Lacazette is class – can easily get 20/25 goals this season

Date published: Sunday 10th September 2017 3:42

Liverpool supporters question Jurgen Klopp’s tactics and their summer transfer strategy, while Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea supporters reflect on weekend results.

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Anyone else even slightly worried by our lack of anything but a plan A. Whilst Rafa had his flaws, if we went down a man he would steady us up at the back & try to hit on the counter.

It seemed to me once we lost Mane we didn’t have a clue how to react & the floodgates opened. I know a lot don’t agree but for me we have all out attack & if/when that fails we don’t know what to do.



Sadly usual inane optimism from some, wake up to the facts, the squad is too small and we are carrying too many passengers: Klavan, Moreno, and many more, Blackpool wouldn’t take them. Henderson is a joke. Just not good enough. The squad is flimsy and players like Joe Allen or Lucas who served a crucial purpose have not been replaced.

Better tactics and starting teams please Klopp, we would have lost without the sending off with that appalling defence. I said last week that one or two crucial players injured and we are in serious trouble.

Just look at what losing Mane did and this is going to keep happening. We simply wont win anything with that tiny squad, shocking defence and frankly incredibly stupid decisions.

Klopp is not a particularly good tactician, and many of the errors made by Rodgers are being repeated, if anything Rodgers was a better tactician although that’s not difficult.




Why did we change the system?

Seemed to me the set up first three games worked well so why stick mikkhi out wide? I get the idea with herrara makes us more solid but we conceded two goals so it doesn’t always work going with extra bodies in midfield does it?

This was joses first test imo if he went with the same line up as the previous games It would have told us things would be different this year.

The fact jose went defensive to me shows not much has really changed. I mean we won’t finish 6th most likely we’ll get third or 4th which I guess is an improvement.



I enjoyed the game by the way. Disappointed not to have won and we weren’t at our best but it was a decent match. You don’t win 38 league games a season and Stoke is a horrible match to have got out the way.

wonderful gas

Most football supporters react in a black and white, heaven or hell way. Bailly and Jones from saints to useless trash in just a short period. There is off course still the outside chance we can win the league, but we were never on par with either City nor especially Chelsea to do it. Jones and Bailly have done well in our first games, but the signs were clearly there. We look all over the place on all defensive set-pieces, and this time we got punished for it.

We have fullbacks far bellow acceptable standards (Valencia can’t cross to save his life). And zero natural wingers capable of both crossing and taking on players. All this naturally limits Lukaku (a guy who has scored but looked tired and off form since day one).

What frustrates me with this game, is Mourinho’s decision on tactics. We were on the perfect run with 4-2-3-1 and the team selected for the first three. And then he benches both Blind (on good form) and Mata, and fields a more defensive 4-3-3. No excuse for this! You never change a winning team, and we looked poor since the whistle went off. This is what makes me furious. Not that we drew away to Stoke.




I have to say Lacazette looks a great signing. The two goals he has scored have not really been great chances but more an instinct for goal.

He hasn’t had that many chances and i think he can become one of the best strikers and goalscorers in europe. Like i said, two great finishes from him that tells me he can easily get 20/25
goals this season.

He holds the ball up well, and looks to move defenders around, creating space for other’s.i’m sure he’s got plenty of tap ins this season and i think we should build the team around him a bit more because if we can be in games with 20min to go,he’s going to take the chance we might create to win the game.

Shame we don’t back ourselves enough to keep clean sheets first and build from there.




Well, what game eh? Now that I’ve calmed down with an aspirin I can say that Klopp has to take 100% responsibility.

Some people saying on Twitter that we downed tools and whatever. But that is utter trash. I’ve seen a lot of bad Liverpool performances and so I have a very good reference point of what is considered downing tools.

I actually felt we fought well despite a man down. The problems wasnt about the lack of effort or commitment of the players as much as it was the tactics. Klopp went gung ho with a weak defence and got his arse smacked.

Shouldn’t have played Klavan, who is known for not being very fast against the speedsters of City. Gomez/Lovren if fit would have been my first choice. But if Gomez and Lovren were unavailable why oh why didn’t he foresee this at the begin of the season? You could see City were targeting Klavan and TAA especially. Then you have the maligned Moreneo on the left. The defence has too much uncertantity. When you look at our attack you think, “right thats a great attack” But you dont think that about our defence.

I made a post earlier in the summer listing VVD alternatives, there are other quality defenders out there. VVD or bust strategy might come back to haunt us.




Morata: Take a bow son, I was worried before the season started. but how wrong I was to doubt your ability as striker. I have to say we have a bargain in Morata with £58m now looking good value for money.

N.Kante? I have no words to describe this man. He is the bargain of the century, and its nice to see him off the mark earlier. one point of the top right now and we are still not good enough to win the league according to some pundits. I would love to go off the radar until may.


We could have easily won that game comfortably but we made life difficult for ourselves, some of the players decision making on the last 30 minutes was shocking, once Cesc was subbed off, there was no rhythm or understanding, seems Bakayoko is very much similar to Kante as they are both good at intercepting and side way passing but not great at distributing or getting through balls to the strikers.

We needed a creative midfielder there but overall happy with the points.


That was way too close for comfort for Chelsea.

bakayoko looks very promising, great at cutting passing lanes, winning the ball and driving forward, but his distribution was shocking at times today, especially in one particular break in 2nd half which should have lead to 3rd goal.

Good to see hazard come on but losing cesc who made way for him left us more open through centre of park and we lost control of the game without cesc in the middle dictating on the ball. Conte has a job to find the right balance again to be honest.

Morata scored great header again, assisted once again by azpi pushing forward from rcb with another great cross.

Kante was fab and his goal was out of the blue, good strike along the ground from easily 25 yrds and kasper just couldnt get too it, kante was respectful in celebrating

Zappa almost scored but overall he looked a bit nervy, given the narrow lead and it being his debut I can understand him playing cautiously

We all knew the start of season would be tough but 9 points from 12 and 3 wins in a row is decent. Bench looked like a champions bench today too.




The optimism on this site is good to see and encouraging even though I find it hard to understand sometimes given the mess our back line is at the moment. People still convinced we can get top four again. So who out of City, Utd, Chelsea and Spurs do people think we will finish above? You see I believe, given our current squad, we have less than no chance of finishing above any of that quartet. Everyone of them has a better team than us so I’m lost as to how people believe we can get top four.



I said it last season and I’ll say it again this season – Liverpool are desperately short of leaders throughout the team. When the players are all in the mood (i.e. vs Arsenal) , there are few better sides in the league – but when a few players drop their heads, it can fall apart and there’s nobody to pick up the pieces. Until we address this, we are always prone to such results and the inconsistency will continue.


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