“The whole Van Dijk situation was handled poorly by all involved”

Date published: Friday 1st September 2017 2:20

Liverpool fans reflect on what might have been with Virgil van Dijk, plus our readers debate how good Man Utd’s window actually was.

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Who had the better window?

Well let me put it this way happy, Chelsea bought a striker like we did. They bought two midfielders to our one. They bought a CB that’s gone straight into their team and they’ve bought a full back. That, for a team that finished over 20 points above us last season seems reasonable. Would I have bought the players they’ve bought? Some but not all. Would I have bought the players we’ve bought? Probably one – Lukaku strangely, who’s not my type of footballer really but who will score goals. I wouldn’t have bought Matic – he’s a good, dependable CM who’ll do ok for a couple of seasons but he’s one paced, not dynamic and ain’t going to win us the league. As for Lindelof, I just wouldn’t even have considered him. We in fact didn’t strengthen where we needed to, at full back (both) and out wide up front. Mate, Rashford, Miki, Martial and Mata aren’t wingers – my two month old grandson told me that by the way. As for Phil ‘the farm labourer’ Jones, only a matter of time mate, only a matter of time. No, not a good window and only avoiding disaster by dint of the fact that Citeh couldn’t get Sanchez and the scousers couldn’t get Van Dijk and Keita, otherwise it would have been a lot worse. Neymar and Mbappe – now that’s a 9/10 transfer window mate!!



Rating United’s window

Now that the window is closed, it is time to rate the transfer window:

Lindelof – 5/10 – Whilst I understand he is one for the future, the fact that he hasn’t played yet this season despite us running out 4-0 winners against West Ham and Swansea and 2-0 against Leicester where the manager should have had enough faith in him to play a bit of time, it makes me feel we have a bit of an issue on our hands such that he may not be the level that our scouts / coaches actually thought. Sure we’re playing well at the back right now but, realistically, Jones is one minor injury away from us having an issue if Lindelof is not ready to be a first team player. At 40m you expect a player to be ready for first team football.

Lukaku – 8/10 – He’s already scoring goals and our play has improved due to his ability to get involved and faster movement than Ibrahimovic. Would like to see how he does against tougher opposition before judging him however, as a signing, I think we did well to get him.

Matic – 8/10 – A player I didn’t think was the best choice at first but am happy to admit that he has won me over already – he has complimented Pogba brilliantly and added a new dynamic to the team.

OVERALL – 7/10 – Whilst the signings of Lukaku and Matic were good ones, we are still lacking a pure pacey winger to give us a different outlet to the ones we currently have. Likewise, with Valencia not being offensively there this year and Shaw out injured, we seem to be lacking in both full back positions and at least one of these 3 positions should have also been addressed in this window. A good start to the season is very positive however we’ll only know if we did well once the injuries start (inevitably) rolling in.

Sympathy for the Devils


Arsenal’s anti-climax

Well that was a bit of a anti climax. No Sanchez move, Lemar bid for 92 million along with him possibly turning us down. No defender no midfielder signing so we’re going with what we got until Jan at best. Lets try to make some sense of the mess. Although I would off liked a few more to be shipped out as well as join I think we have a clearer picture of what we’re going with for the season ahead. Im glad Mustafi ended up staying as I rate and like him. So I can see Mustafi, Kos and one of Monreal/holding/chambers fighting out the other position when all fully fit. I see we rejected a deal for chambers and I think he might be given a chance after holding being unimpressive and Gabriel now leaving. On the wing back role it’s quite obvious as Bellerin and the hulk/Monreal. Now midfield is where I’m torn as Xhaka and Ramsey ain’t working so we need to choose a combination and I think possibly playing maybe coq next to Xhaka especially away from home to give him and the team the support and defensive shield they need. Further forward regardless of the saga Sanchez is a must but funny we haven’t heard much of the Ozil situation hopefully we can get a buyer in Jan for him even if it’s 15 odd million, I wouldn’t like to see Iwobi given a run in the team instead of Ozil or maybe even playing Ramsey further forward behind Laca. I like Lacazette don’t no what happened with him not starting Against pool but with Giroud and Welbeck waiting in the wings I think we should have enough to mount a challenge for the top four as the league is well and truly out of our grasp.


Seems Chambers might be used as cover in that RB/RWB position. Debuchy is a lost cause and an abysmal waste of 30m odd in fees and wages, and I really believe he has lost all confidence and motivation to play football. He’s happy picking up his pay cheque, and that’s it.

I’m happy we kept Mustafi – never particularly rated him, but I was having nightmares about us being left with Kos (Achilles), Mert (slow OAP), Holding and Chambers (both u-21) as our only CB options.

Something tells me we will revert to the old 4-2-3-1 system which will see us using 2 CBs, Ozil back in his usual position, Welbeck backing up Sanchez and Giroud backing up Lacazette. RW is still throwing up a major stink, as Walcot seems to be the only option there. We could play Lacazette there (he cut his teeth out wide before moving central) and have Giroud or Welbeck up front, or play Welbeck there as another option.



What a difference Van Dijk makes

Regardless of what we all think re: just how much of a difference VVD would have made (I think he would have made a siginificant difference as the likes of Lovren make too many individual errors) you can’t argue that VVD put his neck on the line with his own fans and handed in an early transfer request. The whole VVD situation was handled poorly by all involved.

Again though Klopp got to shoulder a good percentage of the blame should it go pair shaped with the cb situation. He should’ve been involved in ensuring we had a back up.

Again all this being said whilst I understand people being pissed (I am with the way things have been handled) we still have one of the best attacks in the league and will get 4th (maybe even 3rd). That being said it could have been even better.


In theory if we keep coutinho and get Emre can signed on a new contract then we have a well balanced team.

We could have done with an upgrade at CB but dont need anymore journeymen.

Gomez is there to learn and replaces Lucas games there last year. Klavan is injury cover. Still think we need another CB for cover but dont think our defence problems are down to personnel, we’ve had zonal marking issues for a long time, surely on set pieces man marking is the way to go. Also if we want to continue to see (and I’m assuming we all do) the kind of attractive pressing attacking football Klopps got us playing then we are going to have to put up with defencive frailties at times.

The Fulcrum


Chelsea’s obstacle

There are stories breaking out now that the players that changed their mind about joining Chelsea did so cause they believed that Conte did not want them which is of course not a good atmosphere to have at any club. Could become a serious matter if it is true.



Sour grapes on Sanchez

It looks like Arsenal will keep Sanchez which means they keep a player that does not want to play for them the and the player they want turns them down, he wants Liverpool….so the sour grapes of Wenger means Sanchez will not be a City player but he looses on both counts. Sanchez will go at Christmas at a loss to Arsenal because nobody will pay 60 million for 4/5 months play time.

Brian blue

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