‘January always looked tough but Liverpool need investment’

Date published: Thursday 26th January 2017 12:22

Liverpool fans ponder where it’s all gone wrong, Anthony Martial’s form, Claudio Bravo’s Man City replacement and Leeds United’s improvement is also debated.

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Liverpool have been found out – and Coutinho isn’t worth his wage

Well that was interesting. How to beat Liverpool – just play defensive, and hit them with a breakaway goal. Don’t worry, Liverpool don’t know how to get past the defence…

I like Coutinho but do not think he is worth £200,000 a week, he loses the ball very easily, his passing leaves a lot to be desired….

Bring on Chelsea – another defensive team. Don’t think my stress levels could handle to watch a similar type of game. And Liverpool getting so much possession of the ball wow going from side to side and back again. We need to be running into the box as much as possible with theses teams we might not score but I am sure we will get some penalties.

Thanks – I’ve have had my little steam release – now it’s back to the drawing board….



Liverpool is in a slump, but so what, we have been in a slump before (just like other clubs) and come out of it. And the biggest factor in our slump is that Mane is missing, and no other top team has their best player missing at the moment.

In life as in football, if things are not working out, then it is up too you to find a solution, that is what winners do, not just endless whining and complaining.

This is what I think Klopp should do, both short term and long term to get us back on track.

Firstly he needs to go back to our favoured 433 system ASAP, with Origi on the right, Firmino the false 9, and Coutinho on the left. Midfield the Keep it simple and the results will come again.

Secondly, and this is for the future, it is clear that Mane is our most important player because of his pace, power, finishing and overall football intelligence, so in the summer Klopp must make it his first priority to sign another versatile winger of similar quality. I don’t care if it costs up to 40m to get such a player, just do it.

Thirdly, I would also prioritise the signing of a top holding midfielder of the
quality of Kante, so as to protect our erratic defence. This would free Henderson to play in his favoured dynamic midfield role where his energy will prove vital, and together with Wijnaldum, we would thus have our midfield sorted.

Trust me, signing two such players will go a long way to making Liverpool much stronger and balanced as a team.

Going forward, we have no option but to get our season back on track, as soon as possible, and I think we will…



Is Martial or Mourinho to blame for Frenchman’s poor form?

Is this a chicken or egg situation?
Mourinho has said that Martial’s performances have been disappointing and that if he listened more to the Special One and less to his agent then he’d be doing much better.
Given that Jose doesn’t necessarily have the best record for blooding young talent, should we be asking is Martial’s attitude the problem, or does Martial have a problem because he feels under utilised by Jose?
OR, is Martial finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that he’s playing less this season than last year, and he’s more on the wing this year than he was and as such isn’t scoring as many goals and has the hump because his squad number was given to the Zlatan (which lets be honest, probably wasn’t the most confidence inspiring thing to happen to a young player but should he be able to shake it off knowing Zlatan isn’t going to be around for long and he’ll get it back in a couple of seasons at which point he can make it his own if he’s so inclined)?
Like I said, chicken or egg?



More Xhaka criticisms and why Vieira comparisons are just wrong

Granit Xhaka is not only pants and grossly overpriced but is also (allegedly) something of a racist too – talk about biting the hand that feeds you eh. An unmitigated disaster of a signing so far.

Considering there was a witness who confirmed this, it really begs the question of why two people would randomly come up with such an outrageous lie. Xhaka is probably guilty and since this issue is a police matter at least we can rest assured that justice will be done.

Arsenal seem to have a general discipline problem with Wenger (seemingly thinking he is impervious from discipline after blatantly criticizing a referee without punishment earlier in the season) manhandling officials at the weekend. Good job they finally charged him for his continued disrespect of the rules in the Premier League.



The comparisons between Xhaka and Vieira are inevitable  -sadly though Vieira didn’t get into anywhere near as much trouble in such a short space of time.

