Liverpool fans agree Leipzig man will be summer target; Sarriball a myth

Date published: Tuesday 22nd January 2019 2:01

Liverpool fans go over the Philippe Coutinho sale and believe Jurgen Klopp will target a striker in the summer, while Chelsea fans dismiss “Sarriball”.


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Timo Werner for Liverpool in the summer?

Ginger who told you we’d sign a replacement? Someone in the club? Or just speculation?

You sound like you expect a signing this month but it’s not that easy in January, no one wants to sell unless mitigating circumstances.

I think we’ll go for Werner in the summer.



Threeps, I don’t expect a signing this window and yes I agree I think we’ll go after Werner in the summer but that might not be straight forward. It also doesn’t help us this season while we’re chasing the title.

My problem is…
08/09 going really well in the league. Keane maybe not having the impact we wanted (for various reasons) but we sold him in Jan, didn’t sign a replacement, hadda rely on Ngog as back up, narrowly lost the league.
13/14 going really well in the league. Salah had been a target for several weeks before the Jan window, widely reported by reliable sources, we’d an agreement, we changed the terms at the last min and wouldn’t pay the £13mil? fee so he went elsewhere, narrowly lost the league.
17/18 going well in CL and league, playing some fantastic football, scoring goals for fun, Coutinho having his best ever season, sold him in Jan, didn’t sign a replacement, lost the CL after Salah went off injured and we were limited with what we had on the bench.
18/19 going extremely well in the league, knock out stages of CL, still no Coutinho replacement, looking very light up front if one of them get injured, to be continued…..

I’ve seen history repeat itself too many times.



What’s the obsession with a Coutinho replacement?

Philippe Coutinho TEAMtalk

17/18 sold Coutinho and the team plays better overall. You are talking with the benefit of hindsight, football doesn’t work like that. Who is to say if Coutinho stayed we might never of made the final? I can’t, so much as I can’t say he would of made any difference in the final.

I’ve said many times you can’t just buy a player in January, there’s very little value about, there has to be mitigating circumstances. Is it any coincidence that hardly anyone has bought this winter? Look at Chelsea, desperate for a striker and still not got one.

Never understood the obsession with a Coutinho replacement. Why can’t we just buy players that suit what we need? If we get Werner, or we went back for Fekir (we wont!) then it’s because Klopp wanted them not because we needed to replace Coutinho. And we don’t have a 140m Coutinho shaped hole burning in our pocket either, we haven’t seen anything like the full amount and if he is sold we never will.




We were hardly playing poorly before we sold Coutinho.
The football was dazzling.
It would be much easier to argue that the signing of VVD that Jan made us a better rounded team however selling Coutinho, who was having his best season, made us weaker as a squad. Frequently before we sold him we played only 3 of the fab 4. Having that quality on the bench pushed them to perform. If one was suffering from a niggle or lack of form another could step in with no change to the quality.
This isn’t hindsight. This was highlighted at the time.
We struggled playing CL and league in the latter stages of the season culminating in Lallana having to come on for an injured Salah in the CL final. Up to that point we were the better team. What I woulda gave for a better player to come on.

When I speak of a Coutinho replacement I’m not talking about a like for like replacement. I’m talking about a forward who can play more than 1 forward position at the quality of the other 3 so that any change is virtually unrecognisable.
We were hours away from spending £50mil on that kinda player so clearly it’s in Klopps plans. Recently Mane hasn’t had the best form, previously Firmino. It’s hardly affected us but wouldn’t it be great to have another player of the kinda quality to challenge those players or indeed replace them time to time.

We now play 4-2-3-1 more often than not. That now requires 4 forwards. One med/long term injury to one of them and we’re looking at Sturridge/Origi for the rest of the season.

Reminiscent of what I’ve said in previous January’s; I hope the decisions we make this month don’t come back to bite us at the end of the season.



Can Shaqiri, Keita, Sturridge, Origi play in the front three effectively if we get an long term injury to Firmino, Salah or Mane? Im not sure on that. That for me is why I would try to sign a forward, even if we have to pay a small premium.



Personally, I think it was between Allison or Fekir, and when Karius failed to perform in pre-season, Klopp decided on the former.



Don’t believe that for a second.
Fekir was hours away from being revealed.
Everything was agreed. He’d even did a PR piece for LFCtv to be aired only for the last thing to be done, the medical, showed up something we were too worried about to complete.
If you remember correctly we were already being linked to goal keepers at that time. The choice was between Oblak and Allison. We bid on Allison, Roma refused the first bid so we we just paid full whack.
Both woulda been signed if Fekirs medical hadn’t have showed up dodgy sh*t.



Pulisic puzzle

I thought we were buying Pulisic next summer but I can understand why the club let him join Chelsea, because of that we still have an opening in the team. I actually doubt he would have gotten into the first eleven.
We got the front three ahead of him, Shaqiri, Keita and Lallana all pushing for a spot as well, I think we need someone a bit further into his development.
Top name right now for me is Werner, who has been setting it alight in the Bundesliga and I am still very keen on Inaki Williams. Who is having his best season ever for Athletic Bilbao, 7 goals in 19 league games so far. I’m pretty sure about his will to succeed.



