Klopp urged to drop tired Liverpool star; Man Utd quartet need ditching

Date published: Tuesday 12th March 2019 1:30

Georginio Wijnaldum TEAMtalk

Liverpool readers call for Klopp to rest a tired star ahead of the return leg at Bayern Munich, while Man Utd fans want a defensive overhaul this summer, all in our forum.

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Have to say I’m worried about our progression to the next stage.
Our away form especially in the CL has not been good.
Since our last meeting with Bayern they’ve scored 11 and conceded 1 going top of the Bundesliga so needless to say they are full of confidence.

Team I can see starting is…
TAA, Matip, VVD, Robbo
Fabinho, Hendo, Kieta
Salah, Firmino, Mane

Only doubt is over midfield which Klopp likes to rotate a lot.
I’m not sure Wij and Hendo will both start, Wij has a lot of mins an has looked leggy recently, which is why I went for Kieta but even then Klopp hasn’t been giving him many mins lately so we could easily see Milner start there if he’s recovered.



Klopp is likely to go for the tried and trusted… Bayern will need to come at us, they did not have a shot on goal at Anfield if I remember correctly.


Georginio Wijnaldum

The away goals rule here could be the difference.



Keita has first hand experience of Bayern, time for him to have a big game and help Liverpool go through – if he starts, of course



Ye ginger not confident myself now. Was fairly confident after 1st leg but our sway form is poor.

Think it be 3 workers in midfield. These are playing very well now. Very tough game

Sean the sailor


Agree about winji at this stage. He’s played to many games.

Usually you be confident of getting a goal but it’s just not happening away from home

Sean the sailor


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We have 10 first team defenders. Out of them who can we honestly say is the finished product able to consistently deliver a reliable performance the way we could say of Rio, Vidic, Evra, Neville and others in past teams ?

Young, Valencia, Shaw, Dalot, Lindelof, Bailley, Smalling, Jones, Rojo, Darmian

The answer is none. The best we can say is, can do a job or decent or has promise. It’s a shocking state of affairs.

Anybody care to put any of these defenders on a par with former first regulars like Irwin, Stamm or even players like Johnson, Berg, May, Wes Brown or heaven forbid Phil Neville !


Whilst I agree that our defence needs to be looked at with some urgency if we want to compete at the very top of world football, will give some insight into the players and some explanations on why I think they failed to make it:

Young & Valencia – in their mid-30s and converted to defence from wing positions; management should have never allowed the situation to get to this stage in the first place. Actually think they both did well in previous years but time has simply run out for both of them now.

Shaw, Bailly, Jones, Rojo, Smalling – Have all been blighted by major injuries throughout their United careers and, without looking up on online, I’d probably say that not one of them has had a full season without anything other than a minor injury during their time with United – perhaps Shaw this year and it’s showing because he’s starting to show form and stability, which is needed mostly at the back.

Dalot, Lindelof – Two of the newer signings, the former hasn’t been given a proper chance due to his age but he has shown signs of promise. Lindelof never got going until now but is looking like he can be a useful centre back if he continues to improve.

Darmian – never seemed good enough but then again there aren’t that many great right backs out there at the moment either.

In my opinion, we need to get rid of Rojo, Darmian, Young and Valencia this summer and invest in an always-fit centre back to compliment, a top class right back and a right winger to allow Dalot to develop at RB.

Sympathy for the Devils


The answer is no. Shaw is the only one really showing that kind of form and ability.



Mac – The other problem here is that you are comparing our current defenders against “best of their generation” type defenders. Do we have players comparable to Rio and Vidic? No, but does anyone? You’re talking about probably the best CB partnership in PL history there. Kompany on his day was very good and VVD looks like he’s going to be top class. But it remains to be seen whether Rio and Vidic will be topped. No other club has anyone that comes close, not Spurs, not Arsenal and not Chelsea.


Rio, Vidic, Evra, Neville was probably the best defence in the world at the time, especially with VDS behind them so no the current defence is nowhere near that level. Literally the best that can be said about the current defence is that there is some potential. In desperate need of signing 2 world class performers for the defence, although I’d take one with the addition of a CM to complement the RW we need.



