Klopp selections to blame for Liverpool draw; Solskjaer still out of his depth

Date published: Monday 21st October 2019 1:58

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Liverpool fans claim Jurgen Klopp’s midfield selections cost them at Old Trafford, while Man Utd supporters are still not convinced by Ole Gunnar Solakjaer – all in Your Says of the Day.


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If today didn’t prove we have a problem in midfield, I don’t know what will, particularly when we lose one of our front 3. Klopp pretty much had to change the entire midfield today.



Adam Lallana!!!!!!!!

I’ll take that point all day long, as you can’t win them all, and we clearly on the way to a defeat.

The whole team was a bit lacklustre today, totally disagree that there is a problem with our midfield – what are Keita, Ox and Milner there for then, if not to change games?

I am surprised both Hendreson and Wijnaldum both started as they were exhausted from 2 full international games, yet Milner was fresh.

On to the next game, where we need to restart our winning spirit with 3 points



Mikus Klopp has been stuck with Hendo and Gini who can not play together….



Can hendo just be a squad player




Liverpool and Juve are the only big teams in Europe who are still unbeaten, but they are only one point ahead. No team can win every game, even City lost 4 in the league last season.

And I don’t know why no one noticed how under par most of the whole team was today – Origi was non-existent, while Matip could have done better for the goal. Salah was definitely sorely missed.

As for our midfield, I was happy to see our forgotten players, Ox, Lallana and Keita make a big impact, with the later two delivering our goal. Add Milner into the mix, and we now have 7 fit midfielders competing for 3 places – that should hopefully lead to even higher standards and more wins



Klopp messsed up, the players seemed to try their best but Klopp wont mes with the midfield trio until it seeemilny seems to late, what is with that?

Yes, Henderson, Gini and Fabinho have a really good telepathy and when the tactics are right (which they werent today) and the other units of the team are playing welll play welll then the midfield trio doesnt matter but today…the midfield trio were deviod of any creative outlet, any time they tried to be creative they got snuffed out with sloppy play. know some will say this is the same midfield that beat Barcelona blah blah blah…but we not playing Barcelona every week.

Dont get me wrong its not just the midfield, forwards were lack luster too which probaly became a trickle down effect…but what today proved was that our default midfield is great at pressing but when they have to help out creatively their answer is to simply look for the front three.

See how we were a lot better creatively when Ox, Lallana and Keiat came on… Its time for Klopp to start blooding those guys more often to give the the chance instead of turning to likes of Ox, Lallana and Keita only when we are desperate.



Mwake agree..im hoping klopp will play keita or oxlade more in place of henderson in the nxt few games.



There’s no point being this negative towards Henderson, myself included. Yes, he was awful and I’d go as far as to say he’s been our worst regular this season (stats back this sentiment up btw) but in this game, Klopp was the main culprit for the result. However, we’re still top of the table with a 6 point lead, unbeaten and he’s been one of the cogs in this machine. If we can win the next few games, especially the City game, we’ll be at least 9 points clear.





A draw is a decent result, but we should have held on.

We cannot keep losing points when in winning positions.



Ole is really out of his depth i feel so bad for him..first he changes tactics in the second half dropping back and playing more defensive then subs Rashford who was doing a good job pressing the defenders…why bring on Martial if you are finishing the game defending for your lives 😭😭

On a positive side I knew the likes of Rojo, mct and Perreira would step up..they played well even Fred did tbh only downside is Lindelof, he’s becoming the new Smalling




Very commited perfo by our chaps and should have won it.Why the fook cant we play like this every game??
Oh,and special mention to Fred and Rojo who were very good and commited today.Feels like 2 pnts dropped.



@Redblood-That was like a world cup final effort today mate. You cant put those shifts in weekly. If football was all about work rate smaller teams would be winning the big prizes also. Unfortunately over a season you need quality to go with the effort and that is where we are lacking at present.



Our inability to score more than one goal in a game or keep a clean sheet is always going to be a problem, and so it proved again today. It’s a big pity because by sheer will and effort alone I think they deserved to hold out for the win.

The Scousers were pretty s**** today, but we are currently not good enough, or mentally strong enough to recognise that fact and take advantage of it.



The problem was and always is midfield. We just can’t dominate it, which is what quality teams do. The scousers must have at least half a dozen midfielders that would walk into ours.



Agree JM. With 20 to go i thought we should have hooked Andy and stuck another midfielder on to try and close the space in the middle. Rojo had a decent game so hard to criticise but it was a sloppy goal and a heartbreaker all round. Looking at the table after the game is scary



A lot of heart but very little quality. We lack the quality, consistency and goals to finish in the top 6 but can hopefully scrape enough points together to stay out of serious trouble. That’s a pretty glum statement but it sums up our position. Any team with the likes of Lindelof, Rojo, Young, Fred and Pereira in the line-up will never be good enough despite grinding out the odd result every now and then. Liverpool were abysmal today but a draw is more than most of us expected beforehand.


