Draxler ‘ticks all the boxes’ for Chelsea, fans claim

Date published: Friday 20th October 2017 1:14

Liverpool fans preview their Wembley date with Spurs, what is the value of Georginio Wijnaldum? And are Man Utd lining up Saudi investment? All in our forum…

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Spurs’ strengths and weaknesses


Form – I think Klopp will need to give special instructions, Spurs are no mugs and have toppled Dortmund and got an away draw at Madrid in recent weeks.

Quality Defenders – Spurs have the young defender Davidson Sanchez that we SHOULD have gone for as an alternative to VVD in defence. They also have those defenders Vertonghen and Alderweireld who have been the two best defenders for a long time….I think we will need our clever and tricky front three of Salah, Couts and Bobby to be on form.

Balance – They have a very balanced team, Dembele, Ali, Kane, Ericsson, and Son will be their main threats. Our Midfield will have to be disciplined position wise defensively and attacking wise. If I had to be honest, I would say Spurs have a better midfield overall. Would Henderson or even Emre Can get into their midfield? It’s questionable.

Kane factor – I don’t want to think about Lovren vs Kane lol but hopefully, with Matip’s help we can keep him quiet.


Lack of pace? – As good as Spurs is there is definitely relative lack of pace in the squad. They have some fantastic forward players like us but they don’t really have blistering pace in the midfield and attack. They are quick enough but we shouldn’t be too worried about any attacking mid/forward speedsters like Sterling, Debruye, Zaha types. The speedsters that they DO have are the wingbacks who we will have to watch.

3 @ the back – I believe Spurs play three at the back which is something we might be able to exploit as I think we have fared quite well against teams who play three at the back in the past.

Wembley – Playing at Wembley will be interesting and may actually help us. Spurs are struggling to play well there (although they won recently) so maybe we can use that to our advantage?

Tiredness – will they be more tired than us especially as they had a tussle with Madrid whilst we had a training match in Slovenia?



Love the Tottenham strengths and weaknesses.. Would have been interesting if you had done a Liverpool strengths and weaknesses too.

Dembele I believe will not be starting.

For me it’s very simple. How the game will be won or lost by Spurs.

The highs of the draw against Madrid, may play apart on Sunday… Can if get ourselves up for another big game straight away?? I think of the back of the Madrid result, it will not be a problem.

Poch has proven with the Dortmund and Madrid result he can change tactics, both games we dropped 10/15 yards further back due to the oppositions pace. Only question is now, will Poch adopt the same tactics for Liverpool, personally I think he should. If he does we win, simple as that. It will all come down to the high line.



A good time to play Spurs

Not a bad time to face Spurs. They had a difficult match whereas we were just cruising after 25 minutes in midweek.

We might have been held on Saturday but the players were surely more satisfied with the way the game panned out and their total dominance against a title favourite.

That performance must have reassured the players that Klopp will never set out a team whose main objective is to hang on to a draw at all cost but will more than likely make them assert their authority in most matches. At the very least they will be facing City and Chelsea on an equal footing. No surprise then to see Firminho, Coutinho and Salah playing with a smile on their face.

Our defence has looked composed and confident of late and the pair Matip and Lovren are marshaling proceedings in an impressive fashion at the back.

If we can weaken or even better nullify the influence of Ericksen on the game we can get the three points on offer.



Speed key for Liverpool

Capt, Kane, Ericsson & Alli will pose a far greater threat to our D than an isolated Lukaku or Maribor did. That said as you rightly pointed out we should be high on confidence after dominating proceedings v manu & annihilating Maribor.

Speed is probably the 1 thing we have over spurs & hopefully we use it well.

If it’s as I expect & an open game we are in with a real shot at the 3 points but I can’t see past a draw, they are just a bit better balanced than we are.

Number8 wasgr8


The value of Wijnaldum?

Not sure of the value of Winaljdum now.

A player we signed for over 25m who has a massive tendency to only play well if we are playing at home? So we paid 25 million for a player who rarely plays well away. Yes Gini was probably the best player against Utd last Saturday but he was probably the worst player against Maribor even though we won 7-0!!!

On that historical basis it would be madness by Klopp to play him against Spurs this weekend but on a deeper inspection, I think Gini will have to up his levels this season or he might find himself being sold in the future.

Reports of us chasing Goretza albeit as a replacement for Can are mounting but surely Keita’s arrival will put his position under pressure.



Draxler the man for Chelsea 

I still think Draxler would be a good addition, he can play as a 10, 8 and a winger. I think he would be an ideal replacement for KDB for us, He can dribble, he can score ,he has speed and and he can shoot. He is only 24. For me he ticks all the boxes going forward.



3-4-3 for Watford

I think this game may be very difficult. David luiz should start ahead of Fabregas.Rudiger ahead of Cahill. And Pedro ahead of Willian. revert back to the 3-4-3 system that won the league for us.

Why is Pedro not starting a game of late? Why is Fabregas lasting for 90 minutes without contributing? Why is Cahill starting ahead of Rudiger whom we paid £34m? Bakayoko looks confused. We are missing Kante more than any other player.

The closest we have to him is David Luiz and Conte took him off while we were 2-1 up. Whilst keeping Fabregas for 90 minutes which gave Roma license to dominate midfield. My team for the game is 3-4-3. Courtois, Azpi-Christensen-Rudiger, zapacost- Luiz-Bakayoko-Alonso,Hazard-Morata- Pedro.



Chelsea XI v Watford

According to reports today it seems that both Luiz and Cahill will be passed as fit for tomorrow. The fact that Bakayoko has not been mentioned implies that the only fit “real” midfielder is Fabregas so I see few other options other than Fabregas and Luiz in the middle (hopefully further confirmation from Conte in his pre match interview)

It also implies that Cahill will start but personally I would go with Dave, Christensen and Rudiger. We have to start with Pedro, Hazard and Morata and revert back to our normal favoured formation (which is on the cards following Conte’s admission that he got it wrong midweek)

Must admit not looking forward to the game and feel that Watford will be relishing our current woes so expect a really tough game. with what appears to be our current fragile confidence I really hope we do not go behind as I am not sure how we will respond…? KTBFFH



Saudi deal to pave way for new United buyer

I heard united have signed a partnership with Saudi Arabia to aid their football development and enterprises.

This could be interesting; hypothetical scenario but the positive compliments coming from the Saudi side in conjunction with uniteds popularity there ,coulddddddd open up a potential buyer that would be ideal in my eyes.

Money no object a real challenge to the qataris and Abu Dhabis! I remember when taksin sold city his words ” I will sell it to Someone who will take the club to new heights just watch” he was right wasn’t he? It’s where the money is Middle East and maybe uniteds profile stature fans stadium will atttact many.


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