Liverpool fan jealous of prospective Arsenal arrival; Ole to blood new class of 92

Date published: Thursday 18th July 2019 1:45

Everton Soares Gremio

One Liverpool fans says a prospective Arsenal signing is a real bargain, Granit Xhaka is discussed as a future Arsenal captain and is Ole Gunnar Solskajer blooding a new class of 92? All in our forum…


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Can Xhaka lead Arsenal effectively?

Whatever the reasons behind the fallout of the club and Kos, there is no way back for him as Captain of the team IMO. So, who then, would be the obvious candidate? The press are saying Xhaka. I’m not convinced by the player but we are short of options and I read that actually despite his unconvincing performances he is pretty vocal in the dressing room and the training ground.

Can he motivate on the pitch though? I wonder if Monreal could step up? What’s Leno like? Dani Alves anyone? Seems to me that all this demonstrates to me is no obvious leader in the entire squad.



Xhaka the right man

Granit Xhaka TEAMtalk

Max – Xhaka has captained Borrusia Monchengladbach,Arsenal and his national team switzerland(which to be honest is a huge thing).That’s 3 different managers that think he’s captain material at a relatively young age.

There is not other obvious choice here.Whatever you may think of him as a player,it should definitely be him.It should’ve been him even before koscielny.

Should Dani alves join,he should be considered.The only other candidate I might consider is Sokratis.Apart from that no one.

Have to laugh,on twitter there was a poll and some deluded gooners actually selected Bellerin to be captain.I literally laughed so hard LOL.

the specialone


Mata a squad man

Juan Mata Antonio Valencia TEAMtalk

I don’t think Mata expects much game time to be honest but I think Ole knows we need senior pros on the training ground. If Matic goes and Jones/Smalling then that’s three senior players, not necessarily the best, but senior who are gone too.

That leaves the youngsters under the influence of Pogba and Lingard, imagine! O the horror!



@hookeddevil – Mata is going to be marked in the Premier League… if he can’t handle it against Leeds then we can’t expect him to handle the Premier League marking.

@killyboye – whilst leaving the kids under the tutelage of Pogba and Lingard is frightening, it shouldn’t be the main reason to keep Mata around. If anything offer him a significant pay-cut and a player/coach role and bring in a replacement.


Sympathy for the Devils


United’s pressing game

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

I think i can see now why Ole is keen on fitness, the pressing from the boys is top quality but still pressing like that with these defence is a nightmare, we really need a strong CB who is mature and a first team player, Lindelof and Bailly can not be partners, instead they should be fighting for one spot.



Some positives from this game, but don’t think the team is good enough for the season. Do some clear outs and snooze ins before the season begins. We still look hopelessly shaky at the back. Any decent side would have scored a hat full. Jones and Smalling were all over the place and it looked last ditch far too often. You don’t see that type of defending with half decent sides. Break the bank for decent defenders for God’s sake.

theMartial Art


Give the kids a run

Marcus Rashford Mason Greenwood

In 1995 we sold Hughes, Kanchelskis and Ince. We didn’t replace them with big money signings but instead brought through Scholes, Beckham, Neville x2 and Butt. The rest is history.

With the way things are at the minute I would have no problem with us selling Lukaku, Matic, Young, Sanchez, Rojo, etc. and just blood the youngsters. Gomes, Garner, Greenwood, Chong, Tuanzebe, Wan-Bissaka, James, Rashford, Martial, McTominay.

Maybe a bit of experience at the back in Maguire would be good, plus if Pogba can lead in the middle of the park. Big risk though with Pogba. Hes just as likely to make all the kids instagram sensations than hard working footballers. Pogba is no Keane or Cantona.



