Klinsmann open to England job; ‘wouldn’t have issue with press’

Date published: Wednesday 6th July 2016 10:43

Jurgen Klinsmann has hinted he’d be open to the job of England manager after expressing his fondness for the Premier League and his ‘affection’ for the press.

Klinsmann has been mentioned as a contender for the England job in the wake of Roy Hodgson’s resignation last week, and although he’s gained a reputation for never breaking contracts, there’s reports he could be allowed to leave his role as USA boss after falling out with their bosses.

It is believed he would be keen and the FA are leaning towards appointing a foreign manager but want someone who speaks good English and has a Premier League background, which narrows the field considerably.

Klinsmann is one of those in the frame, while Laurent Blanc, Roberto Martinez, Guus Hiddink and Manuel Pellegrini could also be considered.

And in a further boost to the FA’s prospects, former Tottenham striker Klinsmann has revealed his time in England “had a lasting impact” on his career.

Klinsmann spells out his love of the English game in new book Soccer Without Borders , which is due to be published in Germany in September.

Klinsmann writes: “The time in England had a lasting impact on me. I experienced so many wonderful moments over there, especially on the field, that really influenced me.

“The team spirit, the way everyone sticks together, the way everyone goes to the players’ bar after the match for a beer — those are some of the things I’ll never forget.

“When you talk about soccer in England, you have to talk about the environment and the atmosphere at those stadiums.

“It’s incredible the way they sing their songs, the way the tension and the excitement during the game increases. It’s something you just can’t experience in other countries.

“It was always really special for me.”

Klinsmann had two spells at Tottenham, but remembers his first as the most enjoyable time of his career as he arrived in England as one of the biggest names in world football.

Despite having a reputation of being a “diver” and playing for England’s biggest football rivals, Klinsmann became a huge hit and is remembered as one of the biggest foreign stars from the Premier League era.

“It was probably the most exciting year I played in my career. So many things happened in the one season,” he said.

“The way people treated me, the way they welcomed me everywhere I went in England — I never enjoyed playing on a team that much in my career. I would never have a problem going to England.”

Being the England manager is often called the impossible job, but Klinsmann insists he would have no problem with the scrutiny and pressure if asked to succeed Roy Hodgson, who quit last week after a humiliating Euro 2016 exit against Iceland.

Klinsmann added: “I’d never have a problem going to England to deal with whatever issues the media have. Even if it’s the most sarcastic thing, I’d just say okay.

“You just have to accept them [English journalists] right away, the way they are. You shouldn’t get offended because there are some media people trying to provoke you. It’s just the way they do it there.

“They’re not being mean. They just want to sell their newspapers.

“Going through a situation like that not only helped in terms of success on the field but I think it helped me as a human being.”


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