And for me, it doesn’t matter how bad the tackles are, if they’re reds, then they’re reds. Both times he’s been sent off it’s been for tackles that the ref could have gone either way on – he needs to stop making so many tackles where there’s even a decision to be made.

Might be my bad memory here, but I’m sure there’s been at least one other incident with him this season where a more lenient ref has only gone for the yellow.

The real difference with Vieira though was that he’d already established himself as one of the most important players in the team, long before he started his red card collection.

Al The Gooner


Are Liverpool running on empty and is it to blame for their struggles?

OK, a quick bit of research on the distance covered by PL teams so far this year….top 10

1. Liverpool 1282.4KM
2. City 1265.4 (so much for Peps possession game!)
3. Burnley 1254.2
4. West Brom 1248.9
5. Spuds 1245.5
6. Boro 1235
7. Chelsea 1222.8
8. Swansea 1219.2
9. Arsenal 1219
10. Bournemouth 1214.3

To be fair although top not much more than the rest in the top 10 ….man up liverpool players ????



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Tottenham need to buy defenders – Wimmer can’t play in a back three

Kevin Wimmer is good in a back four, as he proved last year when Jan Vertonghen was out. However, I would not have him in a back 3 as he would have to go wider to the left quite often and he is not good enough. Davies plays left side in a back three for Wales and was one of their best players at the Euros. No question, Davies.

Would rather buy a centreback though. Jan is 29 and two similar injuries in 2 seasons? We need a challenger/ eventual replacement in now. De Vrig? We will have Carter Cickers as Toby’s eventual replacement. Also I am not really satisfied with Dier in a back three.



Tom Heaton for City?

Tom Heaton the Burnley keeper is the latest goalie to be linked.

Apparently the Clarets want £15million for him. Thought?

I reckon Niall Quinn was a better GK than Claudio Bravo ????



Leeds march on – and what a goal from Doukara

Chris Wood: Celebrates the winning goal for Leeds

Yes Leeds… a huge well done to the team, great bounce back after the disappointment on Saturday against Barnsley!

Great 2nd half performance. Wood moves on to 20 for the season… and what a goal from Doukara!!

Back up to 3rd, MOT



Had a bit of the jitters during the first half but calmed down after Wood’s goal. Then followed Doukara’s thunderbolt and my peace and calm returned. Great second half performance in which we totally dominated play.

Smiles, all round!


Home game. Clean Sheet. A goal from someone other than Wood who is not a defender. Solid performance. Three points in the bank. Happy days. Job’s a good Un! Let’s move on.

Next game is Sutton United. Some not so regulars getting a run out. I do hope that Antonsson gets a full game but I do fear for his future with us. It looks as if he is not going to make the grade. Sacko could have the chance to show up and I’d keep Roofe in as I think a good performance from him with a goal or two might do his confidence a power of good. Perhaps we might get a couple of new signings making an appearance? Not bothered about the result but we ought to prevail.

After that bring on Blackburn Rovers.

About to disappear on holidays for 3 weeks in February in the back of beyond. I will struggle to keep up with what is going on with my beloved team. ????



Liverpool not far away – but investment is badly needed

Jurgen Klopp: Discusses Liverpool approach

We are not that far off from beating these teams that sit back. Emre Can was so close to providing us with the goal we needed, so was Daniel Sturridge.

We all knew that this month was going to be hard because we were losing Mane, add to that injuries to key players such as Coutinho and Matip and the month got that much harder.

We need investment in the squad, a wide attacking player and another midfielder especially. We could do with another defender as well. Then Clyne is out and even though Alexander Arnold has been good he is a far cry from Clyne when it comes to picking a pass.

notorious bingo


I actually believe Klopp is a great manager but he needs to strengthen the team with a couple of decent buys, I said it before the season started, whether he can get them or not I dont know but it is Liverpool so it should not be that difficult, its a big thing for any player to be with Liverpool so whats the hold-up.



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