Liverpool fans analyse Klopp’s tactical failures in dramatic derby win

Date published: Monday 3rd December 2018 11:19

during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Everton FC at Anfield on December 2, 2018 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Liverpool and Arsenal fans reflect upon their derby day delight, while our Manchester United readers analyse their failings in Your Says of the Day.

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Origi makes ultimate impact

Great idea from Alisson to play the ball for Trent. great impact performance from origi. I feel bad for my lack of faith in him, as he nearly scored a few mins before that and setup Mane to shoot also (but he didnt quite get to it)..

What a weird goal to score but Origi was alive to take advantage of the mistake. Full credit to him.

Honestly though, we got away with this. Im ok with it for now. I think origi has earned a start. I;m deadly serious. Firmino dropped, Origi to start the next match.


Mak, the front 3 need competition. Klopp had to finally break them up and try something different.


Good things come to those who wait!!!!

Come on Divock Origi son, you just might have saved your Liverpool career tonight.

On to the next game as usual, also good to see Fabinho and Keita get some minutes also


Divock Origi TEAMtalk

Can I join the club of not giving a flying f**k how we played? Im too emotionally worn out to fret over anything but potential lost points.

Alisson was great today. I think we put him under pressure at least 2 times today with difficult back passes but he was really solid and I think we concede today had either of the other 2 been in there and that’s what we paid for.


MrMak i think tonight showed why we had to spend 60m on a keeper. I dont think Alisson would’ve made that mistake by pickford. And that save to deny gomes..brilliant


Stole that!
Don’t know how!
But I’ll take it.
Didn’t play well at all.

Play Burnley away midweek and I think we need to give Firmino a break.
Could very well be the time to start Origi and have a big man up front who is willing to hold the ball up and chase ball into the channels.
Who knows?!


A draw would have been fair, Everton were very good.
Alisson had his best game. Fabinho stared very good then went off the boil.
Mane once again our best attacker.
One again & I’ve said it enough times Firmino deserves to be dropped & please don’t trawl out more excuses.Why wasn’t he subbed earlier??
Well done Origi did more in the time he was on than Firmino
I want Firmino back on form.
Lucky but what an excellent win.


Another poor poor performance rescued by a huge slice of luck. Our European form is more reflective of where we are, we have been very fortunate in the league so far. Midfield is dire at the minute but we are getting away with it. That won’t last and unless we sort it we will get found out. We need an addition in January, to come in and lift our midfield. Defence and keeper outstanding again. Firmino needs at least a month on a beach somewhere, he is shit awful at the mo. Speaking of Mo, so’s he, dreadful today. Mane by far our best forward. We robbed the points today.


Been thinking this for a while now and today pretty much sealed it for me but I just don’t think we’ve the personnel to play 4-2-3-1.
Normally the 1 is the pointy end of yer attack. A target man, or someone that can run the channels and hold the ball up. Someone who can create their own chances.
Someone who’s a finisher.
I’m thinking Torres, Drogba, Costa etc.
Salah just isn’t that player. At one point VVD was playing long balls up to Salah who was up against Mina. Ridiculous. Yes we played long balls last season to him but that was down the channels into space to utilise his speed.
This currently isn’t getting the best outta him.
IMHO Salah would be much more effective playing off the right as he’s used to or possibly as the 10.
Firmino just isn’t working as a 10 either. He’s just not that effective there. When he’s played as centreforward and drops back into that space it creates confusion as the centre backs arnt sure whether to come out to follow and the midfielders arnt sure whether to drop back. This in turn creates space for those around him. I’m not saying all Firminos ills would be solved by playing a different formation, they won’t, he’s just not playing well but 4-2-3-1 certainly isn’t helping.
It’s a formation that hinders than helps our players IMO.



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Derby delight for Arsenal

Well played Arsenal a deserved win , Poch got it wrong today where was Toby, Rose , Walker Peters and Winks ? He also didn’t react when we were 2-1 up but they were all over us without taking anything away from Arsenal we were heavy legged and it was a big game to soon for us after Chelsea and Inter.
We were never going to beat both Chelsea and Arsenal so no complaints.

