Lampard worries Chelsea fans; Klopp’s Liverpool decisions questioned

Date published: Wednesday 19th February 2020 2:33

Frank Lampard Jody Morris TEAMtalk

Frank Lampard’s demeanour in the defeat to Manchester United has Chelsea fans worried, while Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp’s substitutions v Atletico go under the microscope, all in our forum.


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Mane was missed 

We’ve missed Mane in this second half. As good as we’ve been this season, we do lack something vs organised sides. See also Napoli away, and various close league games.


The 2nd leg is a long way off but I think we will play better but we need to be on our toes as we can’t really afford to conceded as scoring 3 against these lot will be hard work.



If only we have somebody like coutinho.. oh wait he doesnt fit in our style of play



Predictable game. Play acting and time wasting which we knew was coming

Tough 2nd leg but very much game on

Anfield be rocking

Sean the sailor


Klopp’s subs were surprising

Surprised by our subs tonight, unless there’s injury worries there.
Surely against a very organised team like that the natural sub would have been to bring on a more attacking midfield to try to open them up.

Ox can be a very good runner from midfield and can score from distance.
Kieta can get on to the end of things in the box and thread a ball through.
Even Minamino can score from distance and has flicks and tricks in his locker.



Think Klopp simply has enough faith that a 1-0 first leg away defeat was ok, and just didn’t want to take any further risks tonight, thinking the second leg at Anfield will almost take care of itself. Jürgy has gone a bit more conservative in the last 18 months or so, and given the results, it’s hard to argue against it. But a bit more creativity and goals would still be welcome.



I said I would take a draw as I thought we might stumble, with this said I think we deserved a draw.
I am worried that we seemed to have stopped making & scoring goals & this will have to change as there has been too many games recently we have struggled although I don’t mind as long as win.
Hopefully Mane went off as a precaution & I will say it again Firmino should be scoring more.



Klopp confirmed Mane was taken off because he was on a yellow and the Atleti players were targeting him trying to get him sent off.



Our perfomance was not good and probably disappointing, below our standards. Atletico is the favorite for qualifying to the next round and if we want to be in the last 8 we must play like Liverpool with passion and strength.



Back to Anfield, with the crowd behind us we can get the job done.

Once again, time to turn the tie around completely



The game went on as expected. simeone was a dirty scumbag as a player and he is no different as a manager. Their playacting will go on at Anfield. Just hope for a much less cowardish referee.



Yeah they are a dirty team, play-acting etc, the ref fell for it as the stadium was lit. That’s not going to happen at Anfield…



Finger pointed at Fabinho

Fabinho TEAMtalk

I’m convinced that we were playing better as a team before Fabinho came back and with Henderson in at 6. However, with Henderson now likely to miss one or 2 games (hopefully not more), we lack the opportunity to immediately revert back to what looked a more effective set-up.

Red Herring


Don’t think Fabinho has anything to do with it. He was the only one standing up to Atletico’s nonsense. The rest were overwhelmed by the occasion, especially 3 of our back 4.

If anything, we haven’t gotten our rhythm back after the winter break and the circumstances didn’t help. Same thing happened to us last year after a significant gap between games. I think Klopp knew that and held out for the 1-0 in the hope that with better sharpness and Anfield we can turn this around. He took a huge gamble on the fans and only time will tell if it pays off. Whatever happens they’re going to get a taste of their own medicine.






Wenger to rescue VAR?

Arsene Wenger is coming to the rescue, clearing up the offside rule once again, is this the third time this season that that has happened?



I may be missing something regarding his idea, but doesn’t it just move the goalposts slightly. We’d have the same argument with someones little toe playing someone else onside if they did that. It’s the same reason why people are upset now. Difference being an attacking could ‘steal’ a stride length on a defender so would be more goals scored, but the controversy over marginal decisions would remain.

If they want to sort it they need to work out the margin of error with the technology and go outside of that.



I think having commentators who do not know the laws of football is a massive issue too. The Chelsea goal was rightly ruled out, but commentators said there was a push by Fred so it should have stood. No, the push would make it a penalty.

Most commentators said the push wouldn’t have been a penalty. So they actually agreed with the VAR decision (on that part), but couldn’t understand why. Most people understand that there is no a period of time following a foul when the fouled player can go on making a number of fouls without them being given, but because that was beyond the commentators we have half the country saying the goal should have stood.

I dislike BT having Peter Walton as he clearly biased, but Sky must have someone who knows the laws of the game.



Chelsea to spend big?

Frank Lampard TEAMtalk

Media reports suggesting the club is determined to sign more big name players, probably only rumors at this stage. My only concern will they still come to us if we don’t make that CL place as it seems likely now less a massive change of positive results. We only won 2 games in the last 8 which is unheard off in Roman’s time. We all support the club irrespective of how well or bad they doing but if they aiming for the very top or if they not we need to know so we can expect the relevant outcomes.



Wouldn’t even worry about Frank’s tenure right now. As safe as a bank (a good one mind you). If he were shown the door I am absolutely certain there would be an uproar. Demonstrations outside and inside the ground. Frank will be given the opportunity to build on what we have right now which is an admirable 4th spot whether we keep it or not. I am sure he knows exactly where it’s all going amiss right now and Hazard without a suitable replacement is right up there at the top of the list together with suitable strike power to support Abraham.



chelsea1967: FL looked really frustrated though against Man Utd. I don’t want him to become bitter like Mou or Conte before. I still think he is our future.

About the transfers: I start to think something that I never thought before. Let’s do like Bayern. Buying local talents. Sancho, Dean Henderson, Ben Chilwell. Let’s buy British, so that the future team will have a good core to replace JT and Lamps and A Cole. And I think Harry Wilson is interesting. We don’t need another central midfielder but the lad can score and he played with Mount at Derby.



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