Liverpool way behind Man City and need a huge summer clear out

Date published: Thursday 10th January 2019 1:38

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Manchester United and Liverpool fans debate their January needs, while our Chelsea readers discuss the future of Callum Hudson-Odoi, in Your Says of the Day.

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United’s wishlist

De Ligt would be amazing, He’s linked with a move to Barca and Juve, but with his strength and leadership he would be perfect for us!! Still very young, but very mature for his age already.


@lonely, imagine de Ligt and de Jong replacing Jones and Fellaini 😉


Loads of rumours about Kostas Manolas, anybody seen him play?


Not sure about De Ligt. Might be wrong but he looks a bit short on pace to me. Fits the profile of the type of player we should be looking for though. Either new kids on the block, or tried and tested world class players that have still to peak, not the ones that are clearly over the hill. What we should definitely not be doing, is considering the likes of Perisic and Manolas, they’re simply not good enough.


Bayern sign pavard and we think Young Dalot Valencia are good enough! This club can’t sort itself out every fecking year procrastinating but quick to sign a noodle sponsor b vultures!


Obviously one can never tell if certain players would become a success after a transfer to another team/league,but both Pavard and Manolas would have been huge improvements to our current team.The fact that there are not that many world class players out there,makes even the average players very expensive! Apart from K2,de Ligt and Skriniar,on top of the 2 players always injured-in Varane and Umtiti,there are not any world class defenders I can think of!
Come to think about it,makes VVD @ £75m look a bargain right now.J.Tarkowski and H.Maguire being rated @ over £50m,crazy stuff!



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Liverpool’s January plans

I will be surprised if we bring anyone in this window, it will be about who we can clear out in prep for the summer. I wouldn’t waste money on a CB, two games and then an 11 day break where Matip will be back and gomez will be close i suspect.

I think the wolves game shows that we have a good 16/17 players to rotate but in reality squad wise we are far behind the likes of city at the moment. Sturridge, Origi, Moreno and lallana(to injury prone for me) have to go. I do expect a big striker to come in this summer with probably a younger midfielder with plenty of potential to replace lallana. Im happy with what we have at the mo but next season i would like to go further in the cups with a bigger squad. Klopp had to rest the big players against wolves after a busy xmas schedule.


Don’t forget we’ll have Grujic and Wilson back from loan. And Ox hopefully fully fit from injury.


If you remember, we had a similar CB ‘crisis’ situation in January 3 years ago and took Steven Caulker on loan; but this resulted in him just making 3 PL appearances (the term is actually quite apt) in the 87th, 89th and 89th minutes of games and largely occupied himself up front or midfield for these few aggregated minutes. He did, however, make one start, and as a CB, in the FA Cup against West Ham in what was effectively a reserve team for us and we could have played Ilori in any case, who was on the bench. Maybe Klopp is just thinking back to what an essential waste of time it all was for all parties with his recent statement about it not being a viable option to go for a loan/free CB at this juncture.

My concern about Fabinho at CB is that he didn’t show the necessary defensive instinct (or maybe desire) for Wolves’ first goal on Monday. If you watch the replay, after he lost the 50/50 tackle on the half-way line (not blaming him for that as Milner dropped him in it and it may have been 55/45 against him); he only jogged back towards the bomb that was about to go off in front of our goal. OK, he was never going to catch Jimenez, but if Milner or Mignolet had got some sort of block or save, then an extra defender would have been essential to mop up the loose ball. Just worrying that he wasn’t busting a gut to get back in the mix for anything that may have ensued.

Red Herring

I dont think Coutinho is for sale, Barca will stick with him and I think Coutinho will become good sooner rather than later with regard to his consistency.



The Hudson-Odoi dilemma

Have to agree that something has gone wrong when you suddenly read all the plaudits and outpouring from anyone connected with Chelsea when they suddenly realise their lack of action means they could (will) lose a young player of great potential

However, my interpretation is that you feel that Chelsea are the only Club run in the way that we do and that all other clubs bring youth through on a regular basis and therefore never spend. I use Arsenal as the best example because under Wenger they were the closest I can think of being a top team who did not buy or certainly not expensive names. However, vven under Wenger that changed as he was under pressure to deliver

All of the top 6 and others spend money to gain success – it is simply the way that football has developed. Not even sure that we can claim to have started that trend as ManU always bought but certainly we did contribute but then all clubs followed suit as they wanted all the money they could get from Sky so that the EPL has become exactly what it is today – the best and most watched league in world football

Have we missed a chance with Hudson Odoi – I cannot hand on heart say yes or no but it would certainly seem that way. Should the board or manager have done more – most probably. But we always come back to the need to be successful on the pitch as it is vital as everything else feeds off of that success…?

Not sure that I have explained myself very well but hopefully you get the drift of me trying to find a balanced response…? KTBFFH


Look at the team Abramovic’s Yes men/woman have built.

A sterile team that I for one am finding hard to enjoy watching (can’t stand Sarriball), that has no local players playing for it and on top of that has little to no attacking threat. We are watching the worst chelsea team since the early 90’s


VOLUNTARI, ROMANIA - OCTOBER 30: Callum Hudson-Odoi of England reacts during the UEFA Under-17 EURO Qualifier between U17 Austria and U17 England on October 30, 2016 at Anghel Iordanescu stadium in Voluntari, Romania. (Photo by Ronny Hartmann/Getty Images)

Bort – I really do not understand the persistence with playing a local boy?

