‘Man Utd are calmness personified. ABUs choking on their words’

Date published: Monday 18th September 2017 9:28

Rafa Benitez back at Liverpool? Some fans are hoping so, while Arsene Wenger’s tactics are praised and Alvaro Morata’s ball retention questioned, all in our forum.


Compare Klopp on a ‘level playing field’

We’ve all got our criticisms of Klopp but we need to compare him to previous managers on a level playing field or else it’s an unfair comparison.

A big part of the problem goes back to before Klopp came in and the failure to replace Gerrard & Carra, exacerbated by the later loss of Suarez and the failure then to replace him. That spine was obviously key and was lost and not replaced.

Houllier & Benitez had somewhat of luxury of having and developing Gerrard & Carragher as well as bringing in their own players. Rodgers had the bonus of Suarez too. Klopp has had a bigger task – he inherited a poor team AND it was devoid of such leaders and world class players.

He’s obviously had a bigger rebuilding process. He ain’t going to build from the back, that much is clear. He’s building from the front because that’s his philosophy – and here’s the point – if he had the luxury of having such leaders and winners in the team, I suspect that that would have alleviated the pressure on the defence and thus that would take some of the focus away from it and we’d probably have won the EL last year and the pressure would be off.

Now it seems Klopp realised this – hence the endeavour to bring in Keita & VVD. It could be argued Klopp still should have tried harder to bring in others when these didn’t materialise – and that failure has certainly put the pressure on him now – it’s part and parcel of being a manager at a big club. But bearing in mind the scale of the rebuilding process compared to his predecessors, I think Klopp deserves another summer to try again and kick us on.



‘Far from convinced we will win anything with Klopp’

Hope to be proven wrong but far from convinced we will win anything with Klopp.

It’s not just the appalling defence that beggar’s belief, we also don’t score consistently, its boom or bust: 3 goals in 4 and a half hours is hardly impressive considering the possession, 35 shots on goal to get one in, someone in a hospital bed asleep could score more.

His tactics are woeful, so predictable and mechanical, one plan which never really alters and his late subs make no sense. He’s great if being beat in finals is what you’re after. He also never questions the owners no frills suicidal transfer policy which only guarantees that we remain trophy free. They will continue to sell our best players who will want to leave considering the manager’s predictable tactics.

Incredible after 2 years BR’s record is better. You don’t win anything with a crap defence and no manager since Rafa has sorted this. Mourinho sorted his defence out straight away and look where they are, it’s what any capable manager with a brain does first. Is our defence going to be any better in 12 months with Klopp? When he is sacked, probably next summer, we need to secure a manager with a background in winning trophies not reaching finals.

I’d take Rafa back now, he’d turn this squad around in one window and sort the defence out before anyone’s bought. Klopp has had two years and the defence is worse than when he arrived, I hope the owners are looking at alternatives, this is probably not the right league for him. Remember even Brendan’s LFC battered his Dortmund defence.


Bring back Rafa!

newcastle boss rafa benitez 6

I wish there was an archive of the old TT website. A lot of people were on Rafa’s back before he left/sacked. Now some are saying bring him back? The Rafa thing is done. I don’t think some understand the rollercoaster is part of the progression once you patiently step back and take a good look. Even Mourinho would struggle with a number of problems that were inherent in this team before Klopp joined.

I personally didn’t really like Rafa’s football or Mourinio… they play defensive counterattacking football. I’m more than happy to sit with Klopp for a few years and let him get a grip on our issues.

I said before I see a sad irony whereby Klopp leaves, joins one of the European supergiants and comes back to play Liverpool with his new team who smack us. I guarantee Klopp will probably find it easier to get a new club before we get a new manager, he is THAT good!

Pressing the reset switch will be counterproductive. Firstly we will have to seduce a decent manager to come to Liverpool then tell him the same thing that Klopp was told that he will be given money but its dependant on CL qualification and that he’ll have to also do some bargain basement digging.

What we need more than Klopp to be sacked is a better investment, we would be able to progress more with richer owners than a new manager. Peace!



Klopp’s ‘pride hurting’

So far we have dropped 4 points in the context of the games we have played come then end of the season that could be huge.

We could be sitting on 12 points but because we did not address our defensive issues nor are we ruthless enough in front of goal we have thrown away two games already. The man city game I think we would have lost regardless of the sending off.

