Klopp talks extensively about transfers; explains Liverpool’s thinking

Date published: Tuesday 21st July 2020 2:31 - Matthew Briggs

Klopp TEAMtalk

Jurgen Klopp said he will not use the lack of activity in the transfer market as an excuse if his Liverpool side fail to deliver in the Premier League next season.

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson will receive the Premier League trophy on Wednesday after their Anfield date with Chelsea, but already transfer speculation has begun ahead of next season.

The club pulled out of a move for Timo Werner when his price tag was revealed to be €50m and Klopp has previously admitted that if will be difficult to spend big this summer.

The coronavirus pandemic has dented the club’s finances, but Klopp remains content with his squad despite continued speculation linking them to Victor Osimhen and Thiago Alacantara.

“I am happy with my squad 100%. I was last year when people wanted us to sign him and him but because of our reasons we did not do it,” said Klopp.

“It’s not that we don’t want to, we try to make the right decisions constantly and then COVID came. The situation changed and not for the better.”

“It’s not that we think we cannot improve with transfers, we do what is right for us and what we are able to do, that’s all.

“If other teams invest I have no idea, they may know more about the future, I don’t know. But the main difference between us and other teams this year was consistency. You saw how tight the game was against Chelsea when we won 2-1 I think, but they are 25 points or so behind us.

“However these are not the gaps you see on the pitch. They can really play football and they could have won that match, but my boys were resilient like mad. We put absolutely everything into the game and that’s what the difference was.”

The German coach was keen to point out that simply buying more players does not necessarily mean an improvement.

Transfer market cannot solve everything

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool TEAMtalk

“I don’t know if you can get that sort of thing on the transfer market. We had to build this and it’s not about spending. It is about having the right team for the next season, based on your own situation,” said Klopp.

“The club cannot buy just because other teams buy and everyone wants us to. We buy if we have the money for it and the need for it. If one of these things is not there we will not buy and we will go again. And we will not use it as an excuse.”

Klopp, speaking via Zoom call, also reminded the press that Liverpool managed 97 points last season and were urged to buy more players to overtake Manchester City.

“Imagine last year, 97 points and what would your recommendation have been to me transfer wise? Who should we have brought in to close the one-point gap to Manchester City? I don’t even know who was available,” added Klopp.

“There were a lot of recommendations out there I’m sure, but we didn’t and you saw what happened. We will have a lot of tests next year, like we did this year and last year, we have to make sure we are ready.

“Some of them can be solved in the transfer market, but not all of them.”

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