Klopp reveals why Lampard really annoyed him, says Chelsea boss needs to learn a lesson

Date published: Friday 24th July 2020 2:18

Lampard Klopp TEAMtalk

Jurgen Klopp believes Frank Lampard needs to learn a big lesson after revealing what really annoyed him about Wednesday night’s spat.

Chelsea boss Lampard uncharacteristically lost his cool during the 5-3 Anfield defeat and got himself embroiled in a heated exchange with the Liverpool bench.

Footage emerged showing the incident which ended with The Times claiming Lampard said to Klopp: “You can f*** off and all. You think you can give it the big one? F*** off.”

The Blues boss brushed it off in his post-match interview and said he had no problem with Klopp.

“Fair play to Liverpool Football Club, they’ve won the league, but also don’t get too arrogant with it. That was my point, but it’s done. In match play, you can get emotional and that was it,” Lampard told Sky Sports after the game.

Klopp was asked about the “arrogant” comment at his Melwood press conference on Friday.



“You cannot hit me and my bench with something like that, because we are not arrogant. Frank was in a really competitive mood and I respect that a lot,” said an animated Klopp.

“In the situation you can say what you want, but after the game it is completely over. He came here to win or get a point to get Champions League qualification and I respect that but what he has to learn is to finish it at the final whistle and he didn’t do.

“Speaking afterwards about it is not ok, Frank needs to learn and he has a lot of time to learn because he is a young coach. I have no problems with the words he used during the game. If you’re a proper sportsperson…

“We are not arrogant, we are the opposite. But in the moment in arguments you want to hurt the other person that’s how it is.

“But at the final whistle finish the book and that’s what I don’t like.

“The only reason I speak now about it, any my plan would be not to say anything, is because he spoke afterwards. So it makes sense to explain what I mean.

“We all have our subjective views on things, but you cannot wait until after the game and say ‘it was not that nice’.”

Lampard’s regret

Lampard TEAMtalk

Lampard was asked about the incident at his Chelsea press conference and said: “I’ve seen the video, I was there. In terms of language used, I regret it because I’ve got two young daughters on social media.

“In terms of passion to defend my team? No. I could have handled it differently but some of the reports were I was upset with the celebrations. Far from it. They can celebrate like every goal…

“I’d have had a beer with Jurgen Klopp after the game but there were things on the bench, not from Klopp, that I felt crossed a line. I regret the language but we’ll move on. ”

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