Klopp vows to stop talking about his pet hate, says ‘it’s a waste of time’

Date published: Friday 27th November 2020 11:58 - Matthew Briggs

Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp cut a resigned figure at his Friday press conference after it was pointed out his side have to contend with another of his pet hates next month.

Klopp has been very vocal about the Premier League’s fixture schedule and Saturday’s game at Brighton comes less than three days after his side played Atalanta in the Champions League.

And after the Premier League’s fixtures were announced this week, Klopp’s Liverpool face a Wednesday-Saturday lunchtime combination twice in the next three weeks.

The champions travel to Brighton on Saturday lunchtime after Wednesday’s trip to Italy, while in December they face Crystal Palace on Saturday, December 19 at lunchtime just three days after hosting Spurs.

PA reporter Carl Markham said: “You don’t appear to have been listened too.”

Klopp replied: “That’s true.”

“My thoughts about this are clear. It’s not the time to think about it now. I have to prepare for it. Looks like until end of year it is only us [Weds/Sat].



“Obviously whatever I say doesn’t help. So I will stop talking about it. It will change nothing. It’s just a waste of time.”

Asked if he was giving up, he added: “The last thing I want is to create a headline but you say I’ve given up. That would probably be the headline. I speak in a general way. A general problem.

“In this moment we play in 25 hours and I have to prepare a team. That fact that we got the only other Weds/Sat 12.30 games is a fact.

“You have to ask other people why they do that. I don’t have the answer because we are not involved in these decisions.”

In an interview last weekend that wasn’t shown in the UK, Klopp told Sky Sports: “It was never about us when I talked about it, it was about all the players. If you don’t start talking to BT [Sport] we are all done.

“Sky and BT have to talk because if we keep playing on Wednesday and Saturday [at] 12:30, I’m not sure if we will finish the season with 11 players.

“I know you [the broadcasters] don’t care and that’s the problem. We’ve discussed it for a long time and nothing’s happened.”

Brighton test

Speaking about the test that Brighton will pose, Klopp added: “I have analysts who are honest and they said they are in a really good moment even if the results don’t say so.

“They have a lot of possession in the games they play and have a system and stick with it. They haven’t scored often enough.

“Brighton make the pitch big and try to use all of it. It will be hard work.

“We will be ready for a lot defensive work. They make the pitch big and we have to be ready for it. We are always but we will be again.”

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