Angry Jurgen Klopp slams ‘public perception’ of Thiago as ‘just b*******’

Date published: Saturday 20th February 2021 10:33 - Matthew Briggs

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Jurgen Klopp says the “public perception” surrounding Thiago Alcantara’s arrival and the slump in form of Liverpool is “just b*******”.

Thiago arrived at Anfield in September from Bayern Munich to much fanfare. However his time at Anfield has not gone smoothly. 

The champions are well off the pace in the Premier League, losing six times already, and five of those defeats came with Thiago starting.

It has produced a narrative which has seen Thiago as the scapegoat. Jamie Carragher tried to defend the 29-year-old in his Daily Telegraph column on Friday and now Klopp has done the same.

The former Liverpool defender insists Thiago is the right player, but “has found himself at Anfield at the wrong time”.

“He came in late, which is just the nature of some transfers, then he got Covid, got injured, and still had to adapt to a new team – and a team which was not exactly flying with no problems at all,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“We’ve had to rebuild the team pretty much every three days because of changing the last line and changing a lot of things, so that’s just really unlucky for Thiago. But he has played some exceptional games and had some exceptional moments on the pitch, and he is so respected in the squad.

Thiago has made mistakes. The most recent of which came when he conceded the free-kick from which Leicester equalised last weekend. Klopp though remains insistent at Anfield they are clever enough to know that Thiago “needs time”.

“It’s just a public perception. ‘Oh, Thiago is in and we don’t perform well anymore.’ These kind of things are just b*******, let me say it like that! They are just not right,” said Klopp.

“Everybody needs time to adapt. Bayern played a different style, in a different league, and were much more dominant in the Bundesliga than any team can be in the Premier League.



“So, that’s all different. But thank God, we are all smart enough to judge the situation correctly here. Thiago can play better football, yes, of course, but we all can play better football. No doubt about it.”

Klopp plays down slump

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Klopp’s continuous bug bare appears to be the media’s coverage of the champions. The German has made it clear that each negative result is met with an over the top reaction from the press.

And the German is adamant Liverpool’s displays have not been as bad as their sixth-place position suggests.

“The situation is not cool. But it’s not as bad as it looks when you talk to the media,” said Klopp. “It’s two worlds. It’s the view from outside and the view from inside. Both are completely fine but I cannot be influenced too much by the view from outside.

“It’s not something that I’m really interested in because I know, and I have always known, that I give 100 per cent. It’s probably not the best 100 per cent in the world, but it’s my 100 per cent and I cannot give more. I did it when we won all the games and I do it now.

“It’s not like in good times we close our eyes and say, ‘Come on, let’s keep going and do all this again and again and again’.

“We are always changing things but always while using our principles and that’s the situation we are in now. We had the results we had, and now we go for better results in the next games.”

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