‘Klopp is complicating things and undermining Liverpool’s chances’

Date published: Monday 11th December 2017 10:35

Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp get some fearful stick following Sunday’s derby clashes, while Arsenal’s defensive frailties rear their ugly head again, all in our Your Says of the Day derby special…

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Every time we play against the Top 6, you know Mourinho is parking the bus.

Under SAF that would never happen. Against Arsenal we were lucky we score 2 early goals and that DDG was in superb form, otherwise we would lost big time.

Mourinho need to trust the players how good we could play, but he is only thinking about parking the bus. How many points we already lost against the Top 6 speaks for it self. We need to change that, otherwise we wouldn’t be Premier League Champions under Mourinho!!


When you’re pinned back in your own half by a vastly superior football team that you simply can’t get the ball off, and even when you do you give it straight back to them, that’s not parking the bus. It’s called being outplayed. We used to do it to other teams many years ago.


JM unfortunately mate I disagree with you on yesterday’s analysis to some degree.

As much as we agree on one thing that we have s*** in some positions yesterday’s game showed in glimpses we can play if we wanted to and create chances lukaku s miss . We have beat teams with far less in years gone by. They were fearful of the c nothing less nothing more and they loved it.

Delph Walker? They didn’t get at them enough Delph was clearly error prone. As for city’s pressing etc they knew THIS beforehand no surprises.

Crucially in all big games no pogba! The exuberance of youth would have done better than Herrera he was useless. Wingers as full backs another concern.


Here is my take, the manager sent the team out with no belief whatsoever and without belief it’s irrelevant whos on the team sheet and tactics deployed.

Last week he believed we could beat Arsenal hence why we pressed higher and pressurised them into mistaken which didn’t happen in this game.

Ika Ika

Just seen the City goals again…oh my eyes. Of all the ways they could have hurt us, two scruffy s***** goals from set pieces were not something I was fearing yesterday morning.

Wonderfuel Gas


City confirmed what we all knew this weekend – they are the best side in the league by a country mile. So far this season City are winning 14-3 against the top 6.

As for the whole “bust up”, it’s good to see that the United players aren’t happy with City coming onto our patch and playing loud music celebrating at Old Trafford – that’s bullsh*t. If we can’t beat them on the pitch we sure as hell should beat them in the dressing room.

Ederson should show some respect as well, he has no business getting into a shouting match with a seasoned professional manager who has won everything – it’s almost as disrespectful as Fabregas throwing pizza at Sir Alex Ferguson.



The criticism is valid as we took a risk we didn’t need to. That’s Klopp style but doesn’t mean it’s right again I know people are talking about the wrong team being out in the first place but the game plan worked for the first half and had Mane have passed rather than shot we would have been 2-0 up and the hit and hoof merchants would have had to come out and take more risks.

Again though, while it’s 1-0 it’s a risk to take off your best player and then not add your other potent atrackers earlier together to kill the game off.

People say it’s still a draw, yes it is but if we’d won we would have put additional space between us and got closer to Utd. History tells us we are not a team that is great a defending a narrow lead.


Totally agree on resting gini and Can. To rest both coutinho and firmino against everton is bad enough but to also rest our two best CMs is just ridiculous.

Replacing Can n Gini with Hendo and milner meant we took out 2 goal threats from midfield. Can and gini at least score goals from midfield. Hendo cant even shoot. There was just no drive from midfield


It’s a disappointing result but let’s just relax. The longer the game went on, you knew they would score. They were desperate.

It’s good that Klopp rotates. I’ve no problem with that but you start your best team in the big Games. Spurs would rest Kane, Chelsea wouldn’t rest Morata or hazard if they were playing us. You didn’t see utd or city resting players yday.

Disappointing buts it how we bounce back now. Big game Wednesday

Sean the sailor

Liverpool’s greatest asset is our Fab 4 of Coutinho, Firmino, Salah and Mane. This devastating attack has made up for our shaky defence, that is why we are still 4th.

In our crucial CL game, when we absolutely needed a result, Klopp unleashed the Fab 4 to devastating effect, so how many times has he started with this Fab 4 in the Premiership??? Once, yes, just once against Southampton which we won easily.

I am really getting p***** off with this ridiculous rotation where Klopp drops two of the Fab 4 in the biggest games (Chelsea, Everton). Do you see the likes of City or United dropping their very best players in the biggest games, or even in most games? Surely Klopp should drop just one of the Fab 4, or take them off early when we are comfortably winning.

