Last thing Arsenal need is a winger; Man Utd should sign St. Etienne kid

Date published: Tuesday 11th June 2019 1:50

Arsenal fans react to transfer rumours, Chelsea fans talk Kovacic, Liverpool fans voice their hopes for the summer and United fans agree with Jose- all in Your Says of the Day.

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Potential transfers up for discussion at Arsenal

its going to be a big summer for so many teams all around europe, even with a big budget we would struggle so maybe being forced to look outside of the top tier isnt a bad thing IF we can pick the rigfht players, always a gamble ….

current strong links with Meunier – PSG RB….

would prefer Wan Basika myself but then thats where the lack of funds come in…….

would also dearly love Pepe but dont think we will get him either…



Stevo, not a bad idea. Your most sellable players are your strikers but you won’t want to sell them.

I can’t see anyone taking Ozil without you pay his wages which defeats the object. A lesson to all that putting players on crazy contracts can come back and bite you in the bum as United and Real are finding.

Slow rebuilds required at both Chelsea and Arsenal just like Liverpool did. But Chelsea need the right Manager in place to do that. Cheers 999

nine nine nine


Steveo- I have zero trust in the people at AFC- Raul and Emery, who are presiding over potential transfers. Last January we were linked with the fantastic trio of Banega, Carrasco and Suarez and we ended up with the latter- a complete waste of money for someone injured and unsuited to this League- we lost approx £6m on this! Now we are still being linked to Carrasco- a winger why? We have Nelson coming back and if we do have to prioritise a winger( we should not), why not Ziyech from Ajax who has stated his desire to join us? A far better player, roughly the same age and not a mercenary like the Belgian who was kicked out by Athletico for not being a “team player”. Last thing we need is another of those. But the £40m we supposedly have available can be supplemented by getting rid of dross from our books, e.g. Mkhitaryan, Mustafi and Xhaka. Even at a conservative estimate, that could bring us £30-40m surely? The Armenian is not interested, Mustafi is never going to be worth a risk and Xhaka is totally unsuited to the Premiership, far too slow, dim-witted and lacking any agility to cover. That is one of the main reasons our defence is constantly under pressure.


I feel this could be the most defining transfer window since we moved to the new stadium.I think people underestimate how important this transfer window could be.

Right now there’s a massive gulf in quality between ourselves and the rest of the top 5.There are many holes in the team.You saw against Chelsea how we got batterred even though we had more motivation to win.I cannot think of any other reason than a big difference in quality between Chelsea and ourselves.

I thought last year,we would be going in for players like Zaha,Pepe,Wan bissaka etc in the transfer window,yet the kind of players we’re being linked with is underwhelming to say the least.Anderson,Dennis praet,Carrasco.These are the kind of signings teams that usually finish 7-10th make.

We are not going to achieve anything with a 40m budget.And fans simply accepting that are a part of the problem.A club of Arsenal’s stautre should not have a mere 40m budget relative to the revenue we generate(which is basically because of the fans and the brand wenger had built many years ago.If there are any changes,it should happen of our structure and the personel behind the scenes because the way this club is being run cannot be done in a worse manner.I’d be ok with not signing a single player if all the personell behind the scene changes.

NINE – No one’s going to take ozil because they don’t rate him.It’s basic sense.It’s not the transfer fees,and neither is it the wages.You look At Ramsey’s case.He went on a free but Juventus still forked out money to make him one of the highest paid british players ever on 400k a week because they value him and he can bring something to the side.In ozil’s case even if we were to let him go on a free(which is an embarrassment in itself as other clubs usually sell their highest paid players upwards of 100m),then no one would be willing to pay him 350k a week simple because they don’t rate him.He’s got to be the most overrated player in the history of Arsenal.Overrated only by the club’s own fans that is.And the amount of criticism he escapes is mind boggling.350K a week!!!!I repeat he gets paid 350k a week!You know what all we can do with that amount.Accoomodate 5 good players on his wages.Accomodate 3 top players on those wages.That’s why the decision to hand him 350k a week just can’t be unanswered.Someone has to be answerable,and they have to pay the price for it.


Kovacic not worth the money for Chelsea fans

I think we will need to be realistic. We won’t compete against City and Liverpool. That one is sure. We are in a rebuilding process. Réal value Kovacic £50m. With or without transfer ban: I think we should not buy him. Clearly Réal want to recoupt as much as they can after paying us £88m for Hazard. Kovacic is not worth 50m


50mil for Kovacic?? I’d be absolutely livid if we spent that much on him. He’s a 30mil player, tops.



What do Liverpool need this summer?

Nicolas Pepe looks good but not sure about his end product he is coming in to his prime just turned 24 so Klopp may be able to get him to the next level.

As for a CB do we need someone who walks in to the first 11 or a replacement for Lovren?
Matip had a good season prob his best for us so far. Gomez looked high level until he got injured whilst playing at RB. And VVD is the best thing since sliced bread so if we do let Lovren go it would make sense to bring in someone who would be second choice with the potential to be 1st choice in a couple of years.

I see us bringing in 3-4 players with one being of the ability to push for a starting place

Backup GK
Backup CB if Lovren is sold
Backup LB who can play RB

Also we will sell/let go a similar amount of players if not more.

Grujic & or Lallana
Moreno & Sturridge (released)


I agree with AK about Trent as there is no evidence that he could adapt to the role required of one of our midfield 3. Yes, Klopp could change our set-up to accommodate different players, but at the moment the system works where we have a midfield 3 who do all of the heavy lifting in terms of closing down the opposition, recycling possession and allowing the fullbacks the freedom to get forward and provide ammunition for the dynamic front 3 to finish things off. Although players broadly still get slotted into either Defence, Midfield or Attack; in practice, if you look at a heatmap of average pitch positions over 90 minutes, you’ll find that Trent and Robbo will operate (just) further up the pitch than at least 2 of our midfield 3. So the ‘more advanced midfield attacking right role’ that hairyharry referred to doesn’t actually exist under our current formation.

Red Herring


Liverpool youngsters to be sent out on loan again

If Klopp beleives in some young players like Wilson then he must loan them to PL or championship clubs. Ryan kent must join Leeds and not Rangers because he needs to show his abilities in a difficlut league and not in SPL!! What is the reason to play again in Rangers?? The same is valid for those who wiil be loaned.



United crying out for a centre back

We need a CB for sure, Jose said that this St. Etienne kid Saliba was one of the best prospects he’d seen in years, up there with Varane, we’d have bought him by now if Jose was still in charge although with Jose transfer record with us I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. I think he’s Def worth a punt. I think we should also buy two, if not all three, of Tielemans, Madison and Brooks. We’ve got James to play on the wing now as well, he’ll need games though to prove his ability. I believe we don’t need to spend big to get top players, they might not be top, top class yet but they are top players. Look at Leicester over the last few seasons, Chilwell, Madison, Tielemans, Ndidi, none were bought for top dollar but all will be sold for top dollar. The difference is, if they’re English and top class, we’ll be able to keep them.


Jordan Pickford TEAMtalk

Saliba may be good, but at 18 he isn’t going to ‘boss’ the back 4. I like Dias. He’s big, strong, quick, commanding in the air and, like most Portuguese, technically very good. And he’s a regular international so he must be ready to go



Maddison & Tielemans instead of Fernandes,R.Dias,AWB,and striker when/if Lukaku leaves.



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