Klopp will deliver Liverpool Prem, CL double; Arsenal’s Napoli fear

Date published: Thursday 18th April 2019 11:15

Liverpool fans review last night’s Champions League action and look ahead to a massive weekend in the title race, Arsenal readers preview tonight’s Europa League quarter-final second leg with Napoli, and Chelsea supporters discuss the futures of Mateo Kovacic and Willian – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Great result on to the next game.

What drama in the other game.



Much better 2nd half, yet still a lot of bad passes all round.
In the end it was an easy win & we had full control, I don’t think our team will be very tired after this match.



A thoroughly professional away performance in Europe bar the slight mishap.
They were always gonna come at us from the start hoping to get the early goal and rattle us but we stood firm scored first and that goal basically ended their chances.
Front 3 all score, big Virg in there too with Capt Hendo coming off the bench setting up one with a fanastic cross and prob shoulda had another assist only for Mané not to finish.
We’re really starting to purr.
This team just looks so professional and composed compared to recent years where we ran more on emotion.
Into the semi finals of the CL and sitting top of the league 💪🏼
Gotta love the ride this season.

Still trying to work out if the City result is more of a positive for us.
I can see this really knocking the stuffing outta City. Their senior players, guys in their 30s have never played in a CL final. That is the one they really wanted. They’ve won the league previously, that’s been done but the CL has evaded them. That idea of the “quadruple” is gone!
Other side of that coin is will Spurs have the legs to take something off them again this weekend which is what we really want. Spurs will be confident after sticking 4 past them these last 2 games, let’s hope they can do something on Saturday.



Job done, we now just need to win the more important game on the weekend.

Our squad depth is really shining through, especially in midfield



Great win. Next round and we certainly can give Barca a game

Sean the Sailor

Great night of football. Do think though that city will look to punish spurs at the weekend, hoping they go into meltdown but it’s unlikely. Thankfully spurs and utd have a lot to play for and shouldn’t roll over. Some season.

The Fulcrum


Spurs will need the three points against City, it will be a interesting game for sure… I still think City will rebound with a win



I’m not so sure.
I can see this knocking City a bit.
The CL is everything to them, both as a club and individuals within the squad.
Leeds have gotten further in the CL than them. The likes of Aguero, Silva, Fernandinho etc have never played in a CL final. Their personal ambitions will be to at least play in one of not win and now this is another opportunity gone with them in their 30s.
And who do they play next? The very team that’s put them out. The team that’s ended their dreams. The teams that knows how to get at them. The team that needs points to ensure top 4.
I just wouldn’t be too convinced that City will win this league game. Can see them being flat.
Here’s hoping.



You’re certainly right about the CL being everything to City, their owners want to win this trophy more than anything else and dominate world football.

But no chance, this is one jewel in the crown that they hopefully will never be able to buy.

As for Saturday, City may be deflated but out for revenge, but then Spurs will be emotionally and physically exhausted. For me a draw will do fine



I’m not confident Spurs can even get a draw on Saturday to be honest. From watching the highlights it seems City carved Spurs open like a hot knife through butter. Will Spurs be able to keep up the performance they displayed last night on Saturday? I doubt it, I think their performance will take a hit and they do not have the squad depth to compete with City’s.




To say the Champions league final didn’t go to plan for us last year is a massive understatement, but to be honest at the start of last season who would have thought we would not just be there but arrive in the style we did. We switched from completely unplayable world beaters to soft boiled charity cases in the league last season. But all the while progress was evident and tangible.
We had been crying out for a solid leader in defence, a quality left back, a made to measure DM and a proper keeper…..my kingdom for a proper keeper…. but man our demands were answered.
Yes we are yet to lift a trophy and it may not happen even this year but we are up there challenging for the two toughest honours in club football with only a few weeks left and no one is surprised. Plenty of football left in the season and not impossible we lose at the weekend but Is it now safe to say we have shaken off the team in ‘transition’ tag,
….screw it I’m putting it out there, we’re back baby! Bring on the double!

The Fulcrum


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As with everyone else I am not at all confident. Our away form has been rubbish but my only thought is its not too bad when we are playing decent teams. Not that I think we will win but feel we wont get hammered. If we score I think that will be enough. Again no idea on the team or formation but think he will try and surprise them and I have sneaky feeling he will go with the same 11 as the first leg. I would personally go with Miki and Iwobi behind laca and then Ramsey Tor and Xhaka. the same back five as last week except Kosh for monreal.



