‘Very silly to put all our eggs into the Van Dijk basket’

Date published: Monday 4th September 2017 2:19

Liverpool fans discuss Philippe Coutinho’s reintegration at Anfield and Ivan Gazidis’ leaked email is described as ‘another punch in the stomach’ in our forum…


Gazidis email ‘just another punch in the stomach’

Just another punch in the stomach… seriously, it made me sick to read what he said about the transfer window being a successful one. He even went to say had we won at Liverpool, it would have been a clear sign that it was a success! I have no more words left.

the bsm walk


‘Play Wilshere at home, Xhaka away’

Jack has the strengths and weakness of Xhaka. Both have great vision and a good range of pass but but neither can tackle well and don’t offer a proper shield to the back four and both are prone to losing the ball under pressure once or twice a game which usually cost us.

Both need to be played with someone who can cover there weakness who offers a bit going forward and going back. Ramsey is best at that but he is still not defensive enough and coq is next but not offensive.

Tactically wenger got it wrong at Liverpool away at big teams we need a coq or elneny alongside a xhaka or Wiltshire. I would prefer xhaka away as even though he is not great in the tackle he is better than Wiltshire and maybe play willshire at home where we will have most of the ball. I am not sure either is ideal long term but it’s all we have.



Klavan criticism ‘unfair’

Everyone is completely slagging off Klavan on here which is a trifle unfair in my eyes. Surely in terms of quality Klavan is the perfect 4th choice centre back. The issue is that maybe so is Gomez ( a 4th choice that is) though again I don’t really see what basis everyone”s bigging him up seeing as from my recollection he has started one or maybe two games at centre back.

So we have a perfect 2nd choice cb in Matip, a perfect 3rd choice in Lovren and 2 perfect 4th choices in Klavan and Gomez.

Anyway back to Footydebate!0

Hightown hope


Klavan has ‘done well’

I agree with that high town. That’s why I want the very best talent out there instead of 2nd rate talent.

Klavan has done well, I like his attitude as well, he is a good role model and seasoned pro that will always be ready to play.



‘We were very silly and put all our eggs into the Van Dijk basket’

So Bingo what are you saying, you don’t think there was anyone we could’ve got who is better than Lovern but not as good as VVD or your happy to just wait till we get VVD.

My view is there is quite a number of players out there that would be an upgrade on Lovern & certainly on Klavan but we were very silly & put all our eggs into the VVD basket & didn’t have an alternate plan.

You might say oh it’s better than getting 2nd choice players but I think it’s destroyed any hope we had of competing for titles to go into the season with what we have at the back. You can use all the stats in the world & it won’t change my view. Stats can make average players look good but no one can tell me if we had planned for the scenario where we didn’t get VVD we couldn’t have got an improvement on what we have.



Where does Coutinho fit in?

So how does he fit in now?

Presumably we’ll have Mane, Firmino, Salah up front so we’d have to drop one of Can, Wijnaldum or Henderson to accomodate him. None of them deserve to miss out after the Arsenal match.



Wijnaldum or Can undroppable

Exactly, no way in he’ll I’d drop either Wijnaldum or Can after that Arsenal match. As you’ve said too, the forwards have picked themselves so he comes off the bench for me.

I would say this even if there were no problems with him BTW. If he comes back and puts his head down, doesn’t unsettle the team then let him shop window himself with his best season for us.

It’ll be good for both parties but this first match back, no way but he could be a very useful sub in it.


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