‘Liverpool’s squad depth costing them’; ‘Mourinho needs to change system’

Date published: Monday 5th February 2018 1:23

Liverpool fans debate the 2-2 draw with Spurs and is there squad depth costing them? And Jose Mourinho needs to change his system, all in our forum…

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Liverpool drop more points on rivals

That loud crashing noise some of you heard was the unmistakable sound of reality falling on top of you. Points lost on all our champs lge spot rivals. But hey don’t despair cause some people think we’re in great shape.



No Europa League thanks

True Shanksy, we are nowhere near good enough to compete with the top teams over a full season, we might be hanging onto 4th but just watch that slip away in the coming weeks. I just pray we don’t get Europa or next season or we will be a few years from moving forward.

On the title of this thread apparently we are very spoilt, we can afford to sell our main man & it won’t effect us at all because our current squad is good enough to cover. We also have a manager that can turn water into wine, rocks into chocolate & put intelligence into dummies. I just wish he could show how to close out a game because that’s severely lacking.



Squad depth costing Liverpool

I think our lack of squad depth is going to cost us. Firmino badly needs a rest. Very concerning how tired we looked in the 2nd half

Sean the sailor


True sean it was clear that firmino was absolutely knackered near the end of the match but we had nobody on the bench to replace him. But sone people its fine cause we got ings n solanke!



Of course it will Sean, only Klopp & a few blind folk think we will be ok. Literally no other club in the world would sell a world class player & a striker of Sturridge’s quality half way through the season whilst still in the C/L, still in top 4 & not replace them. Only LFC hey.



‘Pathetic’ to write off Liverpool 

For some reason people seem to think that I advocate the sale of Coutinho mid season. Not true. I’ve said from the beginning that i don’t understand the decision to let him go mid season.

My hang up is the fickle nature of fans on this site. Nothing wrong with voicing concerns of lack of squad depth but writing off our season at this point is pathetic. You prophets of doom seem to revel in any slip ups.

The fact that we’ve a big champions league tie to look forward to and are still very much in the mix for 2nd to 4th escapes you. In your minds we are already down and out. It’s not a matter of low expectations and we all know that in order to show real progression and to finally shake of the team in transition tag we need to get back to winning trophies.B

But to suggest that coutinho or Sturridge would be the difference yesterday is grasping at straws. Havent seen the Barca game but coutinhos team drew yesterday too….and yes that also means nothing. Sturridge is not the answer either….Sturridge isn’t even the question. He gets paid double what Kane makes for not playing in two yrs. If he picks up form we will gladly sell him on but the possibility remains that we are paying him 1million quid to go check out west broms medical facilities. I don’t want to be unfair to the guy but at this stage he is a has been. He may tie a few good months together but he’ll never be the player he once was.

The ref was weak and the linesman seemed to want to make headlines. But van Dijk had no need to kick lamela and replay shows that he did. It’s early in Feb but that strike from wanyama is a sure goal of the month. This is football, a draw with spurs was likely before kick off just the nature of it is harder to take.

I would have been happy if all the coutinho money had been spent on a proper keeper, it’s a position we’ve neglected for too long. And yet 5 keepers wouldn’t have kept out that shot and can’t hold the second peno over the keeper.(He didn’t have to punch the ball straight down the middle though).
I’m waffling on a bit. But the reality remains we’ve had one in and one out in this window at opposite sides of the park and scoring goals and creating chances is still not our problem.

The Fulcrum


Karius to blame 

Wanyama’s goal was fantastic but I blame Karius for it. Not because of he can’t stop the shot but because of his punch.

If he can catch the crossing instead of making a punch or if he can punch the ball more sideway so that the ball can drop much near to the side line instead of dropping in a dangerous area. The goal will not happen.

Football Scouser


Arsenal ‘need 10 wins’

We probably need to win 10 of our remaining games to have a chance of top four. I think this is beyond us. I would like to see a real push for the EL. As great as it was offensively, I feel our defense was shaky at times. Need a top notch keeper, a dominant CB, and a real DM. Also sort out Wilshere’s contract. Then maybe we may become relevant again. But great performance by Mkhitaryan today.


Auba will only improve

Great performance first half special mention to Ramsey great finishes really good game. Micky was great really good assists and nearly on score sheet. We have a lot of fire power and Auba early days looked sharp we will only get better.

Iwobi I think adds balance as he does track back and I forget he is still young he is getting closer to being a very good player just still that final ball. Lots of positives but still looked a bit vulnerable at the back. Not sure about hulk in a back four he is not a great defender and is better in a five and we still conceded to many chances but happy overall good start.



Arsenal in the final third have changed

My take on the game is there should be just as much of praise as critcism for the team.

I think this new look team looks good,where I feel in the final third our system has changed a bit.There is no out and out winger.it’s more of midfielders that can play and interconnect through the centre.