Wait what?Kos and monreal both started last week,Mustafi was dropped.

I think we must not make the mistake that many teams make in the second leg when they are in with a comfortable lead in the first leg.That is try to defend,espescially for a team that certainly dosen’t know how to.I think Emery will put out the same team as last week.

However,this will be different as Napoli will almost certainly keep more posession so we’ll need players who can press well and hit on the counter.

My team (5-3-2) Cech,Jenkinson,Kos,Sokratis,Monreal,kolasinac,Torreira,Xhaka,Ramsey,
Laca and Auba up front.

Yeah,I know jenkinson won’y start and AMN probably will,for what reason I’ll never know why.

the specialone


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Will Sarri be in charge?
Whats going to happen with the DOF position and the Board going forward?
Will we let hazard leave the club if we have a transfer ban?
Who do we offload from this current squad?
Who do we want to see join the squad for preseason?
If we can transfer in players who do you want the club to sign?

So many questions we must get right this summer.



My personal choice for outs:
CB – Gary Cahill
RB – Davide Zappacosta
LB – Marcos Alonso
CM – Danny Drinkwater
AM – Willian
AM – Perdo
CM – Mateo Kovacic
ST – Gonzalo Higuain

My personal choice for players to join the squad for preseason/season:
RB – Reece James
RB – Ola Aina
CB – Kurt Zouma
CM – Mason Mount
CM – Tiemoué Bakayoko (We need to see if he’s got it back)
AM – Christian Pulisic
ST – Tammy Abraham
ST – Michy Batshuayi

Contracts Extensions:
GK – Willy Cabellero
CB – David Luiz
ST – Oliver Giroud

AM – Eden Hazard



Just to add to your woes I was reading that the Chelsea board are in discussions with up to 3 groups who want to buy the club so maybe we need to factor that in as well…!!

I would prefer to keep Willian, Zappa and Kovacic. I think you need to add Tomori to the list to join the squad. not convinced about Luiz myself especially if we do take a couple of the loanees back for the CB role. KTBFFH




Kovacic – has been a terrible loan he has literally had less impact than Bakayoko.

Willian – I think it’s time to go a different direction. His 1 Premier league goal since late October is just not good enough output from an attacking player for a team chasing top 4.

Zappacosta – I nothing against the fella but he is never going to be a regular and he is blocking the way into the first team for Reece James or Ola Aina. I’ve watch a lot of Wigan this year and Reece James is a full on beast. He is Wigans best player every game and he got in the Championship team of the year. Last season Reece James was also Chelsea Academy player of the year in the same academy as CHO.



Bort – Kovacic for me would be a decent midfield squad player who has a lot of experience and remember this season is his first in the EPL

I am a big fan of Willian and feels he brings so much more to the team apart from goals and I believe he flourishes when Hazard does not play and if we assume that Hazard will move on then I see a role for him, but not necessarily as an automatic starter (assuming CHO and Pulisic as the main wide men flanking the striker)

Agreed, would not want Zappa to block Reece James as he has had nothing but rave reviews from Wigan so agree that assuming we do integrate RJ then Zappa could go



Reece James has been playing in midfield for Wigan recently, I saw him at Bristol City and he’s definitely a prospect very comfortable on the ball very big and strong and capable in the tackle. He also scored a screamer.

The big questions that need answering before we can sensibly talk about any others though is will Sarri still be Manager and will we still have a transfer ban to contend with and in respect of the second question I suspect the Club is working to two different plans.

nine nine nine


I think Kovacic is an ok player, the problem is more that when played together with Kante and Jorginho there is not enough creativity between the three of them. I’d be ok with keeping him as a backup to either the Jorginho or Kante positions, but he can’t take the place of either RLC or Barkely as we need their directness going forward.

Willian, I’m torn on. I do like him, and he clearly loves the club, but I agree with others that he just does not score enough to be taking up one of the front three roles. When you look at the top clubs that play a front three, all three players score a considerable amount of goals. His best position in on the left, so I guess a lot will depend on whether Hazard goes or not.

What with Sarri’s position still unsure, and the potential transfer ban, there are more questions than answers at the moment. I’ve got a feeling the club will be sold in the summer, I just feel all things seem to be leading to that conclusion.



