Liverpool fans call for star to be dropped; Man Utd midfield target suggested

Date published: Wednesday 6th February 2019 1:51

James Milner Roberto Firmino TEAMtalk

Liverpool fans want Roberto Firmino dropped, the Chelsea forum discusses Eden Hazard and a midfield target for Manchester United  is suggested, all in the Your Says of the Day.

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XI to face Bournemouth…

Want to move on quickly from yesterday so posting this weekend’s fixture a little early.

Bloody hell, where does one start?

Just read Carra’s prediction that Liverpool will be right in the mix come May. That shocked me because just 5-6 weeks ago we were contemplating possibly going 10 points clear and now a pundit is predicting that we will still be in it! That’s a realization to how we’re playing right now.

Bournemouth are Tom Tit away from home. I can’t remember when they last got points on the road never-mind won so hang on, let me check, here we go, effin end of October, 3-0 at Fulham and they’ve lost every damn away game since so if we don’t beat Bournemouth then the slump has really kicked in and City won’t show any sympathy or mercy and then they’ll off into the distance because we ain’t gonna get three points at Old Trafford….exhale…that was a long sentence but don’t care.

A maximum return a MUST because City will beat Chelsea and Spurs will do to Leicester what we should have done.

Team to play Bournemouth: Allison, Milner, Virgil, Matip, Robbo, Wij (if he’s fit), Fab, Shaqiri, Mane, Salah and Sturridge.

Unlikely line-up as Bobby will start despite being utter dog dirt last night. Might be a game for Naby to kick on from his much improved second half after being in the dog dirt posse with Bobby. Give Danny a pop up top alongside whoever, not arsed.

Time to roll up the sleeves, give everyone a bollo**ing, bring back the press and rock n roll football and f*ck it! We’re gonna win this, 3-0.


Rob Fort Worth TX


Drop Firmino

Firmino must be dropped for this game, he just looks too exhausted, possibly from too much servicing of his wife.

And we need much more from Salah, he has been completely overshadowed in the last 2 games by Mane, who has easily been our best player in these games.

I would start with Sturridge or Origi, and Firmino can come on later, or not even at all.

We must aim to totally thrash Bournemouth and bring our confidence back



Mane the spark

On Mane i would say he has been our best players this season I cant remember him having any bad games & when we are playing poorly he always seems to be the bright spark.

As for the game winning it is a must as city will pick up a minimum of 4 points this week. I am not sure why Frimino is not doing it at the min some teams have played closer attention to him when he plays deep which stops the supply line to Salah & when he plays further up the pitch he just stays in crowded areas. Not having a good enough back up or stiff competition for him is becoming an issue.

I agree with Rob its time for the high press & intensity to return.



Ye agree about the high press and intensity coming back. Other teams are doing it to us.

Few players not performing now but Firmino really was poor on Monday. Not sure we have anyone good to take his place. Sturridge is done.

We need taa back. Milner is not a right full and it’s not working out

Fully expect us to win. Filly expect a big big performance in our next two games and then ready for utd

Get back to basics. Clean sheets. Create chances and build our confidence up again

Sean the sailor


Five squads better than Arsenal’s

jeff.i think emery wants to play a pressing game but has realised that he hasn’t got the personal to do so.i cannot blame him for having bum average players and to expect a huge change in his first season is a little over the top don’t you think??

we have 5 teams that have better teams than us and squads,so to be still in contention for 4th is all any gooner can ask for at this stage.

if it’s true that emery has only 45m to spend this summer if we don’t get champs lge just says it all about the ambition of stan & co.all
the above teams have player assets worth 7/800m while ours is lucky to be 300m.the assets we do and have,have left for nothing,rambo,sanchez, when we should be getting 80/90m for the two.

i agree that emery is not immune to any criticism.i have disagreed with his team selection a few times but i have to back him and give him the chance to play the way he really wants to play with his team and not wenger’’s one hell of a mess he’s been left with and unless he’s given a huge transfer budget it aint going to matter who’s manager because we will get left further behind.

no top class manager would touch us right now and i can’t say i don’t blame them.let’s see where we are this time next year in
judging the manager.



Emery doesn’t know his best team

Alex Iwobi Aubameyang TEAMtalk

Steve- we played a pressing game against Liverpool, Spurs and in the first half against Chelsea. So we can do it when we want. What does Emery do after the Chelsea game? Bring in penguin- runner Iwobi for Guendouzi- why?

