Liverpool fan predicts 2 key changes; Arsenal supporter suggests new captain

Date published: Tuesday 10th September 2019 2:19

Liverpool fans hope to put more daylight between themselves and Man City this weekend and changes are predicted, while one Arsenal fan has put forward a new skipper, all in our forum.


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Can Liverpool put pressure on City?

With City not playing until tea time that day it gives us a great chance to extend the gap and put a wee bit of pressure them with a tricky trip to Carrow Road.

Our visitors, Newcastle, have started their new season in typical Newcastle style; a little all over the place. Only one win so in all comps which was satisfying win at Spurs.

The last time we played this lot at home was Boxing Day running out 4-0 winners with goals from Lovren, Mo, Shaq and Fab. Starting Xi that day: Alisson, Trent, van Dijk, Lovren, Robertson, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Firmino, Mane, Salah and Shaqiri.

The internationals will have a bearing on who starts this so I expect Fab and Milner to definitely start with maybe Ox or even Lallana. Gomez may get a start too. Usual trio up top.

I expect nothing than a 4 or 5-0 win here.

Rob Forth Worth TX


Brazilians set for a rest

Fabinho TEAMtalk

I see changes for this game.
Brazil play Peru, in Peru, at 4am Thurs morning.
Fabinho and Firmino will get back sometime Friday afternoon and with the match on Sat as an early kick off I can see both these rested in prep for the Napoli and Chelsea games.
Shaq, Mane and Salah all didn’t travel with their international teams instead staying with Liverpool. I can see all 3 starting. Matip and Milner stayed at the club so I see both of them starting.

Not knowing of any knocks etc my predicted team to be..
TAA, Matip, VVD, Robbo
Ox, Hendo, Milner
Shaq, Salah, Mane

There’s also an argument to be made for change of formation similarly to how we did around this time last year,
TAA, Matip, VVD, Robbo
Shaq, Hendo, Milner, Origi
Salah, Mane

This would almost be a 2-4-4 when in possession.

Can defo see changes for this game.



Glazers getting a kick in the teeth?

Solskjaer Glazers TEAMtalk

We tried 2 “accomplished managers” without success so who’s to say a third would be any different.

As for the Glazers getting a kick in teeth, I’d be surprised if they have any teeth left after failing to qualify for the CL 4 out of 6 times since SAF retired.

Given the Glazers aren’t going to make the massive investment needed to get us back to the top quickly, the only option is to get quality young players so that by the time we are getting the final jig-saw pieces the first pieces are in their prime and senior players. Playing together for a long time gives the stability the team needs, produces leaders and better performances since the players can forge partnerships and understandings.

That means giving Ole more than a year or two, more like 3 or 4 years.



@macguffin – there’s absolutely no guarantee on a 3rd accomplished manager – hence why I made it a point not to say anything other than just trying out a new manager.

As for the Glazers, finishing 10th means less Premier League money and no Europa League qualification money either – which will definitely give them pause at least. It might be the key for them to say “do you know what, if we don’t fix this we’re going to keep losing money” rather than them saying (as they currently are): “Seems like this team, on a good year, will get CL and that’s us sorted”.

As for Ole, yes to fulfill the plan of his proportions will require more than 2 years but if the team is failing spectacularly and he doesn’t sort it come the end of the year, perhaps we would need to review whether the project is worth it in the long run or whether we’re better off just working for Top Four each year (though it’s not what we want in the long term, it’s what the owners want and they ultimately will decide how well this club succeeds.


Sympathy for the Devils


Xhaka in the firing line


Guys, it’s not just the penalties which lead to goals or his mistakes that do the same. What about the free kicks in three seasons he’s given away that have cost us? What about the number of players he’s let go past him or the other major errors that then lead to goals? I suspect that no player in our history has proved to be such a major liability as Xhaka. He has absolutely no attributes apart from spraying a long pass when he has time to do so.

Even at Liverpool, we are trying to withstand their onslaught straight from kick off. Then after five minutes, Xhaka deliberately steps on a player’s foot outside our box, immediately putting us under pressure with a dangerous free kick- why?! He should not play for us again. I would put Luiz in his position as soon as possible if/ when Holding returns if Emery wants “experience” in our midfield. However, experience counts for nothing when you make costly mistakes but Luiz might just make fewer of them in midfield than defence hopefully. Sack Xhaka and make Lacazette captain as I suggested a few weeks ago. The Swiss thug still does not accept criticism.

The problem is if we “just” focus on his awful tackling that suggests the rest of his game is ok. It is not by a very long chalk and we will never improve when we have him in our team undermining everyone else’s efforts.



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