Miki has showed what he’s capable off,his first touch and contribution in the counter attack is fantastic he also has a great eye for a pass.Auba although we had compartively little of him,i think he’s the type of guy that can strike fear into opponents with his pace.So it’s a good combination right there.A decent bounce back but nothing to get too excited about.

Saying all this people shouldn’t get carried away with this,because in all honestly it was not a great performance.It was basically the exact same against palace where we played very well for 30 minutes,got those four goals and stepped back.Where is our ruthlessness?

Why do we start showing so much respect to the opponents when we’re leading by a couple of goals.After those goals,everton were the better team and even created more.We basically focused our attention towards defense and couldn’t even keep a clean sheet.We also tend to get too many yellow cards early on in the game,the players should appeal more i’ve said it again and again.Whatever you say,there are some glaringly obvious things missing most being a strong mentality/desire.

So we can come on here praising how the team has gelled well,but under this manager we won’t go far.

the  specialone


Gunners firing on all cyclinders

Well there won’t be many games where Oz puts in such a top performance but is still overshadowed by two of his team-mates. Great hat-trick for Rambo but, as the commentator said, that hat-trick was the only reason Mikki didn’t get MotM.

Funny thing is that if you saw the score but not the game or who scored, you’d assume that Auba must have had a blinder. Not that he had a bad game at all – a really well taken goal and you can already see the problems that he’s going to cause defences.

Only minus was our first few minutes when our defence were all over the place and Mustafi very nearly made another calamitous error. Really can’t work the guy out – he does dumb, amateur things like that and then gets his act together and played really well for the rest of the match. He’s a professional and should be at 100% from the moment he steps on the pitch.

Anyway, nice to have something to smile about. I’m a little bit happier about our prospects next week against the Scum. Kane and co will still stroll through this defence but I fancy us to get a few at the other end.


Al The Gooner


Would you take 3 Real Madrid men for De Gea?

If DDG moves to Real it will set a record for a goalkeeper, well in excess of £100m. It will either be straight cash or else cash and player. It’s no secret he wants to go back to Spain in the medium to long term.
I think we could possibly go for a straight player swap, get three of theirs for DDG; Varane, Asensio and one other, possibly Isco as well. That would be good business.



United progress?

@Wonderfuel – You see progress, I don’t.

The quality of the players at the club
That’s a problem for many. Deadwood still here. Players (eg Martial Rashford) not developing as hoped. The age (longevity) of senior players. Big money new signings not making big impact. You yourself talk of Pogba, the jewel in our crown, not being big enough for the shirt he wears. Mikki Lindelof Ibra no use. Bailly not proven. Lukaku and Matic have question marks.

My god the backline the other week of Valencia Young Jones Smalling were Fergie players. LvGs Darmian Shaw Rojo cannot displace them. Where is the progress there.

the standard of football on the whole, 
This is one of the big talking points. Many feel the standard is well short of what it should be. Yes it may be better than last season but that’s hardly the benchmark. We struggle to beat relegation fodder like Huddersfield, the football is seen are negative and there is little sign of it changing. It was only the other day, reports of JM only training the defence.

the number of goals scored, position in the table
Yes granted the stats look good but as we all know stats in themselves are meaningless. Its the causes and conclusions that have meaning. Example: The goals conceded stat is good. Do you then conclude the defence is solid and not an area of concern?

there’s more of a buzz on the terraces at the match
In another thread you bemoaned the OT atmosphere. JM even did saying Fratton Park had more atmosphere. Fans are not buzzing. Nor is the team, it was only the other week you were talking about lack of team spirit.



Mourinho effect?

The mourinho effect needs to be more influential ;rather than criticizing the fans Give us something to cheer and we will raise the roof off; it’s that simple.

The mourinho effect needs to go beyond the fans it needs to transmit to the players and refs! The standard of officiating is disgraceful and the players do nothing?it all becomes secondary to the performance but why? I still remember keane and co hounding the ref against boro for a poor decision. Where is that fight? yesterday mctominay got assaulted, no penalty no united protests whyyyyy?post match even the manager was unsure!

The other night vertonghen who I despise assaulted Sanchez off the ball grabbing him by the neck but nothing happens not even retrospectively! it’s a f ing disgrace. There has to be more fight more defence of your team and players ;the manager needs to pull his finger out and set the example.



Mourinho needs to change his system

Mourinho need to change to system he’s playing. It has giving him success and winning championships, but it also got him sacked. The clubs will study how his system how he is playing. Its not working for United at all.

Playing one striker upfront is drowning the player. Play 4-4-2 with a teacup form with defenders or 3-5-2 with attacking wing backs who also could switch back to defend or make a central defender like Lindelof a defender midfielder sitting in front the defends.

Matic/Pogba central as Pogba more attacking option. Always keep 2 strikers upfront or drop one a little bit back. You get more attacking options. What Mourinho is doing is not working. Its just mine opinion cause we have the players for it!!


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