We have also already dropped 2 points in the CL so that’s a total of 6 points dropped in a handful of games. The frustration as a fan is watching us absolutely dominate a game for some silly error to cost us points over & over again same old story.

The problem i have is Klopp has come out defending our defence now you can look at that in to ways ether he actually believes we don’t have much of an issue or he is trying to deflect the attention away from the subject. I think his Pride is hurting us i saw something similar from Rafa a failure to learn from mistakes because of arrogance.



Old Trafford rocking…

Full back scores. Midfielder scores. Striker scores. Winger scores.

Old Trafford is rocking. Jose Mourinho is looking relaxed — no theatrics, no jumping like Jack, no fake dramas on the sideline, no wide gesticulation on the sideline. Just confident calm. United fans are happy.

ABUs are choking on their own words. Old Trafford is restoring the fear: you come here you lose. Normal service returning. Life is good. GGMU

theMartial Art


No such thing as a ‘Wembley hoodoo’

There is no such thing as a “Wembley hoodoo”. Just awful tactics from Poch. Son at LWB did not work against Chelsea and did not work again. In advanced positions the class is fantastic so why screw him over?

No true LWB, Davies needed a rest… Okay the guy has been excellent since Rose has been injured and I think he should retain his place however our best youth player in the summer was Georgiou who is a natural in that position.

If you’re going to experiment with a young player then you do it against a team like Swansea (no disrespect). Sissoko was terrible and so was Alli. Play Winks over Sissoko, he is a fantastic young player who has shown his ability everytime and i am convinced he will be an England regular in the future whereas the latter has disappointed at every opportunity.

Sort it our Poch, this isn’t difficult. Do not make amateur decisions.



Arsenal showed resilience

Acceptable result.I can’t remember the last time we even got a point at stamford bridge.And a point is fine even though we needed a win to prove to be title challengers(well to be honest we just hope but we know we won’t be anywhere near it).

I’ve never minded a point against big teams,I’ve asked so many times for wenger to set up the team in a way where our intention is not to be eager to win.But to defend.

It was a decent first half performances poor second half in front of goal.Although chelsea could’ve easily led at any point we were much more resilient than before.

However,One thing really gets on my nerve and it’s been happening for the longest time.Our inability to fight for our teammates.In the second half, there were so many incidents where we just don’t appeal.I noticed chelsea closely today, and they were literally fighting for every decision and wanted to win desperately.I don’t blame us not going for the 3 points, but we simply never ever appeal or fight for decisions.

When luiz fouled kolasinac,we should’ve been livid in all honestly it was a dangerous challenge.But it was conte and co appealing like as if it was not a red.Then the ref was bringing out yellows for every of our player’s fouls after that.And when kolasinac conceded a foul in injury time,fabregas the c**t was ran to the ref to get him sent off.They were fighting to win every decision, and desperately wanted the win which is what I admire about them that they have a winning mentality chelsea.

Thankfully,the ref was decent.But any other day,the opponents players might have put too much pressure on the ref and it might have gone their way.

This is why I want the manager gone, the primary reason.Simply because he’s incapable to instill passion, aggression,solidarity in the team.Yes,we were more resliient today but make no mistake about it we could’ve easily lost.

the specialone


Wenger’s tactics spot on

A bit disappointed we didn’t get a win,but would have taken a point. now we must build on this and start to win a run of games.the team played well as a whole,but rambo,monreal,kos and mustafi were fantastic today.anyone of them could have had MOTM,but i like the way rambo causes problems for kante.

i thought the tactics to push high on them caused them problems.we didn’t allow kante/cesc to control the game for them and that was spot on.

we played in the right areas and must now move up a gear or two.



Ramsey hailed in Chelsea draw

Good performance all round, it makes refershing change to not be able to pick any single player out for being abysmal!

Rambo – his best game in a long time. Xhaka was on point. Bellerin who has been missing since march had his best game for a long time.

Welbeck battled well, Lacazette linking up very well (should have scored) Monreal – whom i really dont rate had a blinder, mustafi was solid. infact the only downer and its not really a downer is that Iwobi was nowhere to be seen for most game.

Would have rather Sanchez started instead of him in the role behind lacazette. When was the last time we got clean sheet away from home against a top team? i cant remember so its an improvement and that is what we all wnt to see.

That said the cynical side of me knows too well that we have been here before, put up a good showing against top team only to be slaughtered or play shit atleast. West Brom at home next! hopefully we can continue today’s performance into that game.



