‘Liverpool could do worse than target Abel Hernandez’

Date published: Friday 20th January 2017 7:20

It’s a huge three games for Arsenal, a Liverpool striker target is suggested and one reader caught up with Steve Clarke in LA, all in Your Says of the Day.

‘He averages 9 games per season’

Fatmop, my apologies – if you take off two seasons, that makes an average of about 9 games per season, out of 60-odd. Glad you pulled me up on such a gross exaggeration!

Returning to my earlier point, we’re never going to keep a world-class RB happy as 2nd choice to Bellerin and Jenks, IMO, is as decent back-up as anyone we have at the club.

Maybe he’s not happy as 2nd choice, which is fair enough, but I hope Wenger is doing everything he can to try and keep him.

We’re far more likely to keep a Gooner happy, if he’s not playing regularly, than someone with no connection to the club.

Al The Gooner

Big three games for Arsenal

Next 3 games are season defining. We simply must win our next two home games and get something against Chelsea.

If chelsea lose to liverpool then we could potentially be 5 points behind them when we play them at the bridge. Win and we close the gap to 2 points, lose and we’re pretty much out of the title race. That is where we stand.

You can see the damage that consecutive losses has done to us (Everton and City). We’ve been playing catch up ever since.



Our man ‘one of the most optimistic writers out there’

I have to hand it to Dave Tindall – one of the most optimistic writers out there.

Wish I could be more like that. Funny, I looked at Liverpool’s last few results as poor. Unable to beat a L2 club at Anfield and only scraping through in the return leg.

I would have expected the kids Liverpool are producing to be a lot better than that. If L2 is there level then there is not much hope of seeing many of them in the Premiership any time soon.

Finally I thought Liverpool dropped two points at Old Trafford. Man Utd were poor and were there for the taking but Liverpool started defending their 1 goal advantage like it was the 95th minute – but from the 68th minute.

Yes a few counter attacks here and there but mostly just seemed intent on clearing their lines. Trying that tactic anywhere is dangerous, but at Old Trafford its just suicidal.

Yes I see Liverpool at top 4 this year, but no chance as champions.


Abel Hernandez worth a shot?

Looking ahead to the summer I would keep an eye on Abel Hernández

What do you guys think of him? Hull may well go down worth a shot? We could do far worse….


‘Memphis must question his ability to adapt’

Mr.Mak, we bought Firmino when Depay went to Man U. Mane was brought in a season later but anyway Firmino has made a greater impact than Depay.

Also,Depay must question his ability to adapt himself at Lyon as the dressroom over there is unbearable.

Just FYI: Players like Lacazette,Tolisso,Ferri,Gonalons,Ghezzal do not like players with huge salaries and rarely appreciate stars.

These guys have been playing together since the youth academy and Valbuena had a real time to adapt himself while players like Lindsay rose and Claudio beauvue handed transfer requests.



Speaking to Steve Clarke at coaching convention was enlightening

I attended a coaches convention last week in LA and had the extreme pleasure of speaking with a number of ex managers in particular, Steve Clarke. Steve, as you remember, was hired by Kenny Dalglish as Liverpool first team coach 6 years ago. I was intrigued to know exactly what went on during his short stint with us and he didn’t hold back.

Steve took 100% of all training sessions, every one of them. I knew in advance that the players really enjoyed working with Steve as he brought a lot modern ideas and methodology to his sessions. Kenny would patrol the fields, speaking with players and staff ensuring that ‘culture’ of the club was maintained (the session itself last week was about Cultures).

Steve said Kenny trusted his players 100%. Kenny was all about socialising and allowing the players to socialise as a team (with their partners) at every opportunity so Kenny would tell Steve to put on light sessions the mornings following the social gatherings which Steve was never keen on as he had a very regimented periodisation curriculum to stick too.

For those not in the know most coaches (including myself) stick to these types of programs which are specifically tailored for the season knowing when to condition, rest and so on depending on the team schedule. They work!

So Steve was often miffed that Kenny would throw this on him as he had his session planned and ready to go but Kenny would always say ‘they won’t let you down at the weekend.’

Despite this, Steve really enjoyed being at the club and he believed he made an impact (which I told him he did!).

However, when Kenny was sacked, Steve tendered his resignation which wasn’t accepted. The board were hanging on to see who they would appoint next. When Brendan was appointed Steve wanted to stay on but Liverpool eventually fired him as it was either ‘officially resign or get fired.’ Getting fired of course generally gets you a little extra bunce.

Steve knew that Brendan took his own sessions so it made sense in the end for him leave. All in all it was a very engaging half hour or so and Steve touched on his time under Mourinho and how much he learned from him regarding session content and structure, how and when to apply it and lots of European ideas and methods.

Also had a chat with Hope Powell too, former England Womens coach and she was great.

Attended a session with Jurgen Klinsmann too and managed to get in at the Q&A time and first of all said that I still hadn’t forgiven him for pretty much beating us on his own back in ’95 when Spurs dumped us out of the FA Cup Quarter Finals which he found very funny.

He said Liverpool weren’t very organised that day and he and Teddy had a field day against our back line. He did, Jurgen was absolutely outstanding that day. What a player. The main question I asked him though was whether he was actually offered the Liverpool job and he said yes following a conference call with H&G.

He said Liverpool were paranoid that Rafa would get the Real job because Ramos was on his way out and Liverpool needed a back up ready to come in.

I stupidly asked if he would have taken the job and he said yes he would have done and would have brought a number of Bayern backroom staff with him. Bloody interesting stuff folks. I wonder how we would have done under Klinsmann and Bayern’s staff?

From what I know Klinsmann’s Achilles was the tactical side of the game he would have surely done better that Hodgson right? Thought I’d share my experiences with all y’all.

Rob Fort Worth TX

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