Klopp, in my opinion is complicating things and undermining our chances with this unnecessary rotation, if he had kept things simple we would have been 3rd by now. Against West Brom I want to see at least 3 of the Fab 4 starting, no messing about this time



For everyone constantly bashing the back 4 and praising our fab four, the mistake from Mane yesterday cost us a 100% goal from being selfish, don’t get me wrong it was unlike him but it was a glaring error that would have had us 2-0 up.

The penalty was a joke never should have been given, he felt a brush and threw himself to the floor and the ref fell for it hook line and sinker, he should be charged with diving, it was more of one than the player that was charged.


The team has been scoring 3 goals on average in the last six matches. Mane has bailed us out so many times I don’t blame him for yesterday’s lapse.

It was one of those games where we only had to cling to a one goal lead, Chelsea and Leicester did it for more than 10 matches in the previous seasons, but Lovren had to have his customary moment of madness.

I’m very surprised that he is still considered by fans and pundits to be second in the CB’S pecking order after Matip whereas I would have demoted him to fourth behind Matip, Klavan and Gomez after his horrendous display against Spurs.

Not blaming Klopp either we had 80% possession and managed to break down a very compact Everton.


Pax, the player dived no doubt there, but the ref had a decision to make because there was contact from Lovren.

The ref saw it as sufficient contact rather than simulation. We’ve all seen them given for & against us, so we need to take it as a lesson not to try & grind out a slim advantage with the defence we currently have.

I would say Lovren was unlucky, but in comparison City were lucky at OT. That’s football.

The teams at the top make their own luck with the officials. We need to bounce back with a win & get some defensive reinforcement this January window. No excuses about waiting for the summer.

The business that should have been done last summer needs to be done now or we face another groundhog season of underachievement.



Every cloud has a silver lining. All of Arsenal, Liverpool and United drop points.

Couldn’t see anyone catching City before today and I really can’t see anyone catching them now.

All the chasing pack are playing for 2nd place and the other two CL places.

nine nine nine

According to my son who went – we were cr*p. Have not seen the game so cannot comment

Do not accept tiredness either. This is something that Conte knew was coming and while he may want to blame the board for not getting in enough players or those that he wanted he still does not rotate as often as he could if he really want too

Glad that city are out of site as we can clearly focus on getting into the top 4 and if I read some of the comments from other pages then we won’t have to worry about the CL for much longer either…!!

Very lucky with some of the other results but we do need to pick ourselves up and get a result tomorrow. KTBFFH


Winning the title again was never really on however that top 4 place is a huge concern. Don’t know anymore who should be starting but all the players need to step up a gear or 2. Cant really blame the manager though I think he needs try something different sometimes.



Ive been banging on about our awful defending for years now. The usual suspects came out last year and said but we only concede headed goals between the 15th and 30th minute and we only gave away 19 throw ins all season, the usual Football Manager autistics garbage.

But anyone who understands the game knows that Wenger doesnt understand defending, he continually buys poor defenders and he hasn’t got clue how to organise them.

When Keown and Would tried to get involved with some success he sidelined them.

Interestingly Wenger stated on Thursday that there was a post mortem on Thursday following the Man Utd match. He said the players criticised his tactics and they had an open debate’ “We all have opinions on tactics and that’s good, but it’s only mine that matter”.

And there you have all of our problems summed up in a nutshell. As I have said a million times. NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL WENGER IS GONE.

The Oracle

Apart from the obvious fault in tactics and an absolutely weak mentality,I’d like to point out two players who when I look at them I think to myself how did they come to be where they are now.

Per mertesacker – Always considered him overrated.But today he was just horrendous.He was fully responsible for the goal conceded.But The amount of chances he gave southampton for his lack of closing down.There was another instance where redmond I think is running down the flank,for about five seconds mertesacker is simply staring at him and deciding not to close him down.

To think that he’s our captain?I mean when you’re going to make a non-starter a captain then clearly you know what wenger’s thinking is like.Absolutely no leaders on the pitch(apart from alexis who is way too good for this current team).But again wenger and only wenger is responsible for giving mert not only a contract extension but he’s going to have a role in management of our youth players next season.Fantastic.

Hector bellerin – When deeney said that Arsenal players lacked cojones,If ever it meant most for a player it would be bellerin.

If there was a scale to measure how backwards players meant bellerin wouldn’t even give a reading on that scale.Pathetic first touch,pathetic crossing,long hair,wrong boots and mentally the weakest player I may have even seen at the club.

Honestly,for his sake I hope he moves to barcelona because he has the talent but he needs someone to toughen him up.

the specialone

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