Liverpool fans concerned about another Wembley drubbing by Tottenham

Date published: Thursday 13th September 2018 1:54

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Liverpool fans are not looking forward to their trip to Wembley on Saturday, an Arsenal fan pleads for Lucas Torreira to start against Newcastle and Man Utd fans are concerned about the physical test Watford will present, all in our forum.


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Liverpool up against it at Spurs

Mak I agree we will have to really up our game to get anything here. That said we are grinding out wins without playing well, think back to last season mate where we totally dominated some teams but didn’t get the win. No one is really setting the comp alight at the moment & here we are top of the tree.

I can see us hitting some form in the near future, I just hope it’s soon as we have some really tough games coming up that could well decide if we are going to end near the pointy end of the table or not.

Bad feeling our good form won’t start this game though & can see our 1st loss coming up. We will get better though so no need to panic if we do lose.



Our 100% record will end on Saturday, no question. This is our biggest test of the season thus far and we have rode our luck in the last three games. We won’t get away with another unconvincing performance against a quality side like Spurs. I’ll take a draw but I think we’ll be going home empty handed.



Firmino will start if not injured.

Very nervous for this game. Such a big test.

The record againest top 6 have to improve this season if we are serius about a title challenge

7 massive games coming up. I think it will have a huge say in how our season turns out

Sean the Sailor


The trio Kane, Ali and Eriksen has been underwhelming so far so Klopp will likely be able to get the team geared towards attack without having to fear for his back four. Unless the Spurs players mentioned get back to the level where they excel. This is quite unlikely as Kane is reported to have had a burn out. A win is therefore what we should aim for.


United will need to be brave

Might come down to the physical battle and bravery. If Deeney and the othe4 brutes throw their weight around, then our defenders have to be on the ball and hit them back.

Also how brave will Watford be? Brighton were brave, pressed all the over the pitch, tempo waa to much for our players. I hope Watford sit back, might suit us more.



I think we will miss the balance, and attacking threat, that Shaw brings to the side and it’ll be quite scrappy from us going forward as a result.
2-1 Utd though.



Let’s start Torreira

Another tough away game, we dont often do very well in the North East.
Not sure the state of the players after the break but hopefully most are rested, Toriera should be fit, really want to see this lad making some starts and start to feel this Emery team taking shape, maybe still to early but its taking to long for me to see what he is trying to achieve, sounded like he knew the squad ennough when going for the job
defence always a worry but we also need to start scoring more


I would also like to propose a results league for us, blatantly plagerised form the united page but does seem a bit of fun we could have, know we missed tirst few games, but from this game on….

3 points for the correct result and score
1 point for the correct result
0 points for anything else

posters to state their guesses on the match thread each time and you can change tyour mind but only up mto kick off of the match in question, i will take easch posters last post with prediction

i will kick this off with a 2-1 Arsenal Win

hope we get a few join in or im gonna rinse this



Sarri to stick with Morata

Aindro – must admit that I thought that Sarri would have retained Michy as I felt he was suited to the Sarri way of playing. Clearly that was not the case; Sarri has made his choices so our opinions are of little value….!!

I think that Sarri will continue to stick with Morata and it really is not a bad option to have Giroud on the bench either. Maybe it could become a case of game by game because if a team has a tall strong defender then Morata normally struggles but that plays into Girouds game…? KTBFFH



Getting a 30 goal season striker is the difference between winning the league and finishing outside the top 4. As it stands we look a good pet for top 3.

But still we need the striker that will drag us to the extra miles. It will be impossible to get him in January. Equally tying Hazard to a new contract could be our best signing next summer.


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