Klopp urged to axe Liverpool star; Salah no longer a reliable option

Date published: Thursday 29th November 2018 10:51

Liverpool readers have urged Jurgen Klopp to drop an under-performing star, while doubts are emerging over Mo Salah’s reliability after the loss to PSG, all in our forum.


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Firmino absolutely must be dropped but Klopp has given ZERO minutes to Solanke and I’m sorry but Sturridge is just not good played from the start. Well, he’ll have to be now. Klopp made a mistake in not giving Solanke 15 minutes off the bench, on the back of his 4 international goals.

Now it’s even more clear that Firmino must be dropped and we’ve nobody ready to take his place as a 9. So, we’ve got to play the 4231 against everton with Salah through the middle and Shaqiri as the 10. The thing is… Salah isn’t exactly lighting it up either. He didn’t play so well last night either.

It just doesnt make any sense. These are 2 of our best players last season and we couldn’t get a performance from them when we needed it.

I hope the club are ready to act in the market in January. I’m not expecting it but our season is 2-3 games from coming apart at the seams.

Sean, Salah does seem “weaker” and less assured alright. I wouldn’t drop him but I dunno if we can rely on him either. Maybe play Mane through the centre instead, if we bloody must.



Alot has been said about Bobby & for me the lack of competition is key to his down turn in form. He needs someone to be pushing him for a starting place & currently we have very little in the way of competition for him.
Salah was never going to be as good as last year he is playing decently overall he is generally receiving the ball with his back to goal in wide areas in which he is not as effective. Booby drops deep mostly which only leaves Mane who is trying to run in behind this makes most of our play congested & with our lack of creativity in midfield things fizzle out quickly. Also our defenders do not have many options on the ball which in turn lets teams press us & turn the ball over putting the pressure back on our defence. Alison was MOTM imo which shows what kind of game our boys had.


Roberto Firmino; Mo Salah TEAMtalk

Gonna repeat what I’ve been saying since last Jan.
We’re an attacker short.
If we are serious about winning the league we need to sort it.
I’d much rather have an attacker over than an attacker short.
What I woulda gave to have Coutinho or an able replacement come on instead of Lallana last May in the final.




3 away loses does not bode well.

It’s very disappointing that neither Kieta nor Fabinho are up to speed yet.
Kieta start has been interrupted by injury but Fabinho has been with us since early summer.
It’s nearly Dec, they need to kick on very soon.


Agree with that ginger. It was around this time last season Robbo and ox reakky got going so hopefully they can kick on now

Sean the sailor


The way we are playing away from home, even if we beat Napoli, we will struggle in the knockout stages. Not sure why we didn’t start with Shak in midfield. We just don’t create enough chances in the CL away from home. Need to improve fast or were out. Ynwa



This time last year we had Coutinho or Ox.
Kieta was meant to provide that drive but unfortunately he’s had a series of injuries and we’ve struggled for creativity.
He needs to get up to speed very soon.


I still believe Keita will come good. But regardless, buying in January is now a must if any kind of momentum is to be maintained in the league. Some cracks are now visible after these CL games.



3 away games 3 defeats!! goals 1-5! This is the truth along with the defeat by Red Star!!
Disappointment and humiliation!!




I’d give Hendo about a 5 out of 10 against PSG. Pretty anonymous(again)…Peace


I thought it was interesting that Cavani was getting tight on Henderson whenever we had the ball.
Thought he did alright, didn’t get on the ball as much as usual but not really any fault of his own and Cavani wasn’t as much of an attacking threat, dropping deep to stay on Henderson.

Solid defensively, took up good positions, and I don’t recall anyone going past him. But was involved in a bit of confusion in midfield in the lead up to the second goal. Played a nice long forward pass to Salah. At one point he skipped away from 2 challenges and got forward with a nice run. Started joining the attack a bit more toward the end, without leaving us exposed.
Not convinced he’s 100% up to speed after the injury, but played the whole 90 for the first time in a while.

Under the circumstances, tough game away against one of Europe’s elite teams, who really needed to win, I’d rate that performance 6/10.



None of the midfield played particularly well tonight.
I’m gonna give Hendo 9 because of his hair.


Jordan Henderson Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

For Henderson’s fans, his “ordinary” reliable steady eddy performances are actually what makes him stand out in the sense of his strong work ethic, doing the boring things well, obeying and staying within his managerial instructions, and his professionalism. Indeed, this “staying within his instructions” is probably what makes him a dream to work with for Klopp and is also probably why he can trust him in the DM role. I’m reminded of a Sven Goran Eriksson quote I think in Didi Hamann’s book where Eriksson said Didi was one of few players he’d worked with who was always in the right position. Now I’m not necessarily saying he’s as good as Hamann was in that role, just that Henderson is a player available to Klopp at the club whom he can trust the most until better comes along. So I absolutely get this point of view.



Our midfield were outclassed in general. I’d give Milner a 6/10, he was the best of them. Wijnaldum improved in the 15 mins or so that he played in the second half but he didnt have the best first half. I’d give him a 4.5/10 and henderson had a very typical performance but maybe of a very slightly lower quality. So I’d also give him a 4.5/10.




That was one of the worst refs ive seen in a long time, how Veratti did not get sent off for the foul on Gomez escapes me and how he penalised us for shirt pulling and let PSG get away with it. I reckon the only de a erved card we got was Robbo hacking down Neymar in frustration. It was a show in theatrics and weak ref ruined the game.

Other than that it was a really poor start to the game…


Bingo agreed. I never moan about refs well maybe once a year but he bottled it. Sure he wasn’t even going to give a pen mate

Their play acting was on another level. We can beat Napoli. We are at home. Rocking atmosphere etc

Huge few weeks coming up

Sean the sailor


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