Leicester star turns up for community service – in Lamborghini

Scott Anderson
Danny Simpson: 10pm curfew for Leicester City defender

Leicester City defender Danny Simpson has been criticised for turning up to attend community service at a charity shop in a £200,000 Lamborghini. 

The 28-year-old is competing his community service at an Age UK charity shop in Monton, Gtr Manchester, and instead of parking in a nearby council car park, opted to leave his supercar in a “customer only” pub car park.

Speaking to The Sun, one local resident said: “You’d think he might show a bit of humility – but instead he rolls up in one of the world’s most expensive cars. It’s no wonder Premier League footballers get such a bad name.”

Simpson left his Lamborghini Huracan parked at the Bluebell pub, and one local said: “There is a pretty cheap council car park just another 100 yards away but we guess he couldn’t be bothered forking out a few quid to park there.”

Simpson defended his decision however, telling The Sun: “I didn’t know I had to pay. I’ve got no comment. I thought it was free.”