Willian: keep. He loves Chelsea. Has to improve though. Higuain out. Pedro out. Kovacic out, he’s blocking RLC and Barkley. We’ll have Mount too and probably Bakayoko next season. Alonso keep.



Willian can play on the left or right so I see him as decent cover for CHO and Pulisic or even starting and alternating more with CHO. We should also remember that Pulisic will be new to the league and so we have no idea how long he may take to settle in…? KTBFFH



Im fine with keeping Willian for the bench but not in a starting role.

As I mentioned before and Blue Lion backed up, Willian’s goal involvement is no where near the figures needed to earn a top 4 PL position. Just look at the teams above us and their attacking players get 10+ goals each a season.

Goals is this current Chelsea team main issue, hazard is responsible for 50% of all team goal involvement which is sooooo poor. We don’t necessarily need a beastly goal scoring striker but instead a team fullllll of fearless ruthless scorers. The thing that made Chelsea great in previous PL title winning years was that goals came from everywhere.



If we keep Kovacic then its to cover Jorginho and no more. Kovacic has no intelligence in the final third.

But even then I don’t want a pretty average Kovacic to block some of our more promising players.



bort: I think we have to start to trust our young players. No choice if the transfer ban applies. Give Tammy Abraham and Michy chances. IMO Michy looks decent with Palace, watched 1 or 2 of their matches. Unless Hazard himself wants to stay (and thus extends his contract), I don’t think we can stand against his wishes should he want to join Madrid. We cannot lose Willian. I would prefer Pedro to go than Willian even though Pedro has scored probably more goals than. Willian is our best set-piece taker at the moment and his defensive works are enormous. And look at his luck too, how many times Willian striked the post or the cross-bar? Often.

If we are found guilty, I kinda want the transfer ban to apply honestly instead of being delayed. (of course if we aren’t guilty, it would be way better 🙂 !! ). It will force us to rebuild the team, to rejuvenate the team. Out Higuain and Kovacic. Can’t buy or loan. In Mount, Abraham, Tomori, Zouma, Bakayoko and co. I also believe Sarri’s system won’t work if we need to reintegrate those players back. Sarri relies heavily on Jorginho.




We don’t need Willian’s defensive work rate we need goals in this team! Willian hits the woodwork “consistently” it has nothing to do with “luck” when it’s consistent.

Example: Messi hits the back of the net “consistently” it’s not luck.

I personally want Pedro and Willian out because what they offer to the team is pretty outdated in todays game. Though I would keep Willian if it’s only to be a sub.

I personally want us to be banned for this summer transfer window as I think it will be better for the club in the long term. The club needs to take a leaf out of Ajax, Monaco book and to trust and utilise its extensive array of top youth talent. We do not need to buy any more foreigners we need to integrate some Chelsea blood back in to make us a threat again.

An example of failing with tranfers: Look at Man United all the fans crying for a massive spend this summer to fix alllllll their problems, to make them a top team again! Its worked sooooo well the last 4 summers hasn’t it. Idiots.



Just thinking that if Sarri moves on or is sacked then maybe Jorginho will be surplus to the new gaffers requirements….



In terms of team organisation I do think Jorginho poses a problem for Chelsea

While I do not think he is as bad as people make out he has not come in and dictated play as Sarri clearly thought he would. But the bigger issue for me is that by utilising Jorginho, Sarri has displaced the best holding midfielder potentially in Europe and we are not utilising his talents to the full. While I think Kante has made great efforts to come to terms with his new role in the end for me he is still a fish out of water

In the end this negates not only what Kante does for the team, and simply look at our goals conceded column, plus as Jorginho has failed to deliver we are effectively 2 players down. Will Jorginho improve after his first year in the EPL – really not sure but there have been games where he has shown what he can do but not often enough

If Sarri remains then we should expect the same kind of set up in midfield assuming that Kante chooses not to leave. If Sarri goes then I would like to think any right minded manager would move Kante back to his correct role and then ask what can I do with Jorginho (but maybe Sarri would look to take Jorginho back to Italy with him anyway…?)

We all know that goals is a major issue for us which has to be addressed with the utmost urgency but shoring up that defence would also go a long way to saving us points that we have needlessly dropped this season. KTBFFH



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We have to look at Ajax and copy that organisation. We have a disneyland football club and the players are wearing donkeysuits!



Every talent at Ajax, and there are number (what a talent Ziyech is and De Ligt is a monster), will be stripped away by the big clubs in Europe just like Monaco was. And just like Monaco, we’ll get none of em. We’ll still be pondering a move for Gareth f**king Bale.



