How you keep your cool when getting unfairly called out by some of the posters here is admirable.

Jeez guys, you all need to appreciate what it is to have a professional and unflappable mod for this page. Not so long ago the Spuds fans had Bloggy ffs!!




We’re better with Kante

Lots of angst and testosterone being chucked about today chaps
International break does funny things.
Thought it was a great performance against manure, and it does prove we are a much better side with Kante.



United ‘aren’t special’

It’s a massive victory. But United aren’t special. Probably they will be when Pogba returns. But now, they’re not special at all. Spurs should have nicked 3 points against them at Old Trafford. Unfortunately Alli and Son weren’t clinical enough.

I think with Kante back of course we’re a better team. Hopefully he will stay healthy. We do need to improve our result against top 6 teams.



Chelsea full of ‘commitment and passion’

What I liked about that performance was the commitment and passion that every player on that pitch showed. Those guys really wanted that win and I cannot say that passion has been there every match I have watched this season.

One thing for sure is every time I watch Kante he is always full of commitment and passion. Maybe it is no coincidence that his return rubbed off on the rest of them. That was a much improved overall performance and even my old man, Mr Negative that he can be, thought they were brilliant.

Chelsea basically nullified everything United threw at them and Matic was rendered as a basically a passenger with very little influence. I was rapt with their performance and disappointed the score line wasn’t greater to rub Jose’s nose in it.



Complete over-reaction to Chelsea defeat

Ha ha ha ha ha – wow!
Uuuuuuuuuurgh, where’s the paracetamol?
I’m getting too old for this work night out sh*t with all these new kids drinking shots and everything. Yet, mysteriously, when i awoke i had a niggling feeling i’d done something. What could it have been? Hmmmm. Ah no, i didn’t post in TT did I? Hopefully it wasn’t abusive and no swearing. (logs on) FFS!! Ha ha.

But i’m afraid my sentiments were right, although probably a little skewed in delivery and i can’t apologise for it. What i was trying to articulate was that i have been appalled by the complete over-reaction on here after the Chelsea defeat. In a way i wish Jose hadn’t listened to the idiots slagging him off for his tactics because, if he’d have parked the bus, we probably wouldn’t have lost. We went toe to toe with the champions on their home turf for the first time in years.

In fact i can’t remember the last time we took the game to Chelsea at ‘The Bridge’ and had them completely befuddled and on the back foot for 20 minutes. If Rashford doesn’t inexplicably and unforgivably close his eyes for fear of getting a smack in the face then we’d have taken the lead, shut up shop and probably won the game. What was he doing? But then, in fairness to Chelsea, they took back control of the game and put in a very, very good performance to win.

Blacky – Yes, i didn’t post after the game on Sunday as i was too disappointed to mate. And as Tommy points out, the last people you want to share a defeat with is you lot, sorry. You absolutely suck the life out of everything that’s good and in defeat there is literally no worse place to be than trawling through the reames of sh*te on this forum. Plus i don’t use a defeat to fall back on my agenda and take great pride in posting the usual nonsense just because we lost.

It really is quite tiresome when x player (Young/Valencia for example) play really, really well and the people on here who hate them can’t bring themselves to say “wow they’re actually playing really well”. No, instead they say nothing. They just wait. They wait and wait and then as soon as said player has a bad game they sprint to their lap tops and say “told you he was sh*te”.

Oh and surely you must see the irony in saying i went missing on Sunday? Surely? Don’t you hold the record for that particular party trick mate? Wasn’t it LVG’s fantastic winning run that saw us beat Spurs, Liverpool, the mighty Villa and City where you went AWOL? ;o)

Mac – But it has been a massive over reaction hasn’t it? Even you have tried to say that it wasn’t the Huddersfield game that was the anomaly it was our entire early season form. This makes actually no sense what so ever when you look at what the term anomaly means.

How can 10 or 12 games of an unstoppable winning run, countless clean sheets and loads of goals actually not be the standard but a one-off loss to Huddersfield is? Sorry, that’s simply incorrect.

JM – It was actually your post that made me click off TT and not return until last night. It was, to put it simply, a 100% typical post-defeat concoction of abuse that you’ve been posting after every defeat for years and years and years.

You pick out your most hated players and tell us all how much you’ve been telling us all about how sh*t they are. And because we lost a game you’re obviously right, forget about all the games we’ve won of course because that doesn’t align to what you’re telling us. And throw in some Glazer hate as well, tell us we can’t afford to buy players (but obviously ignore all the players we’ve bought and broke the world transfer record etc). Whilst finally pulling your willy out from between your legs (where’s its firmly been all season) to declare, once again, that we WILL STRUGGLE TO FINISH IN THE TOP 4! Brilliant!

How did you manage to have the audacity to bring that ridiculous prediction back into the wild? And do forgive us for getting excited on occasion when, post fergie era, we’re actually looking like getting back to our best. That is, after all, where most of us want us to get back to. It’s just a shame that with each set-back i have to read through your absolute drivel.

N1xer – Come on, don’t jump on the bandwagon so quickly. Yes, we’ve spent loads money on players. So have Everton! Don’t be so naive in saying we haven’t got a decent spine when you no damn well that Jose has done a great job in getting us a decent spine. From De Gea, Bailly, Matic, Pogba and up to Lukaku that is a great spine of a team.

Tommy – You literally have no idea mate, what it was like on here during that Moyes spell. Blacky overnight became the most popular poster on here, reames and reames of posts on almost a daily basis – a far cry from his monthly ones during the Fergie years.

People were even agreeing with what Zico was saying and he was on here telling us how he had predicted our demise since 2001 and that Rooney had actually finished his career by 2010! Yep, the year he was voted in the Fifa team of the year. It was a horrible place.

Right, hang over in full swing now – tea and toast next!



Ibra in behind Lukaku?

Hope you are right Tommy because it has come off the rails big time since Liverpool away. What do you think the chances are of those 3 going straight in to the side?

Three at the back would allow all 3 to play in the team. Maybe Ibra in behind Lukaku might be the answer. At least he can hold it up and put himself about for the team.

Its more hope that belief at this stage for me but we need to get back on track asap with results and good performances. Otherwise a battle for top 4 it will be again this year.



The wheels came off this time last year

Well this is the exact same time last year when the wheels came off and it does worry me the same is happening again this NIxer.

I don’t think all three will come straight in, particularly not Rojo and Ibrahimovic as they are coming back from serious injuries but I think Zlatan in particular will give us a big lift and we have a nice run of games now to find some bloody form.

Whatever your opinion of certain players, the manager, how the club is run….there have been far too many important lads in our team who are in chronic poor form.

I don’t think we have the players for a back three yet, you need at least one ball player in the trio who can step in to midfield and the only one we’ve got is Lindelof but unfortunately he’s forgotten how to defend.

Three of the f**fkers on the pitch on Sunday and a centre forward gets a free header on the penalty spot from a thirty five yard cross. Unbelievable.

Wonderfuel Gas

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