‘People are eating lunch, but we have to play football’ – Klopp

Date published: Friday 29th April 2016 1:37

Jurgen Klopp: Unimpressed by 12pm kick-off at Swansea

Jurgen Klopp has hit out at the scheduling of Liverpool’s Premier League match at Swansea on Sunday, but insists he will pick a team he believes will be capable of victory.

The Reds only arrived back on Merseyside in the early hours of Friday morning following their 1-0 defeat to Villarreal in the Europa League semi-final first leg, but must travel to Swansea for a midday kick-off in the Premier League on Sunday.

Speaking to the media on Friday to preview the game at the Liberty Stadium, Klopp said: “We have to respect intensity of the last game and think about the line up for Sunday. 12 o’clock kick off? I can’t believe.

“On Sunday all English people will have lunch while we play football. My first time with 12 o’clock kick-off.Who made this decision?”

Klopp believes the FA and Sky should do more to accommodate teams in the latter stages of European competition and recalled similar during his time with Dortmund:

“A few years ago we played in Athens with Dortmund in the Champions League.

“They cancelled their game in the league because they wanted to beat Dortmund!”

“We have to think about the line-up for Sunday. It’s not about next Thursday, if you think now about that you have no chance Sunday. We will always respect the Premier League.”

Klopp said he won’t decide on his team selection until the morning of the game, adding: “We need to have a look on the players.

“It’s intensive, it’s busy.”

“We only got home at 3.30am, so I guess no-one slept straight away. I’ll see the players and then make a decision.”

Klopp was asked if the game would take a backseat, with the return leg against Villarreal coming up on Thursday.

“We will prepare for this game. I will analyse and then know more about Swansea. We will work out how to take three points from there.

“We have a strong, hungry squad. That’s what we’re working for. You have a starting line-up, but we try to keep the rest of the players confidence too.

“I’m pleased with and for them.”

Klopp concluded: “I want everything. We will go there and try to win. We know the situation. We have to make difficult decisions with line up.”

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