Lalanna can not play in the front 3. I think
We need to forget about him
Altogether as he’s been injured the best part of 18 months

We need another attacker. Hopefully ox comes back soon but he will take a good while to get up to scratch

sean the sailor


No fun watching Chelsea 

I haven’t enjoyed watching Chelsea for months now. Their football in recent weeks has only regressed and its becoming more and more depressing to watch. Passing Sideways, sideways, backwards, Sideways or crossing the ball into Hazard when we no ideas how to move the ball forwards in the final third. Its been like this for a few months now and we are averaging around 1 goal per game in that time. Higuain will not fix this as the problem stems from our Midfield as they all play so flat and offer nothing in the final third.

I personally have never enjoyed the style of Football Guardiola and now Sarri churn out. Barcelona and Bayern Munich were go boring to watch the only thing that made Barca good was Messi and if they haddnt of had him they would not have been winning all the titles they did with Guardiola. At Bayern Guardiola bought all Dortmunds best players and the league was theirs for the next few years.



999 and 1905 The only reason we still where we are is because like all new managers it was a good start, however the real stuff begins to come out after some games. Want be long before we out of the top 4 and no chance of getting back in.

Sarriball is a myth, I have yet to see any difference an this style of play as opposed to Contes or even Maureens, if anything with all the backwards and sideways passing and slow buildups its even more boring.



‘Sarriball is a myth..’

‘Sarriball is a myth..’

haha. Actually it’s a media-originated term (as indeed are most labels). However, Sarri has a philosophy/style much respected by many (including Pep Guardiola).

I think where you’re confusing yourself Moos is that what’s being produced currently by our team doesn’t reflect Sarri’s objectives. He came in at the last minute before this season and hasn’t yet had time to properly implement his game plan. Let’s hope he gets the necessary backing in the transfer market to do so.

This short vid might help:




I agree that ultimately every coach needs to retain a degree of tactical flexibility in order to exploit opposition weaknesses. Tbf I think Sarri did exactly that vs Man City recently, where he played deeper and surrendered possession in areas where he might usually press more.

However, imho you can only start customising your system once it’s established and running in the way you wish it to. Sarri needs to achieve his primary objectives first as otherwise he’ll be forever putting his philosophy second in order to adapt for different teams each week. With Man City I think he made an exception due to City’s obvious strength.



Personally I see a lot of differences in the way that sari is attempting to play compared to Jose and Conte. Regardless, we all see various attributes but we all agree that currently it is not working as well as expected

I still believe this is partly down to not playing a recognised striker and using our most influential and creative player in a role he does not like or is suited to. I also feel that Kante is being wasted. Not saying he has not improved in the advanced role but I still feel as a team we felt more comfortable and confident with him playing deeper

I also agree that our midfield is not the end product. Playing Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic is to similar and not creative in terms of passes or goals. Barkley was an improvement on that but has regressed (IMO) and RLC could potentially add something positive going forward but of course remains injured. We need that extra little spark in there to open tight defences and/or hit the box to get goals

Still think Sarri deserves the benefit of the doubt has he has only been manager for 5 minutes and is still learning and moulding his squad. KTBFFH



1905 maybe the players are not playing as instructed, the slow sideways passing has become an issue in all the Chelsea sites, for instance Barkley never played like that before but does a lot now same as Kovacic, Willian and Alonso, cant believe Sarri has told them to play the ball like that.



Jose Mourinho

Jose failed. He made lots of big mistakes. His personality is such that he couldn’t turn it around, i remember someone saying as much a few months ago. Think it was you Blacky?
But it’s difficult to argue with a lot of what he said. He wasn’t backed the way Pep and Klopp have been was he? The proof is there for all to see. Ok so he probably wouldn’t have played the swashbuckling football that those two have been playing – but i still believe if he had have been given everything he wanted he would have built upon his Europa League win and 2nd place finish last season.

There is still plenty wrong with the club and this group of players, a couple of smiles won;t change that. Remember Ranieri being sacked and Craig Shakespeare came in and won his first 5 games in charge of Leicester. Where is he now? Hopefully Ole continues as he is, but we’re still in the honeymoon period.

We’ve moved on from Jose now, let’s see what the next chapter is.



BeIn Sports interview

Jose Mourinho TEAMtalk

I think those tw*ts at BeIn sport showed how useless they are with the way the approached Mourinho like he was the Queen celebrating her 100th birthday. Yes, he was their guest and was being paid an obscene amount of money to be there but why even ask him those questions if they didn’t/couldn’t follow up on them? He got the royal silk-glove treatment and everything he’s said since getting sacked (and long before that) has made it abundantly clear how wrong he was for the club…and right the club were in letting him go.




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