Liverpool face daunting festive schedule after swap rejected

Date published: Wednesday 16th November 2016 3:55

Jurgen Klopp: Explains his comments

The Premier League have rejected Liverpool’s appeal to move a festive feature, meaning they will have two play two games in under 48 hours.

The Reds asked to reschedule to kick-off time of their January 2 meeting with Sunderland, considering they face Manchester City in a top-of-the-table clash at 5:30pm on December 31.

The game with City was moved by BT Sport, with the later kick-off time meaning the Premier League leaders now face the prospect of playing two games in under 48 hours.

Manager Jurgen Klopp admitted in October that the club would attempt to move one of the fixtures.

“Now I have seen the fixtures and I am not too happy,” he said. “We have less than 48 hours between our game against Man City on December 31 and in Sunderland on the 2nd.

“Forty-eight hours is an interesting idea but less than 48 hours I cannot believe. I learn more and more about this league and maybe I have to ask someone if we can ask if there will be another time for us at Sunderland.

“Our job is to do everything we can to win games. I understand tradition – I would never say Boxing Day is not a good idea as I love it and I have absolutely no problem.

“But now having a match day with two days between there should be another possibility.”

The Premier League considered Liverpool’s request to move the kick-off time of the Sunderland fixture – which is scheduled for 3pm – but have rejected the appeal.

They claim that it would set a dangerous precedent to move fixtures for the benefit of one club.

City will also play at the same times as Liverpool – they are at home to Burnley on January 2 after the game at Anfield – but they have less distance to travel in between games.

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