Klopp reflects on highly-charged Liverpool incident that left him infuriated

Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has recalled the moment last season when he became “very angry” after a rash tackle on winger Mohamed Salah.

Klopp was speaking as part of the upcoming documentary The End of the Storm, which relives the club’s journey to Premier League title glory.

The German coach spoke of his animated manner on the touchline throughout every Liverpool match.

Indeed, he highlighted a particular moment which caused one such passionate outburst. Klopp became furious after Hamza Choudhury’s challenge on Salah at Anfield last October.

Leicester midfielder Choudhury went in on the Egyptian during Liverpool’s 2-1 win and Klopp has reflected on his anger after the game.

“It makes me very angry,” the Liverpool boss said (via the Liverpool Echo). “I have no problem with challenges and it’s a contact sport but I was very angry with this boy because two weeks earlier he injured another player.

“He came on and was really aggressively. In these moments I am really angry, I cannot describe it in a way because it is 100 per cent the truth, I don’t like it.

“I cannot deal with unfairness if I feel it is unfair for whatever reason, these are the things I cannot and couldn’t at all deal with.”

Salah ended up missing Liverpool’s next game – away at Manchester United – because of the tackle. Choudhury, meanwhile, received a yellow card.


Klopp reflects on ‘looking like an idiot’

Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

Elsewhere in the upcoming documentary, Klopp reflected on his perceived anger on the touchline.

Indeed, while he insisted that his rants are designed to support his players, he admitted that he used to be unable to control his temper while coaching in Germany.

“The most obvious thing what people see is that I am very animated and grinding my teeth, stuff like this,” he said.

“I cannot look overnight like a thinker, standing out there for 90 minutes looking like this (in a thinking pose) where people think something must be going on in my head.

“There are specific moments when I still look like a complete idiot, I know that. I had my moments, that’s why I am still probably in Germany the record holder for red cards for managers.

“For sure I have paid the highest fines in German Bundesliga. Irony doesn’t help either, referees cannot really deal with that. I think my first red card as a coach I asked him how many wrong decisions are allowed because if it is 15 then we have one left.

“And he raised his flag and I was already on my way to the stands. But I have calmed down.”

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