Klopp discusses Europa League final and next year’s ambitions

Date published: Friday 13th May 2016 1:18

Jurgen Klopp: Addresses the press on Friday

Jurgen Klopp has urged his Liverpool players to take their “outstanding opportunity” in the Europa League final – and hopes a win can give his players the confidence to improve in the Premier League next season.

Klopp has guided the Reds to the showpiece in Basel on Wednesday – and the German admits winning the competition was always one of his targets for this season.

“Of course we were in the tournament, so it was possible,” he said at a media briefing on Friday morning to preview Wednesday’s final. “I told the boys, when we played the first time, that 148 teams or something started and only 10 or 15 could win it – so let’s try it.

“Right from the start it was all about winning. Now we’re in the final and we have the same target.”

Klopp hopes Liverpool’s experiences in Europe – in particular the epic come-from-behind success against Borussia Dortmund – gives them the confidence to improve in the Premier League next season, though the Reds boss stopped short of suggesting they could mount a title challenge.

“We’ve shown what we’re capable of in the Europa League. It’s an outstanding opportunity for us. We will be ready 100% and it’s important we enjoy it,” he added.

“If you cannot be number one, one of the best four teams, you still have to develop. The Premier League goes on next year, so we will play again, so we can use each experience for this year for next year. That’s what we will do. It’s a good atmosphere around Liverpool and that has made me optimistic.”


Klopp on squad selections

Liverpool: Face Villarreal on Thursday

Klopp refused to discuss his line-up in Basel, but admits there’ll inevitably be disappoints around his squad.

“When they started playing football they knew there’s a number where the line up ends. I don’t want to disappoint any of them.

“To be honest I can do a lot of things in my job but I cannot do what everyone wants. That’s clear.

“It’s all about Liverpool, the best performance, line-up, and we will see after the game. We came here altogether so if you can feel you were an important part…hopefully I have to make a few difficult decisions because it means we will have a lot of options.”

Liverpool have the matter of a final Premier League clash of the season at West Brom to negotiate first – and Klopp has warned his players they cannot afford to go into the game with Wednesday on their mind.

On the preparations for the clash at The Hawthorns, Klopp continued: “I have European league press work to do, and players have done work around the final, and that won’t change. But in these 90 mins (v West Brom) it makes no sense to think about anything else.

“If we can’t do it on Sunday, we will have to learn for the future. If we don’t give 100% concentration, we will lose 4-0.”


Sevilla form ‘no concern’ to Klopp

Sevilla have posted back-to-back wins of late, but Klopp insists either teams’ form will count for little on Wednesday.

“I don’t think it is relevant but that’s just me. They are strong, that’s how it is. We are strong too. If we play our best, it’s a real open game, and open games you can win. If we don’t play our best, it will become difficult. It’s about doing the right things in the right moments. We are prepared but we have to do it, and that’s special.”

On Liverpool’s form, Klopp said: “We had great atmospheres, maybe the greatest in the world in this moment.

“It’s been more difficult to enjoy Liverpool football last few years. This team has given those moments back. That’s nice, that’s one of the signs we spoke about. We can use that.”

Klopp was of course beaten on his last European final – the 2013 Champions League final when Bayern Munich beat his Borussia Dortmund side at Wembley.

“I feel good. I know I lost the Champions League final but I also know we could have won it,” he said. “Everyone who saw it knows it was quite close.

“I’m confident, I was in a final and we played really well. I’m looking forward to this final.”

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