It’s your day Steveo fully deserved just glad it was only 4 !!!


been a long time coming and we were lucky to be the last of a hard 3 games in a week for you, as you showed against Chelsea it could have been different, but we are slowly becoming a much better and different team under Emry


What a game! Full of incidents, goals and passion. A famous victory! The atmosphere in and around the ground was the best it’s ever been. And I’ll hold my hands up Torriera is an absolute brilliant signing and I was delighted to see him score even if it did lose me the prediction! He has become such and important player for us.

Also, how important is Aubameyang? We’ve missed a top stricker for a while now and he is it, a player who is full of goals. The way he took the second goal was class and I’d really like to see more of him and Laccazette starting up front together. Ramsey too played an important role and even if he’s leaving I think he needs to start.

Bring on Man Utd!



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More dropped points

We are not gettting results thats why happy no longer clap his hands.

I predicted before season that Mourinho (and Bayern M Kovac) would be gone before x-mas.
Still think so and it gets worse by the minute under his helm.
What to say about his team selection today…Matic,Pogba,Fellaini,McTominay,Lukaku.
Big physical players but its all nothing more. Compare to Southampton small,quicker technical players cutting through our unmobile spine of above quintet with ease.
A relegationside,thats laughable but then you remember the 300M Mourinho has spent and your not laughing anymore. I really think any of us would be a better choice than Mourino right now.

Sack him now and let Carrick be the interim manager. Then call Blanc,he advocates a creative positive football and thats what we and the players want.


Soton-v-Utd TEAMtalk

The south coast has not been kind to us this season. Mind you, nowhere has. What’s to say, no surprise other than the number of goals. I expected a Palace repeat.

I don’t get folk moaning about team selections. Pick any 11 out of a hat and it won’t be much different.

I can’t see this turning around. Players know if they try to be creative and do anything risky they are in the firing line for JM abuse so instead its easier to try to stay under the radar. And they know JM is in the firing line for the sack so do they want to save his arse. I see this developing (if it hasn’t already) to a Chelsea situation where the players just won’t play under him.

Just read Herrera saying ……. “We should approach the Arsenal game like a final.”. That”s small club mentality. Under Fergie the philosophy would be it doesn’t matter how big or small the opponents are, it’s just another game and every game is as important as the rest.

@united we win .. while you are busy distracting Mr.Jones ….. Me and Misses Jones, we got a thing goin’ on !

@mufc …. with postcards you get to do some licking !

@zico … what does it sayabout club structure that there’s nobody experienced to be interim manager. its DoF again.


I reckon even with a new manager 4th place is out of reach, unless Chelsea or Arsenal have a meltdown. Even if a new manager comes in, can he improve the team? I reckon the youngsters will improve, but there are to many cart horses in midfield, which will make it difficult to play the modern-day, high tempo pressing game. Best a new manager can do in the Jan and summer, is clear out as much as possible.


Mourinho is gone now….may as well do it sooner as later. If it has to cost the fee required to sack him now then that is the price to pay and Woodward has to answer to the Glazers for that. Don’t think anything will change before the summer with an interim manager but it is now quite clear he is doing the unthinkable and “managing” for the sack. You can’t have a manager who has given up.

Seriously though blacky….I first used bedwetter on here to describe the glory hunters pissing their knickers at the first sign of trouble. Will you do me the good grace of not joining in and let the fuckers use it as their own insult? You’re very creative with your own vocabulary to let us know what you think of people, I am sure you can find something suitable to describe those of us that kept the faith for too long.

For what it is worth, I think Mourinho had the very best of intentions of making Manchester United great again for a long time in this job but has now given up on perhaps the biggest shit head group of players ever to play for this club. I fucking hate them, far more than I hate Mourinho.

I don’t think the bedwetters truly appreciate what is truly on at our club and why it will be years and years before we see a league title again. Unless we get a Saudi Corwn Prince. And there lies the rub that rips my soul apart. A chainsaw murdering owner or the Glazers and I really don’t know which I’d pick.

Wonderfuel Gas

Jose Mourinho Manchester United

Board Mourinho players it’s in that order for Me!

Despise the board for watching this sinking sh*t show unfold and procrastinating! When will you end this nightmare Not to forget commercial club first, football later truly despicable people killed the soul of this club!

Mourinho? Blame everyone but himself if you ain’t 6’3 built like a tank forget it. His Archaic tactics have killed us. Un droppable Matic Lukaku etc
Leaving more fluid players Fred pereira etc out. Disgraceful decisions. We were always the most attack minded club the envy of others now we are nothing.