Obviously each to their own but I support Chelsea and as such my only desire is to see the team win. I want trophies and league titles and I really do not care if that is done with 11 overseas players in the team that each cost 100m

Nothing else matters to me at all and as far as I am concerned everything under Roman has been achieved to meet my requirements

If we can do this by playing entertaining football then so much the better and if some of the team actually come through the ranks then that is an added bonus as we simply save that 100m per player…!!

I know that we will not agree on this topic and I do not mind and am pleased to see differing views but must admit that I simply do not understand the stance that’s all. KTBFFH


Loftus Cheek was born in Lewisham 9 miles from Stamford Bridge, Hudson Odoi was born in Wandsworth you don’t get much closer than that to the Bridge and Ampadu is a Chelsea fan from a boy that will do as a start.😊

nine nine nine

CHO and RLC are starting to get a small amount of game time but we are on the verge of losing CHO due to our management of him.

You need local players or at minimum players of nationality in the starting 11. Recently we have been playing games where neither have featured. The main one that comes to mind is the Tottenham away game in the League where we got thumped. Not one player on the field that day understood the occasion, it was lackluster and uninspiring.

Just think almost every team in the history of the game has local people playing for their team whether they are from the youth academy or not. In the last 15-20 years we’ve had: Terry, Lampard, A Cole, J Cole. Who did the Chelsea fans love the most? these players because we the fan can relate to those players understand and the fans know that.


Bort mate I know exactly where you are coming from. As a supporter you can feel a genuine affliliation with certain players. You can sense a genuine love for the shirt and the club, and many players have not dissappointed over the years as when they are interviewed it is evident that they are genuine Chelsea supporters, even though they have moved on and played for other teams. THat is not as obvious with this present group!!

However it is a game of opinions and we will not all agree.

Much of this thread has been about CHO and playing youth.

Ironically one of the Coaches in the Roman era who was in the top two for giving youth a chance was available when we knew we were letting Conte go.

Since leaving the club he has enjoyed moderate success across Europe:
Paris Saint-Germain
• Ligue 1: 2012–13
Real Madrid
• Copa del Rey: 2013–14
• UEFA Champions League: 2013–14
• UEFA Super Cup: 2014
• FIFA Club World Cup: 2014
Bayern Munich
• Bundesliga: 2016–17
• DFL-Supercup: 2016, 2017

and is now keeping Napoli in their traditional 2nd place in Serie A

But we’ve got Sarri Ball!!!!


As a fan who have never set foot in GB (and I am a Chelsea fan since ’90s): I think football (or soccer, depending on which country you are in) club has become an international brand. Chelsea won’t ever play 11 British players anymore on the field. And same as Man Utd, Liverpool or any big team (Juventus, Madrid, Barça …). Not even Bayern, a club that prioritizes buying German talents. When Vialli fielded 11 non-British players, it was the first time ever. And now I believe it’s no stranger that a team fields 11 non-British starter.

Having said that, I also believe this current team need core players. We had it before in Terry, Lamps, Drogba and Cech. Players who were staying for long time at Chelsea and who were influential. I am hoping Hazard stays true with what he said that he wanted to become a legend for Chelsea by signing the extension and lead the team to the new era. That’s why also it seems to me it’s important to extend the contract of David Luiz. He is a leader. Our new core now should be Azpi, Hazard and Luiz. And we do have some new players who have the potential of being our core like Rudiger, Kanté and Alonso together with British players like RLC and Barkley. I also hope CHO stays to add some British spirit and mentality in the team but seems unlikely.



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A trip to the South Coast

Tough game this. Brighton have only lost twice at home this season (Spurs and Chelsea) and are unbeaten in four.

A few tricky players too like Knockaert and Andone. Glen Murray’s always a handful too when he plays. They have players throughout the team that contribute to their goal tally altho as a team they don’t score too many (paradox?).

With Lovren out Fabinho will likely partner Virgil with Robbo and Trent returning. With Fab there the double six picks itself in Henderson and Wijnaldum. I expect Shaqiri to start too (altho could be a good opportunity for Keita to finally show us why we clambered for his signature). Our usual three then up top. Bobby will fancy his chances again sticking in a brace last season in our 5-1 win there.

Although this game could be any result I think we’ll bounce back. 3-1 to us.

Rob Fort Worth TX

This is a massive test of our character and I’m fully expecting ya to bounce back with a win

Bag 4 picks itself with fabhino in for lovren

Hendo, Winji Bobby as ten

Shaq, salah, mane

That’s what I hope the team is.

If we play Milner instead of Shaquiri I’ll be disappointed. Go there and attack

I’ve spoken to a lot of our fans recently and a lot of people fear this game.

I don’t. I expect us to bounce back and win the game. This is our biggest test so far this season as we have to bounce back after two defeats. It’s a massive game.

We will have to fight hard for the points. I just hope klopp goes with the front 4 of Shaqiri, Firmino salah and mane.

If we do drop points the vultures really will be out for us but I’m expecting us to win and to kick on. Plenty of rest between games now and win this and I really think it will just kick us on.

Sean the Sailor

Can understand the fear, if we lose it could have a huge effect on the title race. Having said that I think we’ll return to winning ways.

4231 for me. The 433 is more for high press and we don’t need that vs brighton and have looked good with the more pragmatic 4231. Fab in defence so Gini and Hendo in the middle and the usual 3 plus Shaq up top. Firmino as the 10.

Would at some point like to see Keita as the 10, or more precisely as the advanced midfielder, maybe not as advanced as a 10 but winning the ball high and driving forward. Not out wide as recently. Maybe if we are up a few goals we could rest one of the front 3 and try him there.



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