Leicester glory would harbour mixed feelings from Pearson

Date published: Friday 19th February 2016 10:59

Nigel Pearson: Left last summer

Nigel Pearson says he will have mixed feelings if Leicester win the title as he expects them to do.

Pearson left the King Power Stadium last summer after guiding the club to safety, despite looking destined for the drop in March.

The 52-year-old oversaw seven wins from Leicester’s last nine games to finish in 14th place, but less than two month’s later Pearson left the club after his son, James, Tom Hopper and Adam Smith were sacked for being involved in an apparent orgy on the end of season tour in Thailand.

Pearson was reportedly unhappy at the club’s disciplinary proceedings, but he has not spent too much time thinking about what might have been after laying the foundations for Leicester last season.

“In life, you’ve got to be careful not to spend too much time bemoaning things you can’t change,” Pearson told The Times. “You can waste a lot of energy doing that. It’s counterproductive.

“Leicester are where they are because they’ve had a fantastic season and because their manager has managed skilfully and sensibly, but also because they previously had someone in charge who was able to front it up and make tough decisions when they needed to be made. I know how pivotal the work I did was for them to be in the situation they’re in now.”

Pearson thinks his former club, who are two points clear at the top of the table, will go on to lift the title.

“They’ll win it. I think they’ll win the Premier League because they won’t be distracted by the hype. A lot of people in the game haven’t really sussed what Leicester are about. They’ve got some really good players – Jamie Vardy’s form has been unbelievable – but collectively they’re a bloody strong group. They’re extremely resilient.

“They coped with the pressure exceptionally well last year and they’re doing the same this year. They won’t be interested in what anyone else says. They’re concentrating on themselves, playing to their strengths and their identity, whereas, to me, a lot of other sides have lost their way. Leicester have got no fear. Good luck to them,” said Pearson.

Asked what his reaction would be to Leicester winning the title, Pearson, who signed a confidentiality agreement when he left, replied: “It would be a mixture of feelings, let’s be honest.

“I would be delighted for a lot of people there – players, staff and fans – but I would be dishonest if I said I would be happy for everyone there. Of course I wouldn’t be.

“What I would say is that he [Ranieri] was going into a situation where there wasn’t an awful lot wrong. He probably won’t have inherited a job anywhere else and found a structure in place like that.

“I’m damn sure in my next job I won’t be walking into somewhere where the structure is as good as that because generally speaking in football you’re taking over a situation where there has been some element of dissatisfaction.”

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