‘It’s not Mourinho’s fault full-backs don’t go past halfway line’

Date published: Friday 12th May 2017 12:21

Liverpool fans point the finger at FSG and claim the squad is “paper thin” and suggest they could be primed to sell, while Man Utd fans debate whether Jose Mourinho is responsible for their boring style, all in the forum.

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Arsenal vulnerable until they score

Our problem (along with many others) is that we looked scared and insecure until we score first. When we score first its like a weight gets lifted from the players shoulders.

Up until we scored we looked like a team that was going to lose. If saints had got the first goal i think we’d probably lost saying that. However they didnt and as soon as we scored, much like against utd we started to play with purpose and focus.

Andy- not sure i can agree on your point about Monreal, he is too slow and he is weak, whilst he has looked ok at LCB i would drop him in favour of Holding in that slot. Gibbs fits the WB role really well, he is good at defending very good at attacking and quick. Holding actually reminds me a little of a young Cahill, the way he is composed and brings the ball out of defence and doesnt seem afraid of any challenge.

Agree with you on Xhaka though thought he had another good game on Wednesday night, as did Rambo. I get on Rambo back like there is no tomorrow, but last couple of weeks he has been quality. He has stopped all the fancy flicks and trying to turn every one, he is giving the ball quicker and showing signs of the player from a few years ago. Long long way to get back to that but at least he seems to be taking steps in the right direction.

im under no illusion that we should still be playing better, but there are signs to suggest we might have just turned a corner, we need the belief to start games better.

Stoke this weekend, keep same team out unless Kos is fit then drop monreal and put kos in. If chambo aint fit stick in bellerin.

The Hulk


Ramsey has dropped away

Sorry Hulk. I don’t think Ramsey had a good game. Only one header to Giroud. I watched him and noticed he runs all the time but aimlessly. On defense, he seems slow and does not arrest the ball carrier. Just seems to run in the general area, to no affect. Looses the ball often. Some good attacking lines, but then poor control, or taking too much time to get away strike.

He has dropped away from the high of two seasons ago. I like him, but feel he is a weak link that is being carried by the team. The engine runs good but revs are always on idle. Possibly due to injuries from stress on tendons and muscles.
Welbeck too good runs but not clinical with finishing. I know good goal against United, but little input for very little reward. “Well wide” seems to ring in my ears from his days at Manure.

Gooner for life.



Ramsey is turning a corner

Gooner54, as i said i think he is turning a corner. last 2 games are the best 2 games he has had for us in over 2 years! against UTD he was very good, against Southampton he was good.

I agree he still gave ball away a couple of times but his runs are good, they take the attention of other defenders allowing more room for the likes of Welbeck, Sanchez etc.

I have been asking that he be sold for ages now, i just think its fair that even when people are crap when they do better they should be praised. Your singing from same hymn sheet.

Welbeck is one of those players i think you cant help but like. He is honest as you like and works so hard for the team. His finishing is crap and i wouldnt think twice about replacing him through teh middle with someone like Lacazette. who was brilliant last night against Ajax, He has a solid all round game.

The Hulk


Putting Fabregas back on bench would be ‘poor’

I’d start with exactly the same team as versus Boro. To put Fab back on the bench after his last performance would be poor imho.

I know it might be seen as a bit of a risk not starting Kante, but with three games to get the three points and Fab being such an important player for us (imho anyway), I think it’s a risk worth taking in order to send the right message to the Prem’s best playmaker.



Will Conte rest players?

Resting players for the FA Cup? I reckon that will influence Contes thinking. We have more than enough physicality with our back three and Matic, not forgetting that Moses can hold his own.

For me Cesc starts. And Luiz can be rested as JT is more than able to hold his own. West Brom aren’t a side with huge pace and, as has been mentioned on here, they’re struggling for form and goals. Willian should also start…allows us to give Hazard a break.

In the unlikely event we are chasing the game we can then bring on the likes of Hazard



Fabregas to make way?

Cesc Fabregas: Dictated the play for Chelsea

Ok guys, like every Chelsea fan i feel Fabregas merits a start on Friday. but let us not forget that while Conte rewards players for their performance, he also likes to play a fully settled team.

That is why i suggested that Kante would start if he is 100% fit. if not we are bound to continue with our current combination of Fabregas and Matic. but if Kante declares himself fit, i can’t see Conte dropping Matic as many are suggesting. the only person to make way will be Fabregas. but let us hope that we complete the job. whichever team that Conte picks will have my undivided support.

Bort, it doesn’t make any difference if Westbrom hasn’t scored or haven’t won. you can’t use that as hypothesis on how they will perform. take Middlesbrough as an example. they couldn’t score a goal, and what happened when they faced City?

Sometimes the occasion my get the best out of a certain team. like Westham, like United when they faced us. i expect uncle Tony to do everything in his powers to try and disrupt our title party. and as Conte stated, he is preparing for that.