@manthistle – Good points. I don’t mind if we sell Lukaku and give a chance to Mason. Hopefully Gomes, Garner and Chong replace Mata, Sanchez and Matic in the coming years. The reason why Ole is going for mostly British talents is to establish a continuous team spirit both in club and national level. Fergie used that strategy as well.

theMartial Art


Here’s to hoping that the youngsters can replace the older players and achieve what is expected of them. Liking the look of Greenwood, Tuanzebe and Garner so far… Chong and Gomes need to show a little bit more.

Think Wan-Bissaka will be a great signing and am quite confident that James will come good too.

Still need a solid CB, a ball-winning CM and a top class RW however if we are to challenge.

Sympathy for the Devils

Ole in refreshing mood

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

I’ve got to say it’s been refreshing listening to Ole in pre-season. He’s definitely got a lot of Fergie in him, and that can only be a good thing. The focus on youth, fitness and attitude is great to see.

Dan James and AWB look like good signings, and whilst it’s too early to say they’ll be a success there seems to be a good blend of talent and attitude there. Being British also removes a lot of the issues around adapting to lifestyle or having their heads turned by their childhood dream club abroad.

Mason Greenwood also looks like he could slot right into the squad, very calm finisher, good technique with both feet, I can see him getting goals for us this year.



Liverpool missed a trick

I cant believe arsenal have picked up everton soares so cheap. He is gonna be amazing for them alongside their current top two. Emery is using the klopp blueprint. Everton soares is an amazing talent. Absolute snip at 36mill. Cant believe we werent in for him



Was Coutinho terrible in a midfield three?

Philippe Coutinho TEAMtalk

In the midfield of a 433 yes he was terrible. He didn’t track back, ran into space where Mane or Firmino already where, took shots from stupid angles. As a left inside forward he was pretty good, but not as good as Mane. As a “no 10” probably falls somewhere between the two, but as we rarely play that way and I can’t see Klopp investing so much on a plan B there probably little point discussing it.

77% tackling success doesn’t really mean anything unless in context. How many did he attempt? What part of the pitch where they? What impact did it have on the game? Individual games do not interest me in discussion, I could list some of his terrible game and it would just turn into tit-for-tat. It’s about the whole season, and our midfield is performing far better than the one that Coutinho was part of.

Think I’ve said enough on what I think, and in a fair amount of detail,, so over to you lot. C’mon, let’s have detailed answers on how you would see it work, who would drop out, how the fullbacks would need to change if at all, how would it impact the roles of the front 3 and their movements?



I would like to see a midfield three with Oxlade and Coutinho with Fabinho holding… Instead of the engine, go for some creativity. That’s where he could slot in and then provide cover for Mane or Salah.



But NB that would be a complete shift of tactic, and after such a successful season is that really wise? A team needs balance, and sure you can have a super creative midfield, but you must balance it out somewhere.



Luis Suarez; Philippe Coutinho TEAMtalk

13/14 season Coutinho played left of the diamond midfield, probably the deepest midfield position he ever played for us and was very good at it, we had a fantastic season that year playing some of the best football I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching a Liverpool team play.
When Klopp took over he generally played wide left of the forward three, it was really only when Salah arrived and Mane moved left that we started to see Coutinho play in a more central attacking midfield position, although he also did play left.
For the half a season he played there, he played the finest football of his career and this Liverpool team really started to purr.
We still had issues in defence and goalkeeping which were sorted out after Coutinho left.

This narrative that Coutinho was a terrible midfielder is simply a rewriting of history. Was he as solid as Wijnaldum? Of course not, they’re 2 different kinds of players but he certainly was much more creative and scored more.
Us and City play very similar football the major difference being in midfield.
We play a 6 and two 8s slightly further forward (Fabinho, Hendo, Wij) which gives us a very solid midfield albeit not too creatives while City
play a 6 and two 10s (Fernandinho, Silva, De Bruyne) which offers them much more attacking threat and ability to break down stubborn defences more readily.
The suggestion that Coutinho couldn’t fit in our midfield is ridiculous.

Having said all this I don’t think he’ll join.
He’ll prob end up at PSG.


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