Klopp states what he thinks should be done with racist fans

Date published: Friday 12th April 2019 5:20

Liverpool FC v Burnley FC - Premier League

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has called for anyone who is involved in “disgusting” racist abuse to be banned from football for life.

Chelsea denied three individuals entry to Thursday night’s Europa League win at Slavia Prague after they were identified as being involved in a social media video which included a racially abusive chant about Reds forward Mohamed Salah.

Klopp praised the move and stressed football had to act as one in tackling the problem.

“I think it’s disgusting. We should not see it as a Chelsea thing or a Liverpool thing, it is another sign that something is going wrong,” he said.

“It is still only a few people but the stronger the reaction from all of us the more it will help to avoid things like this in the future.

“These guys, not always, are football fans so if you do something like that you should not be allowed to enter a stadium again in your life.

“All parts of racism are that some people think they are more worthy or valuable than others and that’s the biggest misunderstanding in the world out there.

“Football is the best example of how different people, different races can work together brilliantly.

“If you go in each dressing room in the world of football you find them all sitting next to each other, no-one cares who is coming from where and where your parents came from. It is never an issue.

“Because football is very public and we talk a lot about this so I think we pretty much have a strong voice and we have to use that strong voice and say altogether things like this are not allowed to happen again.”


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