FA Cup furthest thing from Conte’s mind

Stuilse – personally I think the FAC will be the furthest thing from Conte’s mind tonight. My feeling is that first and foremost he wants to get the league mathematically sorted and I therefore expect him to field his strongest team

We all know what that means with really only 2 choices to make – Pedro/Willian and Matic/Fabregas. For me, Pedro would be nailed on and the only open question is Matic or Fabregas. While I do not disagree that Fabregas did well against Boro, it was just Boro and at home. Personally, I would opt for Matic with a view to use Fabregas if we need to

At the end of the day, whatever team is chosen will be strong enough to win this game. Once the league is wrapped up then maybe I can see Conte resting a few to protect them for the FAC but at the same time continuity is good so a balancing act for Conte but you can be sure that he would love to do the double in his first year…? KTBFFH



Liverpool team is ‘paper thin’, ‘FSG ignored it’

I’m done excusing them for what they did for us when we needed them. WE are one of the biggest brands in football and as their own emails go , “we were a steal”. So let’s forget the sentimentality, especially when it’s now harming our ambitions.

I’m not calling for an FSG out scenario, they’ve been tuned in enough to get someone of Klopp’s abilities but I feel like they’ve done it for the wrong reasons. Klopp has a reputation for doing well with a smaller budget. . us football fans have other ideas about his achievements. The thing is, none of what we dream even matters. FSG have made a profit in the transfer market ever since they signed Klopp. their highest expenditure has been signing their assets to new contracts.

the team is paper thin and that was obvious leading up the the January window. . but they ignored it completely.

After some talk in another thread about FSG, I thought it only wise to create a new thread. . one that begins before the summer transfer window. I wanted to get fans primed on the idea that the club must spend this summer or we can forget our ambitions and bow below the bottom line.

We made some good signings last summer but no matter how smart our scouting department is, we can’t expand numbers and quality at the same time and we are in the situation where we need both.

We’re going to have to buy a lot more than we sell and if FSG aren’t up to this then they need to sell the club.

Mr Makaveli


Liverpool primed for sale?

John W Henry: Liverpool owner

On balance, they have done well by us.

Its not clear why we haven’t bought this Jan – Klopp seemed to indicate he doesn’t like to spend in the winter window. But I agree this window is a real acid test. If they do give Klopp what they are rumoured to be and we get 4 really quality signings and we get the new section of the stadium then they have done well in my book.

If they don’t, then I fear we are being primed for sale…



’30 league game appearances for the last 18 seasons consecutively…’

When we’re playing West Ham on Sunday, I’ll also be trying to keep an eye on the scores of the final games in the Dutch Eredivisie to see if Feyenoord (with Dirk) can get over the line and win their first league title for 18 years.

They currently sit 1 point ahead of Ajax and have (on paper) a straight forward home fixture against a midtable team who should be “on the beach”.

I don’t know whether Dirk has plans to continue playing next season, but he’ll be 37 in July and he may see it as a fitting way to finish a career with a Feyenoord success.

Never the most talented footballer to play the game, but a really top bloke and if effort and dedication were the determinants of success, then he would have few peers.

Just noticed on his Wikipedia entry that, come Sunday, he will have made at least 30 league game appearances for the last 18 seasons consecutively – which is quite an achievement. 316 career goals, for someone who the phrase “worked his socks off all over the pitch” was written for is not too shabby a return.

As for Ajax, they can focus on success in a different competition on 24th may.

Red Herring


Mourinho’s tactics are the reasons for so many draws

Wow Jose I have to give it to you as you have some United Fans heads firmly up your arse.

To blame the fans to blame the players but give the manager a pass is laughable.

Anderlecht was the same as this game whereas they had a late chance to put us out as well but fluffed it.

How the Jose brigade don’t understand that his tactics are the reason for the draws where he gets the goal then holds on to it instead of continuing to put the team under pressure and not giving them any imitative making defensive subs instead of attacking ones and only bringing the attacking ones on when we concede a goal.

Yes once he has spent another war chest he may be successful but you can’t dismiss what you are seeing at present.



‘It’s not Jose’s fault’

@ika come on mate how can you blame Jose for that sh*te yesterday seriously? The players are just shocking not matter who the manager is. If it was LVG it would have been the same crap (but last year was LVGs fault)

It not Joses fault that our fullbacks dont go past the half way line or that our attackers like Mikkhi track so far back that they end up playing as wing backs.

we were 1-0 up and Jose made the right decision to bring on carrick, sit back shut up shop and close the game out. Its not his fault that carrick is so sh*te he cant even use his experience to help see out a game in the last 15 mins.

If we had the chelsea or Spurs players this year do you think we would be be in the same position as we are now?



Mourinho still having to use Van Gaal’s players

LVG bought sh*t players and then didn’t even play some of them they were that bad rs83.

Mourinho, on the other hand, has bought good players but is still having to utilize LVG’s bad players. Pretty simple really.


‘I hold Jose to account’

JM1. watching Jose on the touchline closely from the stands only on a couple of occasions did he indicate to the team to move up top. That was after their corners.

At no other point did I see him worrried by celta having the ball so much. Admittedly we have some crock of sh*te but bloody hell let them play in their respective positions Mikhi the prime one there is no reason he should be left back and Darmian getting pulled inside towards center back it happened all game Jose was watching this!

ON THIS OCCASION I hold Jose to account because we nearly blew it and instead we should have blown celta away I don’t care what anyone says about us being shit celta should not be troubling us!!!!


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