‘We will definitely go down now,’ moans West Brom fan

Date published: Monday 20th November 2017 1:21

Is Mo Salah better than Lionel Messi “at this point in time”, West Brom fans want a German boss and is David de Gea the only Man Utd player who would get in a Manchester XI? All in our forum…

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Megson left holding the reins

At last! The only bad news today is that Megson has been left holding the reins. Hopefully not for too long. Right now I don’t give a damn who comes in but if it were me I would be on my way to Aberdeen to bring down McInnes.

Membership renewed this morning and tickets for next home match being obtained. Yippee!



Michael O’Neill the man?

Michael O'Neill: Fancies a crack at Foxes job

Agree with the good news, Pulis gone, and bad news, Megson covering, so don’t expect any change is style for Saturday as we have got progressively worse since Megson re-joined. As a replacement I would look at Michael O’Neil, had good success with Norn Iron and seems to get the best out of players. COYB



Let’s go German…

Definitely a case of good news/bad news but I don’t fancy any of the managers mentioned so far. The standard of football in the Scottish Prem outside of Glasgow is no better than a middle table Championship at best and McInnes wasn’t very good at managing one of those.

If you’ve ever watched highlights of those games you’d realise just how poor the majority are. As for O’Neil he did well because he had the team fighting for him and N Ireland’s pride. It’s one thing to do it in three or four matches a year and another to do it on a weekly basis.

Koeman has been mentioned but we need someone who can get the best out of our ageing squad. I fancy one of the young Bundesliga bosses such as Nagelsman, Hasenhuttl or Tuchel but I doubt if they’d be interested and I think Tuchel is favourite to replace Wenger!

Northwich Baggie

You’ve got what you wanted

Lets have it real none of you wanted pulis in the first place he was on a hiding to nothing imagine if i came into your work or wrote on the internet how bad you all were at your job constantly but the funny thing is how many of you even have the qualifications or expertise to make a judgement on pulis nothing a big fat zero,we will defifintely go down now,and i personally blame all of you.



Man City v Man Utd combined XI

What would yours be? Will get stick for putting shaw in, but fully fit I really rate him, just that our manager is a prick.

Had to choose between MAtic and Fernandinho.

——————-De Gea——————-



De Bruyne——–Silva———-Martial




Not Martial over Sane

I wouldn’t select Martial ahead of Sane. Sane better player than Martial. He is not consistent enough. Where as Sane is consistent. Sterling is also better than him. Also Shaw is nowhere near that team. Mendy is more superior. I would pick Bailey rather than Jones. Jones flatters to decieve. Instead of Martial i would pick the flat track bully ( Lukaku). 4-4-2). Or sane if we play 4-3-3.



De Gea the only Man Utd player…

De Gea is the only player who would definitely get into the City team. Pogba and Matic are maybes.

A better combined eleven question would be City-Chelsea (Courtois, Azpiliquetta, Kante, Hazard all clearly, and numerous other maybes).



Ozil led, others followed 

It can’t be a coincidence that the handful of times that Ozil has put in a performance like that, the rest of the team step up. He was outstanding and runaway MotM – he even outshone Sanchez, who was also superb and while Lacazette should have been a bit more ruthless with the couple of chances he had, the rest of his game was excellent.

Like everyone, I just want to enjoy a solid, comfortable win over the upstarts and won’t dwell too much on why we can’t play that every week, except to say that we’d be up there with City right now if we did, because that’s what this team is capable of when they all turn up.

Al The Gooner


Wenger got his tactics right

What a fantastic performance. Wenger got his tactics spot on and thats our best performance this season.would not dispute ozil being MOTM,but i thought lacazette was my pick.this guy is improving all the time and he’s going to be right up there with the rest in my opinion.his movement and taking defenders where they don’t want to go is the best i’ve seen since rvp.

another player i’ve got a lot of time for is mustafi.he’s got the physical attributes to be a very good defender and he’s scored a few from set pieaces too.working on the defence can only make him better.defensively we were fantastic and to say there’s a power shift in north london is pathetic.for that tohappen the spuds must win trophies and finish above us for at least the next 5 seasons.untill that happens there’s no such thing. fantastic performance from 1-11.