Interesting point you make about Monaco JM. Its also true of this Ajax team. And to a certain extent Liverpool. When you look at the team as a unit its clear they are far more effective than the sum of the parts. No doubt some of the Ajax team will go on to be top class players, just like some of that Monaco team have. But by no stretch of the imagination is either a team of worldies 1 to 11. A lot of the players in those teams would not be at the same level in other teams or systems.

For me that is clearly where we have gone wrong post Fergie. Trying to sign players based on name or reputation rather than the system or what complements other players in the team. Thinking Arab oil money is the only solution is f**king daft for me. Its more important to put structure around the club and a proper vision. This mess is going to take years to fix but it has to start somewhere. Just giving different managers 200 or 300 million every couple of years only creates a team full of misfits and mercenaries.



Spot on mate,just throwing money into the pit will never solve the problem! We need a long-term plan,a vision.We have to forget the quick fix and focus instead of building a system that will benefit the club long-term.If DDG & Pogba want to go,so be it-nobody is bigget than the club! Thinking/dreaming that we will win the title in 2 years is fantasy,simples! Deadwood have to be let go:Jones,Smalling,Young,Valencia,Bailly,Mata,Herrera,Matic,Sanchez,Lukaku,Darmian,Lindelof,Lingard,but it wont happen in one window,unfortunately for us.Short-term we are going nowhere!



Agree N1xer, but Arab money speeds the process up mate. City have bought and sold several squads worth’s before finally getting it right. I say again though, we’ve got to buy players who are mobile and flexible enough to play forward or back and who are comfortable in possession. City, like Barca, flood the middle of the park and dominate midfield. Even Messi’s starting position is midfield. 4-3-3 is a joke system.



What is taking upper management so long to introduce a Director of Football? We need to get one in ASAP so that they can start working on the team for next season; can’t afford to bring them in during the summer transfer window as it will be already too late for them to do their job in that window!

It’s incredible how bad management are at handling such a high revenue-generating business; reminds me of Activision’s handling of Blizzard Entertainment.

Sympathy for the Devils


Success built on Arab oil money just wouldn’t feel the same for me mate. I guess everyone has a different point of view on it. Agree about the profile of player definitely. We’re powder puff in the challenge and seem to lack stamina. McTominay is getting rave reviews when he offers not much more than mobility and tenacity.

Would defo fancy Ndombele in the middle next year. What you make of Rice? Think he would improve our midfield?



You don’t need to spend big to improve the current team. I would for next year get the following players:

Wan bissaka/ meunier

And two big names in our 3 man attack. Guys who change games and can take on players. Obviously get rid of few of the current attackers

Promote angel gomes in the 3 man midfield looks very intelligent and comfortable on the ball rather than your usual headless chickens



Oles excuses are piling up!

Why does he need to spend?

“Football is easy when you have players this good”

“I’m happy with this squad”

“I can’t wait for the window to close to focus on improving the special players at the club”

Those special players are showing you the way!



I’d take both Rice and Ndombele N1xer as holding / box to box type midfielders, plus a super quick genuine wide midfielder and a playmaker out of the Xavi mould. If Pogba stays, he gets a free role and that’s your 5 across the middle. One 20 a season man up front with genuine pace, and that’s not any of Martial, Rashford or Lukaku for me I’m afraid. In fact, talk of Barca bidding 100 mill for Rashford – i’d drive him over there myself. And if it sounds like I’m obsessed with midfield, it’s because I am. By the way, did you notice Jordi Alba last night? Got up and down more in one night than fat Luke does in a season. Desire!



United’s former head of youth recruitment, Derek Langley told the MEN last year: “Players that they (United) turned down? Matthijs de Ligt. We had God knows how many reports on Matthijs de Ligt. Frenkie de Jong and all these players now are sort of around Europe.
This was one of the reasons why I had a meeting with Ed Woodward and I told him that I wasn’t convinced with the competency of certain people at the club. I told Ed Woodward quite straight: ‘If you think I’m going to sit here and just tell you what you want to hear, I’m not that man because I’m going to tell you exactly how I see it’.

“I think it was possibly part of my downfall as to why seven months down the line I was removed because I wouldn’t toe the line in relation to telling them exactly what I thought.”

Reinforces how Ed is turnina deaf ear and a blind eye to whats required on the pitch…..

