‘Liverpool a work in progress’ says Jurgen Klopp on his first year

Date published: Thursday 13th October 2016 9:10

Jurgen Klopp insists he still has plenty to achieve with Liverpool after admitting his first year in charge of the club has passed by in an instant.

The German took charge at Anfield on October 8 last year and his first year in charge has seen the club reach two major cup finals and become genuine top-four contenders once again.

The club has already seen fit to reward Klopp with a new six-year deal, but the Reds boss was keen to play down the progress Liverpool have made during an interview with Sky Sports.

“I never thought about the tempo or the speed of our progress,” he said. “I only knew that we have to get better. But that’s how life is because even when you are good you need to get better because all around will get better too. To stay in a race, it’s development. It’s everything.”

Our Red Letter feature last week reviewed the German’s first year in charge, and when asked if he’d thought about his 12-month stint, Klopp responded: “Actually not.

“Everybody asks me about it. So, it’s a year. Quite a busy year. Intense. Yes, with a few ups and a few downs and a really optimistic view of the future that we still have. Nothing else happened.

“From my side it was a bit … a really short year. It was really like this,” he added, with a click of his fingers. “Hopefully there’ll be more to come this year….”


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Klopp was then asked what had changed during his year in charge, but again the Reds manager was keen to stress how Liverpool were a work in progress.

“Nothing is finished at the moment,” Klopp added. “We’ve changed a few things but not too much because I think that what is really good here is that we have the kind of football that we play.”

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