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Rojo has never been good enough but Lindelof gets picked every week and I doubt he would get in any other PL team he’s that fucking bang average. Periera and Young are the same. I thought McT was very solid today and should be our DM from now on, he’s not good enough to be an attacking midfielder.



@happyhurling. My game prediction had us having a tight game like it was but the difference was Salah’s absence and about 1 metre for Mane’s handball – it only went to VAR because it was in the penalty box, otherwise Mane physically bullied Lindelof and finished with his usual panache.

I think we played our socks off today and it was expected – we always do that against superior teams. Our problems lie when we have no ideas to break down deep lying defences against the likes of Newcastle, Palace, Southampton, and West Ham. Also, we lack the natural steel and composure in midfield which means we are only formidable when we play our socks off against what we perceive to be a rival.

@blacky. Spot on assessment. Liverpool were playing at about 60% today, they’re actually in bad form but Klopp has got them in a situation where they have so much quality across the pitch that they now grind out results like Mourinho’s 3 best Chelsea teams.

In any case, I see that as a point gained today and I just hope OGS has proper tactical plans for us to start beating the bottom half of the league or we seriously might get relegated – we are only 2 points off the relegation zone.



On a positive note i thought we had the best right back on the pitch today. Wan Bissaka can go on to be one of the best in his position in Europe. That £45M fee is looking like a bargain. Have to also say that James looks a real threat when he has room and space to work in. Top signing. Now we need to find a couple more like them in the middle of the park.





Phew. Poor first half, excellent second even though we didnt create much. So tense when we got to final half hour but the goal had to come, well struck by Alonso too.

3 points, clean sheet, and CHO showing signs of really picking up form, as his decision making improves with experience he could be very decisive for us.

Jorginho fantastic once again. Willian very good again too 😉



Only saw the 10 min of the first half and full 2nd half, a comfortable victory IMO for us. Should have scored more goals but no luck for Tammy today and for Pulisic unfortunately. Newcastle defended so well but their attack was dull. Kudos to Alonso, he performs so well when Emerson is absent. Did not like Jorginho before, but today he was our maestro. I think Kovacic was very good too, he and Jorginho showed a great understanding. Did not see enough of Barkley though, I may want to see the recording of the first half. A victory and a clean sheet, I cannot ask for more. Ajax midweek would be a very tough opponent.


Good win even though we have laboured for it. that is another side of our game under Lampard that we didn’t had under Sarri. 9/10 we would have drawn that game last season. but Lampard gets that extra mile from the players. and he gets the rewards. some of our players are playing their best football under him.

I have to raise my hands up and take a humble pie when it comes to Jorginho. i haven’t been his biggest fan. but boy! how he has proven me wrong and won over me. once Kovacic entered the field we went from 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1 and that we when we started to take control of the game. i think that midfield partnership of today does very well. and i’m afraid to say they remain our best when facing these kind of challenges.

Hudson Odoi and Pulisic have done excellent. i thought Mount was off colors today. and that may be because of travels in the international break. but once again Alonso has reminded us his importance to the team. and those who believe we should put Emerson straight need to think twice. the only worry i have is Tomori and the mistakes he is making recently. i think Zouma is our best option to play alongside Rudgier when he is fit.



Tough win against a well organised Newcastle. I think now everybody can embrace this transition we are going through instead of fearing it. Sure there will be a bit of a bumpy ride but we now know that collectively and also individually these boys are definitely good enough as Premier League players and will only get better. Willian was very good again today and certainly not over the hill yet. He seems to be very happy playing for Frank and I get a gut feel that Frank’s man management skills may well be right up there with the best. Exciting times ahead lads and so pleased for Frank and Jody that everything is heading in the right direction.




Good win against a well organised defence. We created a couple of decent chances in the game. Shout out to willian and pulisic. When willian changed to a number 10 he made things happen, also pulisic was very direct always looking to run in behind with or without the ball.

2 difficult away games coming up now with Ajax and Burnley.

I think Lamps will go with 343 against Ajax and then back to 433 v Burnley. However now we are settling in to a nice rhythm I’d like us to stick with 433/4231



I would still play 4-2-3-1, because that formation gets the best out of the team. it has wingers, it has holding midfielders, it has a no 10 that could bring the best out of Mount. the only thing i would do is, i would introduce Pulisic from the start this time and will see how he will react to that. i would rest CHO because of the nature of the injury he has suffered, and having played too much football. i would keep him freshened for the Burnley game. and in his place i would play Pulisic. af for the rest i would play the same team, Barkley out Kovacic in. Kovacic gives us a very good balance in the middle of the park.




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