David May? F*** me Mac! I could argue against one or two of the others as well mate, in fact they all had a mistake in em, not least yip yap. And remember Rio having a mare against Craig ducking Bellamy at OT and Vidic getting dicked by Torres. My point is, defenders make mistakes mate, and when they do it’s usually costly and everyone blames them – doesn’t make them all bad defenders though. Agree with you about our current crop, although everyone’s aware I think Smalling’s a decent CB, but some of those names you’ve thrown up…



I don’t think I was just comparing to the best of the best when I said ……

Anybody care to put any of these defenders on a par with former first regulars like Irwin, Stamm or even players like Johnson, Berg, May, Wes Brown or heaven forbid Phil Neville !

Sure as hell May, Berg, PNev were not creme de la creme were they. Let’s be fair here. It’s not just Rio Vidic etc. If we look at the defence the past 25 years there are Bruce, Pallister, Parker, Irvins galore. And then there are the Heinze and Silvestre types to compare against.

AND its not a case of expecting all the 10 defenders to be on a par with Rio, Bruce, Stamm but it would be good if one of the 10 was anywhere close or at least comparable to the likes of Berg.


Alexandre Lacazette TEAMtalk

@jm1502 – Not sure if you understood me. I wasn’t saying May was a Rio. I was going down the scale from a Rio to a Berg to May to PNeville.

You can compare the likes of Rojo, Darmian, Jones to May and argue how much better they all are if you like.

No argument defenders and all players make mistakes. But is not a measure of quality how often they make mistakes, how reliable and consistent they are.



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I just wonder if the pitch sizes might be an issue for us with said players? a longer pitch means more space to play the ball into areas behind a packed defence. Nothing we can do about that though. Hope Sarri works out his number crunching.

Napoli’s pitch is 110mx68m

CFC: 103 x 67 metres

9’s… Got to say I think i’d be playing RLC ahead of Kovacic becuase he has an ability to draw fouls and glide with the ball past people committing them to tackle. Ash, spot on with your thoughts methinks.



Roman I actually brought up that subject in the old TT that Chelsea’s field is too small for expansive football, I remember I was shot down in flames by a couple of posters but I still think it is a factor.


To add to that I was watching a bit of the game at the Emirates yesterday and the field appeared to have so much more space for players to do their thing. It somehow looks much easier on a bigger field.



Rdp you probably right smaller fields allow teams to stifle each other out, that was the case yesterday as well. Afraid there’s nothing the club can do about that.



Blaze, Think it was hoddle who wanted the pitch widened if memory serves correct to get us playing?

Lets not be too despondent about the result, we can thank hazard for the point and it could be vital. Between Spurs and us, there is no difference between the sides. It is a case of who can maintain the longest winning form between now and the end of the season.



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Once again RLC transformed our ability to open up a deep lying opposition. Next to Eden he’s our most dangerous player imho. Shame he didn’t start.

Good (amazing) to see CHO get some proper minutes. He of course made mistakes but also put in some decent crosses. I’m praying he now gets some regular game time, but somehow I’m doubting it.

No team can pass their way through a packed box, which is why RLC makes such a difference. He carries the ball so well. Love him!

Too often this season we slow to walking pace when we reach the opponent’s box. It doesn’t even take a brilliant defensive effort to shut us out.

Will Sarri realise this?? So far it seems the reality is slow to sink in.

Painful to watch today. Again.


Ruben Loftus-Cheek TEAMtalk

Players like RLC, Willian who have high skills are necessary for this kind of game. Even CHO who can cross the ball correctly. I believe Wolves won’t be the last team who will play defensive against us. We need quick passing, we need shots from outside. We need our set-pieces and corners delivered correctly. Yesterday was a real example where most of our corners did not even pass the first defender on the near post.

I would bench Jorg for this kind of opposition as he offers nothing but slow passes and side passes. Put Kanté in this DM role. The top 4 race is of course still open, but we missed a clear opportunity to shorten the gap.



Even on DSunday when I was expecting Hudson Odoi to run at the defenders and then cross the ball or possibly cut in for a shot he far to often (for my liking anyway) took the sideways or backwards pass to Dave who did the same

Seems like under Sarri it is more important to retain the possession than to actually have a go. I mentioned this the other week that we seem to have forgotten the fact that goals win games and to score you must have shots on goal

At least Barkley does/did not seem afraid to have a shot from distance although even he now passes across the face of the goal more than at the beginning of the season. Its almost as though Sarri sees that as being wasteful and giving possession back to the opposition..? KTBFFH



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