Leicester’s Vardy refuses to be an injury write-off

Ian Watson
Jamie Vardy: Scored twice for Leicester, but would rather have the points

Jamie Vardy: Scored twice for Leicester, but would rather have the points

Jamie Vardy is being having to play with a cast on his wrist for eight weeks, with the striker admitting he is having to refuse autograph requests.

The Leicester forward fractured two bones in his wrist during the victory over Aston Villa a fortnight ago, forcing the England striker to wear a protective cast.

The injury failed to stop Vardy netting twice in Leicester’s 5-2 defeat to Arsenal on Saturday, but the 28-year-old admits he will have to keep the cast for the next two months.

Vardy said: “I knew something was wrong because my whole arm was numb. But I didn’t want to come off so I just had it strapped up.

“I had it x-rayed the next day and unfortunately there were two cracks in my wrist.

“I’ve got a game cast, which has been made up, and refs are happy with. It’s lightweight and there’s no chance of harming anyone I’m having to wear it for eight weeks.”

Vardy says the injury to his right arm means he is having to disappoint autograph hunters.

“I feel a bit sorry for fans right now because I can’t grip anything with my hand, so I’m having to say “No” to autographs,” he added. “Any photos that they are after then I’m happy to do it but signing anything right now is a no-go unfortunately.”

Vardy showed he is willing to play through pain last season when he received injections on a foot problem to help orchastrate Leicester’s great escape.

He said: “At the back end of season I damaged my plantar fascia in my foot which affects my sprinting. I wasn’t able to put any ridiculous pressure on it so I was having injections basically an hour-and-a-half before kick off and my foot would be numb.

“I don’t want to not be playing – it’s as simple as that. I love playing football and there’s no way I want to be injured.”