Some Players have downed tools and some should be so far away from this club it’s unreal the list has been regurgitated over and over again! We know who they are.

You can’t sack 15 players but you sure as well can sack this archaic bus driver! Something has to give because this cannot go on. Do something you leeches!


The recipe for this disaster is owners who wants the club to be like Disneyland.
Minimal input and maximal output regarding money.
Three different managers after Fergie,none of them couldnt match the dna of football Man United stands for. A CEO who cant tell the difference from football and amusement park. Add to that a scouting department who cant tell the difference from Messi and Johnny Evans.

Which of Moyes,LVG and Mourinho came closest to match the dna of Man United?
Moyes was doomed from the start with the Old Guard but when he changed to younger players upfront like Chicharito,Nani,Kagawa he produced his best football.

LVg did his best football on the US-tour. Did some breathtaking quick football but reverted to a slow dull possession yawn with no end product.

Mourinho started well and seemed to bring in the right players. Scored for fun but going to Anfield changed everything from scoring to not losing.This manager do not understand the dna of Man United or an entertaining football at all.
All he cares about is his CV and ego.

Next manager(and DoF)should have a vision of scoring more goals than opponents afraid of losing. Another important thing is to find the right players.
I would copy the way Dortmund finds their youngsters and quickly becomes first team players.


In the halcyon days of Fergie, we had players aplenty with both quality AND character (mental fortitude and temperament).
Now we have a hodge podge of players, tha majority of whom, do not satisfy both criteria:
Both Quality and Character – e.g. DDG
Character but little to no Quality – e.g. Fellaini
Quality but little to no Character – e.g. Pogba
JM is trying to mould a team that has character and quality but he has hedged his bets on a group of players that are not up to it. A combination of a lack of funding, poor investment decisions in recruitment and retention, CEO interference in football decisions and a failure of the manager/coaching staff to implement a coherent style of play that players and fans alike buy into will see the axe fall on JM.
However, as @WG has pointed out, this mess will take some unravelling and righting the wrongs wont be happening overnight, whoever is in charge.



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Blues do the business

Well done Ruben. Now i hope you get to start next week although with this manager i doubt it! For large chunks of this game Fulham out played us and performances like this show why we cant beat top teams.
Grateful for the points but not happy with the performance at all.
Only thing worse than that performance were the fans -no pride, no help for Alonso and no noise at all -pathetic.
Up to third-probably wamt a draw in the North London derby followed by an Everton win.


3 points, woeful performance!!

Agree totally about the home support! Embarrassing! I know it was a Sunday match but it was not being played in a church!!!

Play like that next weekend and we will get well and truly spanked!


Watched only 2nd half. Morata missed a sitter. Not a good perf. Any ball to Jorginho can be read easily. Our tactics have been found out. But 3 points are more important than anything else. Wolves away Wed.


Another very flat performance. Where has Sarri ball gone?? We starting the season with sharp, fast passing, high pressing and possession with attacking intent. The last month or so we seem to have defaulted to the sedative football we’ve become all too used to at Chelsea.

Watched both London derbies today. At least the second one was entertaining. Our home support was embarrassingly silent. You can’t blame it all on microphone positioning – every time the camera went to the crowd there was plenty of closed mouths. I could hear the Fulham fans just fine. The crowd at the Arsenal game is what a crowd at a Derby should sound like.

I’m not normally this negative, especially after a win, but I’m really not happy with the way things are at the club at the moment. I don’t think its Sarri’s fault, but he does need to change things up a bit. One last moan – I’m still not convinced by Kovacic at all, and considering he is not even our player, I’d put him third behind Barkley and RLC at the moment – two young, English Chelsea players.


Ruben Loftus-Cheek TEAMtalk

Not a great performance but getting the win was the most important thing.

We’ll have to considerably up our game v Wolves let only v City. Other than Kante and Kepa I don’t think anyone had a half decent game.

Our biggest problem is no matter who plays up front neither of them are good enough, our midfield three have no goals in them and when Hazard plays at 80% we really struggle.

Well done to Ruben though a good cameo and he took his goal well.

We need the crowd to get more involved too far too quite today, but on to Molineux on Wednesday night now and hopefully a better performance and 3 points.

nine nine nine


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