Klopp responds to Mourinho claim; turns focus back on Chelsea

Date published: Tuesday 25th July 2017 10:20

Jurgen Klopp has responded to Jose Mourinho’s claims that the Premier League will be a more even contest this season with five sides in the Champions League.

Manchester United finished sixth in Mourinho’s first season in charge at Old Trafford, but there were mitigating circumstances as the club played more than any of their rivals en route to Europa League success.

And this coming season Mourinho believes the Premier League will be a far more even playing field, with United joining Chelsea and Liverpool in the Champions League alongside Manchester City and Tottenham.

Mourinho has suggested ahead of the new campaign that Liverpool would find life tougher with the extra fixtures.

Klopp, though, dismissed his rival’s comments by claiming he is not interested in what Mourinho says, and highlighted Chelsea face the same potential problem.

“Yes, Chelsea will feel also the difference, they played something like 13 players last season,” Klopp said.

“But it’s also not my problem if they use only 11, well done.

“I don’t want to be part of this. I answer if you ask but I am not interested.”

Chelsea did not have the hindrance of playing in the Champions League last season and Mourinho said:

“There is one thing, this season is going to be a little more balanced because of the fact the top six are all in European competitions.

“Not like last season, when Chelsea and Liverpool played all season one match per week, with all the others playing in Europeans competitions – especially us, playing in Europa League.

“Next season, six teams, and also Everton, are going to play in Europe and that is going to create a new situation for Chelsea and Liverpool.”

On whether Chelsea’s lighter schedule helped them win the Premier League, the Portuguese added: “I don’t want to say it was ‘key,’ because if I say that, I don’t want to take credit from the credit that they [Chelsea] deserve.

“But obviously, to play one match per week and one, two or three days off during the week, have no injuries or no accumulation, the same with Liverpool, I think obviously it helps.

“Now they are going to face a different situation, but with the squad they have and the players they are signing, I think they are going to cope with it.”

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