Our midfield was then clueless, compared to the high-energy display against the Chavs. I don’t know what way he wants to play with this team. I don’t know what formation he wants, what he think is his best team, what he is doing with his subs now or what. He is not doing as well with what he has and a lot of that is unnecessary tinkering.

I suspect this indecision is then reflected in some players’ displays, don’t you think? We need a major clear-out in the summer. Iwobi ( why we sold Gnabry and the Ox and kept him, God knows), Ospina, Mustafi, Lichsteiner, Xhaka and Monreal. That should bring in £30-40m in addition to the £40 m he’s supposedly been given?



Arsenal will look to ‘wheel and deal’ in the summer

jeff.that is a huge problem not knowing what his best team and formation is and my guess is he’s tinkering a bit too much but being his first season i don’t blame him for that.he’s probably going to make a good few mistakes and the one thing i hope he learns is to keep a settled side when they do play well and allow players to gain form in order to get some continunity in the team.

there is no doubt he knows that the players he has in defence are not good enough but what can he do when his own board told him it’s not a good thing to sign players in the jan transfer window,fully knowing that we needed a defender or two even if they were loans.that’s the boards fault 100% aint it?i’ve heard some fans say that we don’t look like we do any defending in training and i don’t believe that for one can do all the drills you want in training but when you play against top quality like citeh,pool
have they were always going to beat us because they have far better players than we have.

the argument between merson and charlie nick was one i thought charlie was spot on.emery has tried everything possible in trying to make us better defensively but bob wilson’s old saying is true.that is you can can make a good player better but you can’t turn him into a world class one.that’s down to the players own natural ability and all our defenders are not good enough.i’ll give emery credit earlier in the season when holding looked liked he’d improved from previous seasons before he got injured. i think even the great george graham would struggle with the clowns we have at the back.

we will get rid of a lot of players this summer but the board aint going to give emery knowhere near enough for us to compete.even if they give him a 100m i cannot see that being enough to topple the 5 teams that are better than us.what are citeh,utd,chelski going to spend this summer?bet we won’t compete for maguire and the likes of rabiot who is on a free transfer.

we will look to wheel and deal and buy players on the cheap hoping that emery can work miracles like george graham and wenger used to do.thats the way we operate and i can’t see nothing changing but us falling ever further behind the other wouldn’t suprise me if the likes of wolves & everton being above us one day.i heard some pundits talk about the big 6. they are wrong it’s now the big 5 and we are heading for the 2nd tier of prem lge football.we need at least 150m+ this summer to stand any chance in closing the gap but i’ll repeat what i said this time last year.that is we be lucky if we spend 70m.thats exactly what we spent.not enough to
compete whoever was manager.



This is a very good article to highlight some of the damage Wenger has caused and how we are now dealing with the repercussions.



Kroenke ‘doesn’t have a passion for the game’

T adams – In short what I can read their mostly is how grossly mismanaged the funds have been.However,it should not stop us from spending.What is also mentioned is that we’re the ninth richest club in the world,and making an after tax profit of over 50m.The problem with that is even if we were to follow this misleading self sustainable model,we have atleast 50m to spend should this bufoon of an owner not take out any profit out of the club.

But most importantly,it states that he is not ploughing any capital into the club at all.

The simple fact is,you need to have a passion for the game and club if you are to invest your own money into it.This owner dosen’t even attend games.Infact,I’m sure youd be able to count on your fingers how many times hes been to this stadium on a matchday.
That’s why….We will never progress under him.He needs to go.And it’s come to the point where there’s no point blaming him or his appointments anymore.The fans are most to blame,every single one of them who goes to the stadium and fills his pocket.

The thing is,and I’m just going to say this.the majority faithful don’t have the passion to do what it takes to oust kronke out.It’s the truth,and everyone deep inside knows it.We have become a mid table club,and if we’re not going to do anything now then we don’t have any right to complain about anything.

the specialone


Chelsea will move forward without Hazard

Hazard is a wonderful player and top 10, possibly top 5 player in the world right now. The thing is things move on things change maybe its a bad thing he moves on or maybe its a good thing only hindsight will give us that answer.

Remember the 14/15 season when Terry played basically every minute in our title triumph well in hindsight he should have probably retired and left Chelsea on a high.

Remember when Zola left everyone was like noooooo but then boom Russian revolution.

Hazard leaving is something that will happen either now or later either way Chelsea will move forward and maybe it might be a brighter direction.



999 at least it’s not on Spanish TV :D. If it was, it would be clear what his decision is. His mother tongue is French, he played in Lille, I think it’s normal that he would announce on French TV.

bort: in case he leaves (with 1 year left), I hope we will recoup good money. Otherwise, it won’t be a win-win solution. We know how Real can be a tricky club to negotiate with. Especially if they know Hazard won’t sign Chelsea extension. They may offer us way less transfer fee or they would wait until summer 2020 to get Hazard for free.