Sturridge wants out at Liverpool

There’ll be no shortage of takers. On the surface, the stats of Salah are showing him up.

Sturridge: 12 appearances, 3 goals
Salah: 18 appearances, 14 goals.

However, the caveat as regards the above is that Sturridge has only started 4 games in those 12 appearances whereas Salah has started in 17 of those 18 appearances. Also in terms of mins per goal or assist, Salah is at 84 and Sturridge at 86, so really, it’s perhaps not quite as bad as it looks when you look deeper into things.

I still think a lot of the whole question mark over him is that Klopp has always seen him as a luxury type of player – somebody to use in certain games where he could have an impact.



Salah better than Messi?

I am wondering whether Mo Salah is better than Lionel Messi at this point in time – not over their whole careers, of course.

Personally I think Salah is better, mainly because he is playing in a much tougher league, but also because of the following facts:

1. No Liverpool player has scored more goals than Salah (9) in his first 12 Premier League games.

2. Salah by mid-November has scored the same number of as our top scorer Coutinho scored in the whole of last season (14)

3. Salah is currently the top scorer in the Premiership, even though he’s not a striker

4. Messi may be at his peak (or even just past it) but Salah is far from his peak yet and still has numerous aspects of his game he must improve on

I just hope Salah can remain injury-free and keep improving on his game. And why would Coutinho want to move to Barca, when we have an equivalent superstar at Liverpool?



Asnwer is no: Messi is either one of the best 5 players of all time but in my opinion, for what it’s worth, he’s the best.

Salah has been unbelievable for us so far but to put the two in the same bracket, on any level is just wrong, even if trying to compare their current form. It’s a comparison that shouldn’t be made.

You could pick any top player the world has ever see and compare them to an average player who is in the best form of their lives and the reality is that it could make an average player look better. It’s just not right!



Have to agree, you cant compare Salah’s purple patch to Messi. Yes, Salah could be a great player but until he continues to do this season after season (something Vardy couldn’t do) then its way too early to put Sala and Messi in the same sentence. Don’t get me wrong Salah as it’s also an insult to talk of Vardy and Salah in the same sentence too.

I really like what I’m seeing about Salah. For so long I have been jealous of other teams and their ‘intelligent’ forwards. Now WE have an intelligent forward who will jump on any concentration lapses of opposition defenders. Salah is already the most intelligent forward we have. His movement is head and shoulders above other players, sometimes too good.

As a compromise, I see Salah more like Robben more so than Messi. Messi’s dribbling is exceptional whereas Robben was always a player who used his electric speed and tenacity to get past people. In fact, the more I see Salah I think Munich made a mistake not going for him to replace the ageing Robben.



United team v Basel

Really hope Jose plays a rotated squad for this game with Pogba,Matic,Martial,Lukaku,and Valencia/Young to be rested! We can afford to even lose/draw this game,we have more or less won the group,so rest players!

Smalling,Shaw,Blind,Darmian,Herrera,Mikhi,Lingard,Carrick,Mata,Ibra should all start.



No chance of Shaw starting

I reckon I’ve got as much chance of starting as Luke Shaw, I’ll pack my boots just in case. I’d be looking to get Pogba some minutes on the pitch, he’s been out for ages…another seventy minutes or so will do him the world of good. Ibrahimovic and Rojo too. It’s important to start building up a head of steam now and I’d be reluctant to tinker too much although he’ll definitely have more defensive minded players on the pitch than against the Geordies.

We should be able to pick a strong enough side to get a result and take us through without risking too much but Basle is a tricky place to go and get a result. They’re a noisy bunch and they fire up the players in that tight little stadium.

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Play kids v CSKA

I’d rather win this game and see the youngsters out to play CSKA when we know there’s nothing to play for. A relatively strong team against Basel and then doesn’t matter who goes out against CSKA.

Basel will be a different prospect in Switzerland so even if some of the younger players play, I’d expect a good mix of strong established players with young players. Plus, the CSKA match is in OT so would be an easier atmosphere for some of the more inexperienced players to be in.


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