Klopp accused of being more trainee magician than manager

Date published: Thursday 14th December 2017 10:47

Jurgen Klopp has been accused of messing with Liverpool’s fluency,  while Man Utd readers believe their side lacks true quality and Arsene Wenger’s arrogance knows no bounds.


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Klopp is either a fraud or stupid. We scored 7 times in CL nad he made 5-6 change in the next 2 matches causing to lose 4 points!! This is not a manager but a trainee magician!!!


Maybe too many chops and changes to the team has caused the disjointed performance. Klopp is making 6-7 changes every game (i think) and im just wondering whther thats a reason


Reds I think Klopp remembers what happened last season around this time & is trying to prevent it from happening again.

I won’t complain about rotation because I believe we need to do it. The problem is we just don’t have the quality in depth to do it effectively. If we could play Firmino, Couts, Salah & Mane every game we’d be a lot better but we obviously can’t & when they’re not playing our play goes down a hell of a lot.

Sadly it’s gunna take a sugar daddy to get back up there with the big boys, as much as we’d like to build slowly & do it without a daddy its not going to happen, it’s just how it is these days.


So the fab 4 started & we didn’t score some fans would have you believe it was a guarantee!

Man city no one is near city (49 out of 51 points)


Half cocked decision by the ref robbed us of the 3 points.

Some of the lads looked tired, we need to continue to rotate, injuries really took their toll last season right about this time of the schedule.

I never saw a handball, not even in the replays and if it was a delibirate handball Solanke should have seen a yellow. If not the goal should have stood whether he touched the ball with his hand or not.



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Rashford looks very grumpy and unhappy at the moment. He hasn’t had a great attitude since he walked on the field. And Martial has not been too pleased to leave it either. I wonder if both players are a bit unhappy these days.


When we think of martial rashford mikhi lukaku pogba you think attack attack attack. No one can deny the potential but why are we not firing with these guys terrorising defences? Anyone who thinks the top six wouldn’t take these players is deluded!!!

Mikhi is in solitary confinement but what a player he can be; is it the system restricting him and others; safety first policy by Jose shackles on ?cos it sure as hell feels like that more and more game by game! We are hanging on all the time.

Sigh I don’t know what team will turn up at West Brom!



That’s 3 p*** poor home performances in a row at OT now and to see DDG having to make so many saves against a team like Bournemouth at home just illustrates how lacking in quality we truly are all over the park,especially when Pogba is out.

The match stats don’t make good reading either,many more overall attempts at goal and on target by Bournemouth plus twice as many corners even though we had much more possession than they did!.

For the very first time this season good old grandad Mata actually did something in a game that was significant to us getting the result with his assist.About fucking time you could say,but he’s still got to go elsewhere come the summer because he just isn’t up to the job we need doing week in,week out.

On the positive side Shaw was lively,Lukaku took his much needed goal well and Jones was good considering he hadn’t played for over a month.

Perhaps the next time Gareth Southgate is chasing Jones around the England dressing room jabbing his thigh with a big pain killing needle just so he can play in a friendly game and thereby risk his place in the United team the dense b****** should take some personal responsibility and tell him to go and do one,because that was just unacceptable from everyone involved.



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What the heck happened to United? Moyes, LVG and now JM.How much longer must we endure this s***.

Just get rid of Jones,Smalling,Valnecia,Fellaini,Mata, Herrera, Lingard.I don’t care just get rid of these muppets.



A couple of toothless performances and we are back down to earth with a bump. We are rubbish and as Shifty keeps saying, things will continue to worsen under Wenger.


They mentioned a stat during the game that the only three teams have conceded more away goals than us in 2017. One was Stoke and I think the other two were West Ham and Everton. The last two have improved dramatically recently – anyone wanna bet that they’ll have better records than us in 2018?

We were completely toothless up front – did Giroud’s touches even reach double figures? He’s not a player who is going to come and get the ball and if he doesn’t get supplied with chance after chance, we ain’t scoring. As for the defence, just as crap as usual and only West Ham ever looked like actually scoring.

Jack, bless ‘im, tried and his form has come on in leaps and bounds, but he’s not quite at the level yet where he can carry a team. I didn’t think Oz had too bad a game (not great either) but Sanchez was poor.

Well it’s all brought me crashing back to Earth anyway. Newcastle up next and they must be in one of the poorest runs of form in the PL – and it’s at home – so absolutely no excuses not to get a comfortable win

Al The Gooner

It’s actually quite amazing, how a defense can be so badly organised. We see players change, position moved, yet same bad marking and poor execution.

Any other team, heads would roll.

We were lucky to get one point.

Surely, someone in the “controlling structure”, has said, “You know, we have problems here. We need to sort this out, or we’re in the dwang”.

It’s not as if this a new problem, is it? Years have passed, and yet it continues.

Takes my breath away.

Jack had a good game, on the mend. Happy for him. M Niles was good too. Still a young head but, quick feet. I don’t normally like him, but all credit due. Well done.

Please Arsenal, let’s thump the Toons. My Brother in law is a Geordie, I’ll never live it down.




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Gooner54, as I mentioned the other day and have done repeatedly when Keown had responsibility for defensive coaching Wenger didnt like it so he put a stop to it, Keown left.

Some time after that Bould was coaching the defence, we are talking 2-3 seasons ago. Our defensive organisation improved, some of the press hacks credited Bouldy with the improvement. In typical egomaniac fashion Wenger didnt like it so hep a stop to it.

As Tony Adamas has stated many times he wanted to come back and coach at Arsenal but Wenger wasnt having it, he doesnt want anyone at the club who the players would look up to.

Wenger’s ego has ruined chance after chance we have had in the PL and CL.

WE are now a team that cant defend even against poor sides, we are toothless up front and all we are good at is passing the ball around aimlessly between the half way line and the oppositions penalty area.

We had all of this rubbish last year about having the best team and squad in the PL, laughable. This season we have had clowns claim we will win the PL and the other one was Ozil & Sanchez will take us into the top4. Some you people never learn.

The level of intelligence and football knowledge on here is embarrassing. Nothing will change until Wenger is gone.

The Oracle

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