Matthijs de Ligt TEAMtalk




I think we, as fans have been spoiled by the Ferguson era. WE became so accustomed to constant success that we’ve become fickle. Ole wins his opening games and he’s the chosen one, hits a rough patch and we call for his head. Pogba and Rashford have a resurgence under Ole and they’re the best in the league, now we call for them to be sold. We must acknowledge that the answer is not in superstar players coming and going. It’s about blending a team together who are willing to play for each other. A team of Galactico-esque superstars won’t cut it. We most certainly need to cut the deadwood, but there is the bones of a good team here with some tweaks and additions, rather than whole scale exodus.

Think of our last champions league win and the “Superstar players” we had bought for it.
VDS (Proven, but bought from Fulham for 2 mill)
Brown (Academy)
Ferdinand* (Star player before MUFC)
Vidic (Moscow 7mill)
Evra (Monaco 5.5mill)
Scholes (Academy)
Carrick (Spurs 18 mill – proven, hardly superstar)
Hargreaves (17 mill – proven, hardly superstar)
Ronaldo (12 mill)
Rooney* (25mill – give him star status, even though very young)
Tevez (loan)

2 proven stars before they came to united – not including bench players like nani, anderson, park, O’Shea, Giggs.

Even in our last title win we had players like Carrick, Vidic, Evra, Rafael, Nani, Valencia, Young making up our strongest 11.

The beauty of Fergie was he recognised how much he had and how much he could get out of average players. Across his era we always had stars, but peppered in there was the likes of your Browns, O’Shea’s, Parks, Fletcher, Carrick, Welbeck, Evans, Phil Neville. Nobody appreciated Michael Carrick until he was nearly retired!
Our job is to stand by our manager. Let’s give him the chance to get the spirit of Man United back again. Create that atmosphere and attitude that we, on our day, can beat anyone! Let’s get the players in that suit the system, not just famous names to sell shirts. It won’t be overnight or even over a season, but we must be patient and let this club get back to it’s correct direction.



I hear all the above but you are still saying what everyone else is – we need to ckear deadwood and buy 4 or 5 first team players.

Take up front for example – your team above talks to Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez.
Marcus Rashford has scored just three goals in his last 12 for United, Anthony Martial is without a goal in over two months, Jesse Lingard has not scored in nearly three months, while Romelu Lukaku has gone five games without finding the net.

Contrast that with Liverpool, with Firminho, Mane, Salah all scoring last nite away in Champions League quarters.

The recruitment and retention of players has been disastrous and heads should roll for the gross incompetence displayed over the last decade.



@moral – Spot on mate, but for some strange reason our so called forwards get a free ride on here when it comes to dishing out the criticism. Fact is, not a single one of them is any better than a 5/10 on a consistent basis, and the likes of Lingard and Sanchez are no better than an average of 3/10.

When you look at it like that it’s no wonder we are so f**king p*ss poor, and even if we do get those “4 or 5 players” and they all hit the ground running next season we will still be way short.
My view is that we need a minimum 6 players to come straight into the first team and another 2 or 3 with big potential to come in as squad players for us to even think about challenging again, and that’s not taking into consideration Pogba and DDG’s probable departures.

The rotting deadwood of Rojo, Darmian, Jones, Valencia, Sanchez, Mata, Herrera, Matic, Lingard and Bailly all need to be cut because they have had more than a fair chance to nail it and have all failed in some form or another, enough is enough with these f**kers now.



Thing is with the club, we are a huge club who thought we could trundle along and keep up with others. We saw off Arsenal in the 90’s and Chelsea too. Initially we did the same with City. Now though there are far too many big fish in the pond for us to compete with and our usual tactics of buying up the best talent once they have proved themselves in the PL is not working as others are doing the same.

We have to change tact and that is difficult for us. We are like a huge oil tanker slowly trying to turn around.

We got Ole in as ‘he knew the club and it’s traditions’ rather than anything to do with managerial ability. We need that to come off, and it might do – our tactics on Tuesday we’re far off. Pace and press but we got caught out by too many individual mistakes and playing the best player most of those will ever come up against in the best form of his life. (Without wanting people to split hairs).

We need to wait until the summer to see what happens but I wouldn’t read too much into what Ole is saying. With CL places still to play for I hardly think it would be wise to come out with ‘they are all sh*t and I want 8 new players this summer or we are doomed’.



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