Chelsea ‘set up like an away team’

Disappointed with the result, I don’t know what happened after the first 15 minutes. we set up like the away team, we knew Arsenal’s defense was their weak link but we didn’t set up to take advantage of this.

Morata’s ball retention reminded me of Toress, Moses’s crosses were awful Luiz needs to take full responsibility for the way he lost the ball and did a Gary Cahill…. Don’t they not learn from the previous mistakes!

Champions playing at their own home against a very fragile opponent that has not taken anything from the Bridge since 2011. …. am I over reacting… may be but we should have done better than we did in my honest opinion.



Morata’s ball retention under the microscope

I’m disappointed with the result (only because we’ve dropped points, the draw was probably a fair result on balance of play). It could’ve gone either way and you have to credit Arsenal for how hard they worked.

People have picked up on Morata’s ball retention. I’m not worried yet, after all it’s only his 5th EPL game. I didn’t think any of our players yesterday retained possession of the ball well yesterday and Willian was just as bad as Morata.

I’m not worried, it was one of those days. As Jose says, “don’t loose to your rivals & u stand a chance of winning the title”. We didn’t loose yesterday boys but have some improvement, let’s put the game to bed, move on and look to go again Forest & then Stoke. KTBFFH



Willian ‘adds no value’ 

Yesterday’s match has shown us the need to a tough striker to could bully the Arsenal. that man isn’t Morata if the performance of yesterday is anything to go by. sooner or later teams will watch the weakness in his game and will use it to their advantage. of all the duels that him and Mustafi fought for, Mustafi come on top in 90% of the game. i think as much as it hurts some, but we still need Costa’s presence in our attack. games like yesterday were begging for Costa.

I said on Saturday that Willian adds no value to our attack, but some were crying foul about my assessment. can somebody please tell me what he has contributed yesterday of the 70 minutes he has played? even Hazard who has played 20 odd minutes has had more impact than him.i said before the game if we need to win against Arsenal, we need to bully them. something we couldn’t do in the middle in the first half but actually we rectified in the second half. but its pity that we didn’t have Costa up front.



Morata needs time

Morata, as with so many players before him, needs time to adapt to the Prem, and to the playing style of Chelsea. We were spoiled with Costa because his style is perfect for these shores, so he hit the ground running. Alvaro will be a superb front man for us by the time 2018 comes around.

We are in good shape. We have more points than at this stage last season, and have only seen glimpses of what Baka and AM can do.

The Gooners were always likely to raise their game against us, and so it proved. We haven’t found our groove yet this season imho, so the combo of them playing with a bit of pride and us stuttering a little produced what was a fair point a piece.



Mourinho knows best

Lingard coming in actually changed the whole setup..I was frustrated he overlooked Herrera and Martial and brought in Lingard instead but yesterday was clear to me, the coach knows better this is the third time this season we scored 4 goals and each game was impacted by the subs.

Lingard has 2 or 3 assists I think and hasn’t started a game yet..a very good squad player to have, it’s these kind of players that win you the league, he’s a bit frustrating and all but he cost us nothing doesn’t start every game and does a decent job when brought in..what more could you ask for ✌



Fellaini ‘back to his ineffective best’

I made the mistake of thinking Fellaini had finally turned a corner on Wed. Sadly, he was back to his ineffective best yesterday. I thought we were very poor and that was mainly due to the midfield. Fellaini isn’t good enough to play as a cm and I think Mata is the week link in the team, he just doesn’t do enough.

Matic was immense and we would have been in big trouble without him but surely Herrera would be a be a better option beside him?

De Gea kept us in the game twice yesterday when the defence was all over the place. 2 wingers as fb’s, 2 no 10’s, Fellaini, Jones, Rashford or Martial, I still think we have a long way to go before we will be challenging for the CL. Top 4 probably.



Mourinho’s management ‘frustrating’

This is part of Mourinho’s management that i find very frustrating. There seems to be players that are undroppable yet others that cant get a game. Players like Shaw and Martial clearly have talent but cant get a run of games in the team to show anything or build. One bad game and they’re dropped.

They’re both in their third years at the club so should be either played or sold. It’s not like we have either of their positions nailed down with worldies.

There is no denying that both have had attitude problems in the past but they seem to have got past that. Both are players that i think Fergie would be getting a lot more out of. A mate asked me the other day how i thought Mourinho would handle a young Ronaldo like Fergie did all those years ago?

To be honest, i have no idea. I find his handling of players a little strange.


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