‘Jose Mourinho is a fantastic coach, but he’s a bad person’

Date published: Monday 21st May 2018 11:12

Manchester United fans criticise Jose Mourinho’s approach, while our Liverpool readers look ahead to Saturday’s UCL final and Arsenal’s next boss is debated in Your Says of the Day.

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Mourinho to blame?

Was a better game than I was expecting…we were dire first half but thought second half we did very well and on another day could have scored a few. No complaints about the shift our lot put in second half but Chelsea defended very well and earned the victory. Big thumbs up to Rudigar and Azpilicueta who were particularly good and that slippery son of a gun Hazard who had more quality than anybody else on the pitch.

All in all….another good day out, floored by losing a cup final but congratulations to Chelsea. Enjoy the summer you m*ngebags, see you in August.

Wonderfuel Gas

My prediction is that Mourinho will spend another 300 – 400 mill and still play negative football and blame somebody else because Utd don’t win stuff. But I could be wrong.


I can see that everyone is taking a shot at Mourinho. but the man has been a fantastic coach but a bad person. simple as that. people shouldn’t confuse his personality with his coaching ability. he is a serial winner and his record says everything. nowadays its impossible to compete without spending a few millions of pounds. get over that. gone are the days when teams could spend less and win. it’s the opposite nowadays.



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Nerves for Saturday

Gary Neville’s season from hell is 2/3 from fruition. Let’s complete it. Revenge for what he did in 2006.


We have a great chance but everyone knows Madrid’s weaknesses yet no one in a final has beat them recently.

I can take losing once we have performed. I’ll be gutted if we don’t turn up next week as I know , if we do, we can win

Sean the sailor

If we play to our potential we can beat them.

I just feel so optimistic about this game. As I said in a previous post, this is the perfect team to play against. can’t defend deep as they have too much pride and will attack. And can’t defend very well so we will have chances.

Their offencive unit is better than ours (marginally), but our defence is better than their by a way (and thats taking Dejan’s gifts to the opposition into account!).


Yeah sean no doubt Real are a good team, but not up to their usual standards. They’ve finished with 76 points in the league, which I think is the first time they’ve finished below 90 in a while.

Modric like many others in the team is past his best. Ramos is over rated, and him and Varane are not exactly the most solid defence in la liga, Benzema he’s done. Bale, good player but doesn’t show up in the big games, seems to be playing in others shadows at Real. Isco he’s decent but a fringe player who seems to be going backwards compared to last season.

They also seem to think they’ve got one hand on the trophy already.

Ronaldo, Kroos and Casemiro are their main talents I’d say. Don’t get me wrong, any team with Ronaldo is a formidable side, but they’re not as good as they were last season.

j c

I think they will focus on our defence and whilst I think we’ve generally played well as a unit, this is for me one of our weak links and we make a fair few individual mistakes …. Based on this I hope they don’t focus on our defence (thou I trust Virgil and Robertson) for me our best hope is if our front 3 are unplayable as they have been on many occasions this season.


Real always think they have one hand on the trophy. Lately they’ve been correct. JC, good point, they have a little too much pride (and their fans wouldn’t accept it) for them to go into proper defensive mode. I wouldn’t agree that their attack is better than ours though. Unless you’re counting them as a team in attack, that is. Our front 3 are pretty much unmatched. Our WBs on their day can really add to our ability to attack but we’re not world class level in midfield in that regard. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve got us to the Cl final and haven’t been carried.

Less than a week to go now, the anxiety is nowhere to be seen for me so far.

Mr Makaveli


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Summer surgery for United

Sanchez is going nowhere, certainly not before at least 2 to 3 more years of lining his pockets with a ridiculouly inflated salary. Even more ridiculous in the context of his output – goals, assists and ball retention.


It matters not who we sign or who we sell anymore I’m afraid,every player we buy will fail and probably every player we sell will probably improve (other than Darmian!) and that has been the general pattern for years,even under SAF in his latter years.
Anyone who is fooled into thinking that 2nd place is a fundamental improvement in our prospects going forward are welcome to do so if they so wish, dream f*cking on.


Inter are back in the champions league what a game! How refreshing to watch a decent game of football from the turgid dire sack of sh*t that we’ve been exposed to.

Savic definitely worth a punt solid player in midfield.

Lazio distraught tut.


Mourinho wants to spend 250M on new players. Maybe he needs to look in the mirror and look at his style of play with parking the bus all the time, if he changes that the team might surprise him. Look at the begin of the season, we were flying with 4 goals a match. Since the Liverpool match it went downhill from there with defensive style of play what hurt many players!! He is more destroying the raising young players up!!

I rather see him go then he spends 250m and we get Spurs manager Pochettino.



Taking the Mik?

Looking very much like Arteta will be appointed today.

Al the Gooners

Morning Al

You have hit the nail square on the head there regarding Mikel. Its an ‘unpopular’ choice with many because they didn’t like or rate him as a player and they can’t separate the 2. For the record, I’m not saying that is the case with Steve – he has always been one of the more rational and sensible posters on here.
There are of course people who have genuine concerns about it and I totally understand that, but the level of vitriol being aimed at a man who hasn’t yet accepted the role is staggering.

Mikel Arteta: Confirms Arsenal farewell

I think we do need to re-asses what our expectations as a club might be – certainly for the next season or 2. If the rumours are to be believed about Enrique’s demands for taking the role, then you could be forgiven for thinking he was trying to deliberately price himself out of it? Was it tempting enough for him to take on a side without CL football and no blank cheque book? I’m not so sure. Allegri as well, would be giving up a lot to come here. Perhaps he heard something he didn’t like and felt he was better off waiting for something else.

There has also been a lot of talk about this ’50 million budget’ that seems to be causing a lot of concern in the fan base. Myself included initially! However, its worth reading this article;

Arsenal’s “£50m budget” explained

Puts the spending issue into a lot more context. Could be more to play with than people realise



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