Before i would have been scared about Hazard leaving but now am not really that bordered because i want to see how the team evolves in his absence.I personally don’t think Sarri will care that much because he is techniquely a very good player but tactically a nightmare for coaches with system of play and coaches that want certain level of discipline in the way the team is set-up. i don’t think we will miss him as much as people think.



‘..if he is leaving then Sarri is obliged to start playing Hudson Odoi more frequently so he can really be evaluated over a decent period of time to determine if he is capable of filling the boots of Hazard and being his ultimate replacement..’

Lol 1905. Have you been on the wacky baccy mate?! 🙂

CHO is never going to be Hazard’s replacement. Not even close, imho.

I don’t think we can replace Hazard. We have to instead work on putting together a team that isn’t so heavily reliant on him.



If Hazard decides to leave Chelsea. It’s because he has seen enough of the medicore players that surround him. And with no quality added since 2017. At Real Madrid he will have a better chance in winning the Ballon D’orr. I will be interested to know what plans do we have in to replacing him. My fear is that we will prioritize in to keeping Willian.

Worrying is that we are losing our key players one by one since the summer of 2017. Costa, Courtois and now Hazard. While we haven’t added enough quality in to the team. Whereas our rivals have kept their best players. And added enough quality. While we are losing more quality. Anxious times ahead!



Hazard will not be leaving Chelsea till the summer and even if a decision was made with Madrid, it does’t make any sense for him to announce it now. this is either a regurgitated story or he’s agreed to sign an extension.



Hazard loves Chelsea

Wise-fan, while I agree that Chelsea squad is nowhere to challenge for the title, I honestly think Hazard loves Chelsea. He chose us from Lille when he could have gone to any club in the world. And he has stated that he wasn’t interested to win the Ballon d’Or as he isn’t the same type of player to Ronaldo or Messi. If he leaves, which I still admit very likely, it would be to fulfill his childhood dream to play for Real Madrid.

If he leaves to any other team than Real Madrid, so you then may be right. But if he leaves for Real, it’s his childhood dream. Courtois left as his family lives in Madrid. Costa left because of Conte. These 2 have no similar reason than Hazard



I think Zizi’s post @7:39pm is probably spot on. Although Matt Laws of the Telegraph thinks differently and he’s never to far from the truth “Eden Hazard to tell Chelsea he wants Real Madrid move having ‘made decision’ on his future”????

Maybe this might soften the blow a tad ” Christian Pulisic wowed Chelsea fans with a superb performance for Borussia Dortmund in a thrilling German Cup encounter with Werder Bremen. The cup clash was level heading into extra-time when Pulisic went on a fantastic run, dancing past several players before passing the ball to Paco Alcacer. Pulisic then received the ball back from Alcacer and finished under the onrushing goalkeeper to put Dortmund in front for the first time in the game.”

nine nine nine


Willian off 

Willian Chelsea

Willian is most likely going if you read today’s articles, Costa gone with extremely delayed replacement by Higuain with Morata and Giroud in between and one still there, Courtois replaced by Kepa, Hazard not gone yet however Pulisic signed and coming in the summer. No doubt if Hazard goes the money we get will be spent wisely to provide strength and depth in his place. Sorry to spoil the morbid story.



Hazard owes us nothing and I am quite confident no true Chelsea supporter would begrudge him fulfillment of that dream. A true Chelsea legend that we have been blessed with. Actually saw him live when Chelsea visited Sydney in 2015. It was a pleasure, albeit he was pretty laid back in that match being the final game of a very long and tiring season and the guys had pretty much already wound down.



The mystery of Fred

Yeah Neves would cost a fortune. Of them all i like the kid Brooks from Bournemouth. The mystery is Fred. When you see how he played in some games last year, especially the City game, its hard to fathom why he cant get a start for the club.



Doucoure the man for United

Fred is sloppy in possession and loose his temper when its going tough.

Cant have that in Man United,50M for him is a joke. The man who recommended him should get the sack. Brooks looks good no doubt but i would buy a watercarrier behind Pogba like Watfords Doucouré. Next thing is to replace Matic with a quicker playmaker.



I’d play him of the right in the same system Mata plays in. He is far more mobile than Mata and must have some type of passing range. Dont think he can be discarded that easily but agree he doesn’t seem to have the tools to play centre midfield in the premier league




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