Life after Pogba debated; Chelsea fans split on return of controversial no.9

Date published: Tuesday 9th July 2019 2:09

Paul Pogba TEAMtalk

Man Utd fans debate what life will be like in a post-Pogba era, while Chelsea fans are divided on the idea of a potential return for problematic ex-talisman Diego Costa, all in Your Says of the Day.

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Utd fans discuss life after Pogba

I think we’re wondering a little too deep into speculation here, but it makes for good discussion.

Arnautovic is 31 this season, is on big wages (for West Ham) and averages about 10 goals a season. Most likely is that nobody would meet a £50m valuation and his wage demands (Aubameyang was 28 and one of the most prolific strikers in Europe when he moved for £60m), but fair play to West Ham if they want rid of him.

Not to get lost in other clubs business, Pogba is at pre-season training in Australia with the rest of the team, the media stories were just more hype. If we’re buying SMS to replace him, and he wants to go, then I’m ok with that, i’m also ok with SMS playing alongside him for a season and seeing what the two of them could do together.

It’s too hard from outside the club to say that Pogba is the main problem we aren’t playing well, it’s also too easy to say that getting rid of him is the best thing we can do and will solve all our problems. What’s clear is that we need proper leaders whether he stays or goes.

I trust Ole to sort this out, he sees them all every day in training, and it’s his head on the chopping block if it’s going wrong by Christmas.

Mike 2005


Sympathy-We were/are bracing ourself for the next 2-3 windows to complete the deadwood clearout.As things stand,there is strong possibility we mightr finish 6th again or even be caught by the likes of Everton and Wolves.



zico – yes but they get to play football.

heard ole is in for bayayoko apparently because he’s big and strong.




Paul Pogba TEAMtalk

Steve – I think only non-Utd fans question his ability. Most Utd fans accept he is world class.

It’s not his form, it’s his attitude. Some times he appears not to care. It’s that which most Utd fans find unacceptable.



i think most would agree mate even non united fans, he has the ability WHEN he decides to use it, the planets align, etc

he can maje the difference but seldom does certainly not consistently and then there is his attitude and affect on the rest of the squad…but is the articl right? has he just been poorly managed/coached or is it all just him?



I think you answer your own question:

, he has the ability WHEN he decides to use it, the planets align, etc

he can maje the difference but seldom does certainly not consistently and then there is his attitude and affect on the rest of the squad…

What, out of the above, do you think is coachable?



Pogba would play fantastically well in a better team. That is what he is trying to achieve now with his move. If he moves to Juventus or Madrid he will do great things there, but I doubt that is due to better management and more to do with being part of a better team. Pogba doesn’t do so well when he has to put a shift in, when things aren’t going well, when he has to roll his sleeves up, when he has to turn a game and be the difference.

I don’t think that is coaching. I think that is attitude. Just my thoughts though.



Bingo! we have a winner!

cheers for your thoughts, seem pretty much spot on to me (an outsider)



Chelsea return for Costa?

Diego Costa TEAMtalk

Apparently Everton want Costa who Atletico want shot of. Too much baggage.



chelsea1967, I can understand that. Cenk Tosun or Calvert-Lewin were toothless. If Everton get Costa and if he is the same player than he was at Chelsea: I reckon Everton will be dangerous. They have Richarlison who can score. Sigurdsson. They want Zouma from us. Costa have problems. But I think it was Conte’s who was wrong. He sent an unwanted text to Costa.

I would welcome him again at Chelsea, but the problem is the transfer ban and now he is 31 years old.




How old was Higain when we signed last season? and how old was Giroud also when we signed him from Arsenal. and Costa is twice better than those two players. and ironically he knows the PL and has been tried and tested at Chelsea? I see the logic in taking him back. we missed the trick last season when we loaned Morata. and now the transfer ban makes it impossible. but having Costa back will change the picture completely for us. we haven’t been the same team since he left us.




Never say never in football especially if Costa was available for a knock down fee next Summer.

But I would think it unlikely that Chelsea would want to bring Costa back aged 32 as he would be next season with all his associated problems and would Costa want to come back and more importantly would Lampard even want him back?

Great player when he has his sensible head on but a real problem player when he doesn’t have his sensible head on the suggestion is that the Club want rid of Costa after his 8 match ban and refusing to train at Atletico.

The rumours of Costa to Everton however now seem questionable with “talkSPORT host Jim White announcing on Monday that the rumours are ‘complete nonsense’.

Speaking on his show, Jim said: “I heard from the very top at Everton yesterday as Diego Costa to Everton was doing the rounds.

“You can forget that… that has been described as complete nonsense.”

But Wise fan is right, player wise we have never replaced Costa and if we’re still searching to do so by next Summer when the transfer ban is lifted you just never know.

Difficult though to predict what will happen next week in the transfer market let alone in a years time.

nine nine nine


Seems highly unlikely his going on 33 and can’t possibly be the same player he was plus all that dirty buggage he carries never worth it, would be a bad influence in the squad as he was during Contes time. We moving in a direction with hopefully no big troublemakers on board. You will though always get some disencion esp if you not playing.




I have to break ranks with you there. for sure Costa had some buggage with him. but so was Conte at the time because he was having weekly outbursts against the club which i think Costa never made it public. at the time i wouldn’t have let Costa leave. he is 30 now, by next summer he will be 31, the same age that Higuain and Giroud was when we drafted them. he is a proven goal scorer he has 52 goals in 89 appearances. that is impressive! i would take him in a heart beat if i can. him and Abraham will be awsome strike force.



It appears Costa burns bridges wherever he goes and I doubt he’ll get the opportunity to burn Stamford Bridge a 2nd time. I find him rather unsavoury and I doubt Frank needs that type in the squad whilst he is trying to build a ‘Chelsea ’til I die’ culture at our club.



Liverpool target compared to maligned star

Lallana TEAMtalk

Harvey Elliott, welcome!

Great feet and terrific speed.

Rob Forth Worth TX


Thanks Rob, my in depth analysis after watching the YouTube highlights is Harvey looks like a new Llana



Not in a bad way btw



Big_Balls, going hard for the U23 league?

Wait and see who we sign by the end of the transfer window before passing judgement



New Lallana?? No way!!!



“The Reds will focus on a policy of retention rather than reconstruction this summer, while snapping up young talents for the future.”

This is what Melissa ready has to say.

I really don’t think we are going to see much action in the transfer market this summer

Sean the sailor


All quiet at the Emirates

Emirates Stadium TEAMtalk

Well by staying quiet the majority of Arsenal fans are accepting it.

What next?Next season we’ll have even less to spend.For all we know Kronke is taking money out of the club to repay his debt which he incurred while purchasing the remaining shares.

Anyways,speaking of colarado rapids,i just checked they’re literally bottom of their conference table.LOL

Had Arsenal not have the revenue streams because of the brand wenger built over the years and the fans the club would be in a similar Position.

the specialone


Colorado Rapids are owned by Kroenke as well so it could be our future as time progresses.

Im not going to home games anymore if i go and watch its on away games only. But i stopped that as well as we have been crap away for 2 seasons straight. Since I have to travel very far i would rather keep my money as for merch I have never been much for buying a new shirt just for the sake of it. I have 3 at home the yellow one from 89, the purple one from 2005 and then a red and white one from 2010. So me making protests wont matter to much.



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