Klopp urged to start forgotten man v Porto; Real given Hazard warning

Date published: Tuesday 9th April 2019 12:52

Alberto Moreno TEAMtalk

Jurgen Klopp has been urged to take a gamble on his selection against Porto, while Real Madrid have been warned to put up or shut up in their chase for Eden Hazard – all in our forum.

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Going to put it out there knowing you lot will shoot the idea down but what about Moreno at left back? Yes I know he is a liability, but lets consider the opposition. Porto play a very compact 442. With Milner at LB he will turn infield into an already congested centre, Moreno will offer both width and pace. Last season we exploited their flanks with numerous crossfield long passes to our fullbacks (good article on The Echo website about this for anyone interested).

You could also think Porto will not come to attack so Moreno isn’t as huge a risk defensively as you’d normally think. Having said that, I would then have to have a solid looking Hendo, Milner, Fabinho midfield to provide cover to the fullbacks. Harsh on Keita, but I don’t think attacking through the centre will be as profitable.

Feel free to tell me I’m off me head to even think about using him!


Alberto Moreno TEAMtalk

Just cant trust Moreno in a big game situation he seems to get too excited. With us being at home 1st I think we need to start well last few games have been a bit slow start wise & dont concede an away goal. Stating the obvious but its simply no?


Tonight we need to be patient they will sit in make it difficult. It’s a tough game

Sean the sailor


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Not long now, oh Barca.


I actually have a feeling we’ll win this game and then fight for our lives in the second leg qualifying for the semis
United 2 Barca 1

Second leg
Barca 0 United 0


I wont be surprised if we win nor will I be if we get hammered. Thats our problem … no consistency. We moan when lesser clubs raise their game against us yet see it as our true level when we raise our game against top sides.


Lets see if we are nearer Barca now.


I don’t think we have any chance given our recent form. If we were in the 11 wins in a row form that Ole had us in then i’d be a lot more optimistic. But not in the we can’t beat Wolves form that Ole has us in now.

Having said that – this is a night when every single player will be right up for it. There’s no possibility of complacency – and if we can get our full team out, hmmmm who knows? It’s definitely dreaming to think we can beat them. They’ve never won at OT though, if we can maintain that record then anything can happen in the second leg.

Here’s hoping!


Like MacGuffin and HappyHurling said – we’re so inconsistent that it’s become almost impossible to predict any result these days.

Will we get the Pogba-inspired United of 2 months ago? If yes then we can nab the result. But if we get the Mourinho-level play we’ve shown in the last 4 matches then I don’t see us leaving OT with anything other than a defeat, especially with Messi and Suarez in the form they’re in.

Sympathy for the Devils

Anthony Martial

Very hard not to see Barca scoring think a score draw will be the best we achieve.
We have had a week off and no travel while they had a big game Sat nite and had to travel.
If it was a level playing field that would give us an advantage, but we have Young, Smalling and Jones battling for bk 4 places so that tips the scales WHOEVER we play….


Smalling: “We were all excited [drawing Barcelona]. As soon as it came out, we were all happy. We cheered and then we got on with training. But at least we knew who was in front of us.”

Get in smalldini lol.



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Just arrived home and watched the highlight. If Madrid do not want to meet our asking price, I would say f..k them. Keep Hazard 1 more year even though we may lose him for free. What a goal, probably the best goal this season for any EPL club. 1 more year of Hazard would just be fabulous for all Chelsea fans around the world.


Eden Hazard of Chelsea

Aindro, won’t happen mate firstly you have to take Hazard’s wishes into account and he’s given us another season and hopefully a chance of getting back into the CL.

I can’t see any way Chelsea will let Hazard run his contract down completely and then leave for nothing at the end of next season without Real try to get him on the cheap and make a really insulting offer.

If we can get anywhere near to £100m and 100m Euros is circa £85m currently as sad as it will be to see him go that will still be good business for us taking all the circumstances into consideration and a very high price for Real to pay for a player Real can sign for free 4 months later

nine nine nine

If Real Madrid refuse to pay for him then we are stuck with him it would appear. If Real Madrid are his only suitors OR they are the only club he will consider playing for then why would Real Madrid not just sit back and wait a bit longer and get him for free? Arn’t Real Madrid in the driver’s seat here?


9’s… if real don’t want to stump up cash only which is the best deal, I’d hang on to him until he finishes his contract regardless of the player who has engineered the space he moves around in by not signing a deal he’s had on the table for 12 months or so.

Another season later and he’ll be older… Madrid will either have to stump up cash or wait another twelve months…

If any player doesn’t want to be at Chelsea then so be it… shame but the king will be dead, long live the new King.

I wish we see more of the hazard that turned up last night.


Exactly 67. Worst case scenario is that Real low ball us and Hazard stays only to go on a free next Summer albeit the silver lining is that football wise we would have him for another season but as a business which is what we also are you can’t afford to let your most valuable asset walk away for nothing.

nine nine nine

Real Madrid will be getting a player who is 29 if we let Hazard run his contract down. Not entirely sure thats the age of galactico they want to be signing. An outrageous goal last night…one which perhaps only Messi or Maradona could have repeated. A very very special talent is our Eden…..



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