Let luck be a lady

Date published: Friday 27th May 2011 3:31

Seasiders crossing their fingers

Dear Lady Luck,

I know that we haven’t spoken for a while but I’d just like to say one thing, I’ve missed you. After our whirlwind romance this time last year, I feel like we’re both at the point where we need each other again.

Since Christmas, a holiday well known for its sentimentality, I’ve been longing to see you back again at Bloomfield Road. I thought we’d got ourselves to a position where we could cope without each other but I was I wrong, we can’t.

The epiphany of your absence first came to me on a cold Tuesday night in January. When Luke Varney was bundled over against Manchester United, for me a certain penalty and a chance to completely seal off an important victory, I looked for you to hold my hand and see me through. Alas, you were not there.

From that fateful moment, I kept realising just how much I missed having you by my side. At West Brom, against Arsenal and three times when we played Newcastle, I looked for you, but you were nowhere to be seen.

The last few weeks I’ve tried to cope without. After another episode of heart crushing misery against Wigan, I decided that my life needed a new chapter. After starting to take every week as it came, I somehow managed to cope, grinding out draws. Do you remember when we were together? Those draws used to be wins.


After missing you for so long, I’ve found us in the current position. We still have a chance of keeping hold of the joy filled endeavour that you gave us, if we can just get a good result on Sunday.

As it stands we’re teetering on the edge of depression, and that’s why I need you back. So long as we get a better result than Wigan and Birmingham then we’ll be safe, and I’ll be able to move on with my life and prepare for a new season with or without you.

Unfortunately, as you well know, it’s never that easy for us. To get this result we have to be successful against the champions of England, in bear pit they call home. Only one team has got out alive all year, and them barely just.

This is why I’m writing to you. We had such a great relationship last summer. Remember Dobbie’s deflection against Forest or Matt Gilk’s ‘charmed’ goal against Newcastle? I do. How about giving that one last chance?

I’m not prepared to give up on our relationship as easily as Avram- ever since he split up with you in Moscow a few years ago he’s never been the same. I don’t think you want that for us either.

So I think you should give me, and us, another chance, in fact, I beg of you. Let’s not let this wonderful journey start we started together, wither and die. If that is to be the end of us, let it be with a bang. If you believe, as I do, that we can stay up and continue our wondrous love affair, then meet me at Old Trafford on Sunday – I’ll be wearing tangerine.

All my love,


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